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This page is for Chemicals, how they effect the mind and body. It also covers how they impact on education.
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WARFARE PROGRAM - Chemical Testing on Civilian Populations

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At the end of this article are some worth while links.

These are from a data base that I am doing for my web site. I have seen this post shot down as a hoax, so I offer this links in rebuttal of some that would say Aspartame is not hazardous and support of this post. Nancy Markel was NOT the original author, but overall the post is on track. Another point is that Aspartame is suppose to Mimic MS ect., I personally am not interested in something that even Mimics diseases such as this post describes! Please remember that much of the research that is out there (and that some sites cite - FDA included) saying that Aspartame is NOT hazardous comes from the very company that makes Aspartame. From these links you wonder how anyone is capable of having nutritious food, and think of the developing bodies and brains of children. These will allow you to research on your own. News: For information about the Columbine shootings in Colorado, click here. For the latest information about the Forsyth "Prozac" trial in Hawaii, click here. For stories and releases regarding recent studies or other legal actions, click here. The International Coalition for Drug Awareness *Aug 1999 - Deutsche Bank issued its report on
"Ag. Biotech: Thanks But No Thanks" - [in acrobat format]*


Sugar, msg, aspartame, stevia:

Journalists Linda and Bill Bonvie
"What's eating kids? Maybe it's their diet"

Blazing Tattles "Sinfully Sweet"

Blazing Tattles "Stevia"

sugar: sugar and aspartame
"Liquid Candy How Soft Drinks are
Harming Americans' Health"


Stevia and Natural Sweeteners
Leading Edge Research
"Artificial Sweeteners: Suppression of Natrual Stevia Leaves and the extract Stevioside"

Leading Edge Research
"The Effect of Sugar, Synthetic Colorings
and Flavors on the Brain"

sugar, diabetes, hypoglycemia
Leading Edge Research
"The Deliberate Use of Refined Sugar
to Assist Degenerative Disease"


"Aspartame and Stevia A Tale
Of Two Sweetners"

Leading Edge Research
"Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame - NutraSweet - Benevia"

Aspartame - Holistic Med

Aspartame Information on Dorway Com

Aspartame International w/links to MCS International

Aspartame site and book
"Sweet Poison"

Food Additives
"Processed Foods May Damage The Developing Brain"
By Michael Goodspeed
Social Activist's Site for World Peace
< >

Beginning of Fats / Oils and Vacines - Mylen Sheth of the brain

Plenty of evidence is readily available showing that vaccinations of infants (under 2 years more or less, the younger- the worst-case) is a cause of delayed & or improper myelinization (protective tissue which is supposed to grow over nerves).

Persons who fawn over authority figures will tend to believe placatory prounouncements.

Persons who think for themselves and question authority will readily discover that vaccination is an extremely PROFITABLE industry, and that the practice of vaccination is EXTREMELY QUESTIONABLE in terms of RISKS vs unproveable supposed benefits.

"Unfortunately, we have all been lied to, and once again, me and all of you are responsible because we would rather put the responsibility of our health into someone else's hands, instead of taking charge of our own lives and our own well-being. I'm going to say this bluntly, so that it will make an impact on you and so that you will hear me. You and your children are being poisoned, folks, and you are making pharmaceutical companies incredibly rich, and you are also unknowingly helping along the progress of what is going to become the greatest epidemic that the human race has ever seen, namely AIDS. With ignorance and foolish trust in the experts, you have been had."

The National Vaccine Information Center

Informed Parentsí Vaccination Home Page:

Vaccine Information Resource Center:

"We offer the world's largest selection of uncensored information on childhood shots and other immunizations."

Vaccination: 50 Things Doctor Forgot To Tell You

A parent's right to choose what's best for their child

Dispelling vaccination myths

"Welcome to the room for the vaccine damaged"



fluoride: The Fight Over Fluoride Continues
fluoride: "Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides" Fluoride Issues


fluoride Nutrition&Mind/nutrition&mind-7.htm
(see statement by Dr. Michael Schacter)Fluoride
fluoride: Intl Society for Fluoride Research
The International Society for Fluoride Research was founded in 1966 with the purpose of advancement of research and dissemination of knowledge, pertaining to the biological and other effects of fluoride on animal, plant and human life. ISFR publishes quarterly reports in FLUORIDE, on the biological, chemical, ecological, industrial, toxicological and clinical aspects of inorganic and organic fluoride compounds.
Fluoride and the A-Bomb Program During the ultra-secret Manhattan Project, a report was commissioned to assess the effect of fluoride on humans. That report was classified "secret" for reasons of "national security".
# archives of Dr. Phyllis Mullenix' presentation related to fluoride compounds and neurotoxicity: "Study flags new formaldehyde risks"



"Tainted tampons" (dioxin story) antibacterial


# Antibiotics in agriculture creating superbugs - TORONTO (Reuters) - 04:25 PM ET 11/03/98 antibacterial


# # Learn more about antibiotic resistance at antibacterial


# # (against) Visit Tufts University and find out more about the research at antibacterial # # (against)(soap) Find more about Health Canada's perspective on antibacterial soaps at antibacterial # # (for)(soap) To find out what the Soap and Detergent Association have to say on



# Global Distalation - How chemicals can travel world wide (organophosphates) Global distillation


toxic # # Global Distalation - How Fats can protect (organophosphate) Persistent Organic Pollutants

toxic # # "include Organophosphate sheep dip Diazinon, Propetamphos, Chlorfenvinphos, Carbophenothion ""Diazinon, Propetamphos, Chlorfenvinphos, Carbophenothion; " Sheep Dip (organophosphates) This is a long article - the basic part of this (to me) is that break down bacteria that allow us to age meat kill e. coli. This means that irration and antibiotics would probally kill this benificial bacteria

toxic # # The Mc Donalds Trial (organophosphates and Bovine Growth Hormone) Final Verdict

toxic # ] # Entry and Fate of Chemicals in Humans (organophosphates) Bio Accumulation

toxic # # fats and Prozac (organophosphates) Entry and Fate of Chemicals in Humans

toxic # # list1 (fumigant) methyl bromide toxic # # mercury in dental fillings Bio-Tech THE BODY AND MERCURY Mercury Free by Dr. James E. Hardy

toxic # # Fats and Prozac (organophosphates) Prozac of the Deep



Dioxin Homepage
**************************** ************************** living/DailyNews/olestra980904.html # Olestra can give problems with absorbing other foods

oils # # "Oils Vegetable and Animal - Health Risks from Processed Foods and Trans. Fats: Enig, Ph.D." Oils Vegetable and Animal The United States is the only country that uses Bovine Growth Hormone. People are attempting to get it off the market since the dairy industry has to increase the use of antibiotics when they use this hormone. I do not say that milk is bad overall but when it is produced with this hormone people could protest the use of any milk.

Milk # # Non-Milk

milk # # Bovine proteins and diabetes Anti Dairy Coalition "DIABETES - AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION WHERE HAS ALL THE MONEY GONE?"

Milk # #

Milk - Bovine Growth Hormone *************************** ************************

MSG this section has links and a short summary For those of you that might consider this weighty, I am back to doing my web page and will add it to my site and then (most times just) post the URL in the future. I need to find where the FDA has approved the spraying of MSG on crops, someone sent that to me months ago and I have upgraded since that time. Knowing this and putting together with the following that I am compiling you will see more problems, with children as well. SPECULATION: Aspartame was approved during the Regan administration, more things seem to have been added during the Bush administration, and Clinton has allowed even more. Instead of hearing about MSG like we used to do - it and more things like Canola are being approved every day. Let me add this for educators - would be hard to educate a child even with Ritalin or some other help is they are getting this in their food - expressly the school lunches, and when I can find Canola oil as a ingredient in a major brand of frozen crinkle cut potatoes, Yes I do believe it and MSG will be in school lunches. Will add this to my site and redo my site soon. They think that they can just watch what they eat and that this might blow over. That is not the case, and I am not going into dramatics. This is not complete, I have to take time to learn other things too - for those of you that are skeptical, please check these out. Will be following through by checking out how these things (proteins expressly) work through Mitochondria and Lysosomes.

=========Summary of some articles ==========

(1) MSG and Aspartame Summary done on

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) derived from Glutamic acid, which is an excitotoxic amino acid that has been known to excite, brain cells sometimes to the point of killing them. MSG is a neurotropic drug (neurotropic means that it effects the nervous system) and when it effects a person the effects may not show up for up to 48 hours. Glutamic acid (an amino acid), and one of its salts is glutamate. Glutamate is one of the substances that make up protein. Different proteins are made up of different amino acids. MSG is manufactured through a process of protein hydrolysis. When glutamate is separated from protein and the product has 99% free glutamate then it is called "monosodium glutamate." When Protein Hydrolysate has less than 99% free glutamate, usually within the range of 8 to 40 per cent, then the product might have one of these names - "sodium caseinate," "calcium caseinate," "autolyzed yeast," "textured protein," "yeast food," "hydrolyzed vegetable protein," and "hydrolyzed protein." Hydrolyzed Protein (itself) may be in products under names like "flavoring" or "natural flavoring." If you are concerned about MSG sensitivity, or would like to help the Truth in Labeling Campaingn, (a nonprofit corporation), write Jack Samuels, Truth in Labeling Campaign, P.P. Box2532, Darien, IL 60561. A stamped, self-addressed envelope would be apprecieated. ================================= (2) Journal of the American Dietetic Association, July 1997 v97 n7 p793 (2) "We think your son has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome'- a case study monosodium glutamate's effect on a child Author: Anne Shovic, Robert D. Bart and Apryll M. Stalcup Electronic collection: A19792007 RN: A19792007 Glutamate a free amino acid or as a constituent in proteins. Aspartame - "Although most of the neurologic concerns associated with aspartame have centered on phenylalanine, one of the amino acids that comprise the dipeptide, it should be noted that aspartate, the other amino acid in the dipeptide, and glutamate bind to many of the same receptor sites in vivo, are subject to many of the same transport mechanisms, and undergo interconversion via aspartate aminotransferase." "It is also interesting to note that the incidence of febril seizures in young children is almost five times higher in Japan, where MSG is more commonly used as an additive, than it is in the United States." This report has a long list of References. ============== ================= Another assult on our neurotransmitters? Canola Healthy? - ======= ============================ Toxic effects of air freshener emissions - (New 17 Nov 98) form=6&db=m&Dopt=b ============== ====================

For information on chemicals in fragranced products and their effects on health visit:

New 17 Nov ================= ================== Rachel's Environmental Weekly - Index page - ================ ===================Blazing Tattles - another good research tool - ================= ================== Demasculization of Animals, Humans next?


World Wildlife Fund - chemicals in the environment -


The American Farmer up a Creek - without the paddle = Terminator Seed Technology -


Chemical - Environmental Health Network -


Olestra can give problems with absorbing other foods DailyNews/olestra980904.html **************** ************************************ (10) Sugar Blues by William Dufty (c)1993 by Warner Books Inc. NY This is good but he bases the whole slave trade on sugar - He needed to go farther back.

Macrobiotic Cooking by Aveline Kushi (c)1985 by Warner Books Inc. NY Loaded with alternative sweeteners, information, and considering the fact that it is a cookbook - it has recipes too! ******************************************************* ********************************************************



Was Polio Vaccine Contaminated?
"formalin", "formaldehyde", and mercury MEGA links from the Ottawa Citizen
@ Is AIDS really a disease?
Canadian Blood Victims File Suit
This article talks about getting rid of AIDS - and without drugs.
HIV & AIDS - Rethinking AIDS WebSite - Missing Virus Award
Coors, the RIGHT beer now It's no accident that Coors is the right beer in America
The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush - Online at
Rockefeller Drug Censor Empire


Is this real about cloning? Gives you something to think about either way!

Clones R Us ***************************************************

A paper about food additives - **** PUT ON THE SITE WITH PERMISSION *****(New 18 Nov 98) How many schools have accommodations for students or teachers that are sensitive to the air in schools. Like MCS or asthma?

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