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Updating the whole site starting on 26 September 1999Last UpDate 02 December 1999

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Piper Creations -- Purest - not a PuritanCreator
Attempting to Always Create Backward Capable Web Sites
piper@hot1.net       P.O. Box 154344   Waco, TX   76715

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*Site Map
*Old Index-In Tables
*Old Index-No Tables

Any Index before 26 September 1999 is not current

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*index.htm Main Index - Links to info on Bush and others*

* DataBase Links -

*My entrance page on Digiweb freecenter.digiweb.com/science_fiction/ThePiedPiper/*

* My entrance page on Tripod- 'Education A House of Mirrors' thePiedPiper.tripod.com/Index.html

*site_map A Map of the whole site.*

*index2.htm (future) future home of index.htm (Main Index).*

*kid_dex.htm (future) A Index for children to use.*

*inframes.htm For those that prefer using Frames*

*inolddex.htm Old Index in tables.*

*~index.htm Old Index No tables*

*index.html the very first page that I created.*

*contents.htm this page needs updating.*

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Awards / Rings

*aw_dex.htm Awards Index*

*aw_award.htm Awards Page*

*aw_ring.htm Rings Page*

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*chem_dex Chemical Index*

*Chemicals Chemical Index*

*ch_01chem.htm My Old chemical page - UpDated*

*ch_alter.htm Chemical Alternatives. Alternative pesticides, herbicides, ect.*

*choldchm.htm My Original Chemical page - called Old chem now*

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General Education

*eg_dex.htm A Index of Educational Pages, that does not link back*

*eg_edhelp.htm A very basic educational help page.*

*eg_eng.htm English Links*

*eg_find.htm Search Links*

*eg_gened.htmNeeds Work(16Jan00) A page that I am working / playing with - an alternative Index.*

*eg_math.htm Math Links*

*eg_tests.htm Tests - IQ and for fun.*

*egkidsit.htm Misc and Fun Sites*

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Education PG

*ep_dex.htm When I do not know where else to put the link - it will be here.*

*ep_myths.htm this page is devoted to myths about education.**

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*second essay indexes_dex2.htm 11March2000

*es_major.htm Majority Rules: When ETs are the Majority 06Oct1999 - 11kb

*es_dex.htm An Index of my essays - 5kb*

*esbactra.htm Bacteria: Acidophilus. The citations for a proposal on how to decrease Cattle emissions. 20May99-36kb*

*es_beliefs.htm Education, Religion and Propaganda 06Dec1998- 38kb*

*es_EducationReligionandPropoganda.htm Education, Religion and Propaganda * a long essay- 38kb*

*ex_hist.htm History: Black, White - North, South - Scotland, England (under construction)- 2kb*

*es_human.htm Human: Or Just Another Animal? (under construction) - 1kb *

*es_intro2.htm Education: A House of Mirrors 11Oct1998- (my first page) 36kb *

*es_peers.htm Peer Groups, Cliques, or Outright Gangs 21Nov98 - 4kb*

*es_sex_h.htm Homosexuals: Who or What is Really Hiding in the Closet? (The Military as an Example) 1997 - 7kb *

*es_futur2.htm "The Future - Could Be Now" 23Jan99 - 7kb *

*es_toxic.htm Pollution -and-- MMMisc. Chemicals (under construction) - 8kb *

*esedprop.htm Education, Religion and Propaganda (copy to get rid of)*

*esfuture.htm The Future could be Now - 13kb w/ a letter about Clinton.*

*esmirror.htm Education: A House of Mirrors 11Oct1998 - 36kb (needs repairs)*

*essexars.htm Sex: Art or a Sport? 06Dec1998 - 7kb*

*es_mail1.htm Subject: A Paradox of our Time in History -- George Carlin = received on Sept1999*

*es_mail2.htm WE, THE OLDER GENERATION, WHAT A FRIVOLOUS GROUP WE WERE! = received December 16, 1999 *

*es_jail1.htm Juveniles in Prison (c)13Jan2000*

*es_win1.htm Collaboration or Dictatorship #1 1500-2000 or The Theory of Evolution #1 1500-2000 ©17Jan2000*

*esevol2a.htm Hitler-ism or (NWO) New World Order is Suicidal ©24Jan2000*

*esevol3a.html Hitler-ism or (NWO) New World Order is Suicidal #2 [1sr draft]©31Jan*

*esevol3b.html Hitler-ism or (NWO) New World Order is Suicidal #2 [2nd draft w/ links]©31Jan and 5Feb2000*

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Fun Sites

*gen_intrest.htm General Interest Sites*

*Table_Links.htm Links in a Table for Reference*

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*gv_dex.htm Government Index*

*gv_bush.htmBush and Political links 21Feb2000




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*ht_dex.htm HTML Index.*

*ht_color.htm (under construction)*

*ht_html.htm HTML Code help links *

*ht_img.htm Images and Graphics *

*htcountr.htm Counters and Misc (under construction)*

*ht_ref.htm HTML Reference and History*

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Information Sites

*in_dex.htm Information Sites Index*

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* news_dex.htm News*

* ne_gov.htm*

* ne_mag.htm*

* neenviro.htm*

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Science Fiction

*Sci Fi*



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