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Is a Vote for BUSH a Vote For ASPARTAME? 


26 Oct 2000


Skull and Bones
Bush Family and More



14 Oct 2000

From the medication debate that psychologists and psychiatrist have had, to ADD and ADHD, I ask who will have the children?


These next three links got my attention with the fact that insurance is traded at the stock market.


Forced Psychiatry 


27 Oct 2000


Forced Insurance


27 Oct 2000 


psyc 000

index psyc page



article by Jim Keith mirrored.

I posted on

25 Oct 2000



24 Sept 2000

over thirty pages of links for citations


the same page badly formatted but fast loading


Virtual Reality and Bio Chips







Agriculture Chemical/Factory





Posted (here) on 25 Oct 2000
I am working on the idea of "Survival of the Fittest" from the view point that 

Did man evolve from primates?  Is there a gene for intelligence?  Is there a superior, super healthy human?  These questions seem to plague us, to the extent that they have taken on the mythical qualities of a deity needing worship.  To understand how these ideas could have such a hold requires that we take a peak back behind the pedestal they are being placed on, which is a pedestal composed of The Philosophy of Knowledge.  This may seem like a strange term considering what the definition of philosophy is,  

Philosophy (1) Literally, the love of, including the search after, wisdom; in actual usage, the knowledge of phenomena as explained by, and resolved into, causes and reasons, powers and laws. Dictionary com

but this paper should make the meaning clear. 

The other

Popper led me to more research and it seems as if propaganda has been learned but biology has be ignored. 

This could be some of the reasons that propaganda is so successful.  Granted unless you study Ortes and Malthus

you could think that Marx and Hitler's ideas of racial purification had a foundation.  Marx and Hitler were frauds, and I would not be surprised if asked about spontaneous germination, that they would have believed in it. 

Redi (Italian scientist) disproved spontaneous generation in 1668, France was still dubious until Louis Pasteur  (1822-1895) was able to disproved spontaneous generation, as well.  Darwin was a "jonny come lately" in the controversy.  

Taking these ideas out of context can create major problems, and if you advocate an idea of "Survival of the fittest" then humans are at the bottom of the heap, way below bacteria and fungus. 

While some are keeping things stirred up, world events are happening that are not making headlines. 

Science News       Jan 30, 1999 

            Sea Sickness.(pollution, algae blooms, and climate change affect coral reefs and other marine organisms)

            Author/s: Janet Raloff 

            Marine epidemiology comes of age Nor is bleaching the only threat to corals. Increasingly, Cervino points out, these colonies are also exhibiting infections, tumors, and "obscure" lesions. "We've been going to photos of corals from as far back as the 1930s," he says, and find no sign of many of these diseases.

That link is at  

World Trade could make these problems worse, because it does not allow individual countries the chance to look at their own bacteria and fungal problems.  When you refer to bacteria and fungus it does not seem to be one size fits all, yet what happens


"Mustard was first used by the Germans on the night of 12-13 July 1917 near Ypres in Flanders"

I am not an environmentalist, just someone that believes that mycotoxins and other items used in one place can migrate.  Many of these items have to go through a simple CNS before they can attack the human CNS and by the time we wake up to the fact that they could be evolving beyond our capability to handle them - we could have wiped out many of the simple CNS organisms (like frogs) so that they do come looking for us, to live.

Also an hypothesis that I have:

If oil is a bacteria byproduct, we already keep memories on inorganic storage (computers), the brain is 60% to 70%

fat (an energy matrix, intelligence matrix) so what other energy matrixes have intelligence?

Thomas Gold
The Deep Hot Bioshpere

The Theory of Unlimited Oil
One Heretic Predicts More Oil to Be Drilled in the Ground
By Kevin Newman
March 16

To tie these thoughts together,

Plants reach to the light, even without a group intelligence.  Could bacteria and fungi think that we are the only way to survive, and by the time we realize we will be gone and cytobacteria will start over. 

You know that sugar, or at least an excess of sugar can kill beneficial bacteria and allow an growth of fungus in your body.  Anyone have a sweet tooth?  Could the fungus in you body try for a beneficial environment?  Yet, world trade keeps some people from being able to say stuff like this because they might mess up someone's trading rights. 

So, if you were to get rid of a bacteria or fungus which one would you choose since it seems that some of the worst are beneficial in their own ways. 

The brain is wired for sound energy, light energy and more to stimulate the nerves (virtual reality possible future)

might rewire some of the connections to the eyes, ears and other senses.  What is intelligence, but our associations and connections between the different energy sources that we are exposed to, and it seems that we may have to become savage to live in the world that is evolving.  Keep the higher brain?  I doubt that we would have enough time for it.  Snails here we come. 

If this is cryptic to some, I apologize - I am a student with very limited time.  Good luck and when someone presents a certain mindset - please speculate about the fact of what is happening from both sides.  Is this a case of divide and conquer?  Could people get along if they realize where this future could lead, because they have studied the past, in the light of the present? 

Enough for now, my disclaimer gives an idea of my mindset and here is a part of it, ""It is not up to thee to finish the task, but neither is it up to thee to exempt thyself from it." or You may not be able to replace them but can you learn enough to succeed them? " 


This is a working copy (rough draft) and will extend into these areas.

<meta name="Classification" content="Philosophy">

<meta name="Description" content="Survival of the Fittist means that humans are at the bottom

after bacteria and fungi.">

<meta name="KeyWords" content="Philosophy, Greek, Roman, Socrates, Descartes,

Ortes, Malthus, Swift, Galton, James, Freud, Watson, Hitler, Marx, Kinsey, genetics, egenics,">


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