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From the medication debate that psychologists and psychiatrist have had, 

to ADD and ADHD - I ask who will have the children?


Posted on 05 Oct 2000
              Pharmaceutical Firms Fund Drug Court Lobbying Group 

Posted on 14 Oct 2000

American Psychological Association

Prescription Privileges Fact Sheet:

What Students Should Know About The APA’s Pursuit Of Prescription Privileges For Psychologists     (RxP)
Carol Williams, M.S.     Chair, APAGS
(This opening section was originally published in the APAGS Winter 2000  Newsletter)

American Psychiatric Society

January/February 1999

It's About Money, Not Patient Care
John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
July 14, 1998

Bitter pill: Psychologists split over right to prescribe

Sunday 17 August 1997
Prescribing drugs is way of the future, proponents say
Robert Sibley     The Ottawa Citizen

Prescription Privileges Task Force Committee Reports 1997

by Stephen E. Berger, Ph.D., ABPP, FAClinP, FPPR
Chair, Prescription Privileges Task Force

The Links that continue at 09Oct2000 seem to show that school medication could become standardized and made into a law. 

Speculation:  At that time the school nurse or principal could recommend the child be medicated.  The child or parents would not have legal recourse, and if a teacher did not agree, the teacher could be replaced. 

I posted this on 13 Oct 2000

this series of articles will be called Nature, Nurture or CNS


The over all themes of these articles are that “Survival of the Fittest” leads to a dark age in education.Each time the ideas of education that are based on honor, and allow someone to fall (like a child learning to walk) get to the point that they become laws that anyone should know the honor can get lost in sportsmanship (rules) and the sportsmanship in laws at that time it looks as if people go looking for the honor again by saying that people do not have ethics. With humans being at the mercy of bacteria and fungus it could get to the point of our being at savage level to be able to have enough of an “SurvivaL Instict” or “Survival Index” to be able to combat the different diseases.As the citations from my rough draft shows, many pathogens have (increasingly) taken hold these last 15 years.When items like fungal spores are in the air, even if you were to have a clean room environment, with every air scrubber and sound waves that were capable of killing all air born microorganisms, it seems as if the hydroponics would eventually become contaminated.The use of antibiotics only seems to allow the pathogens to gain a greater hold over the beneficial bacteria that plants, animals, and humans need to survive. 

Part 1A look into mental and genetic ideas and the history of those ideas from their historical background to present day beliefs.Does the Domnici-Kennedy bill relating to mental health have validity? 

Not written yet:

Part 2.Will explore the beliefs of the Holocaust and equate the way the Slavs were treated to what happened to the Black American during the American Civil War.New York during the Civil War was city that had limited indoor plumbing; one outhouse per tenant building was the rule.Lincoln was not offering the Southern States enough money to take all the immigrants and it seems as if many blamed the slaves for being the reason that the Southern States did not need those immigrants.The Civil War flag is not a symbol of Slavery or a hate item, it is a historical reminder of the fact that if Lincoln had not been assassinated the Civil War probably would not have continued, since a common ground could have been worked out.Hitler supported blonde-haired people because he wanted human white lab rats that could be rounded up; the idea that was put out that they were genetically mentally inferior was erroneous. 

Part 3 Will explore the ideas of Genetically Modified items in the light of As items evolve it seems that they can become fragile.Intelligence can make it were someone does not necessarily want to have physical fights anymore.We seem to be a byproduct of sexual bacteria, and our food is digested in our intestinal tracts by bacteria that seems to eat other bacteria.Our bodies are based on the BALANCE of stress, when that stress is taken away by things like Goals 2000, outcome based education to much TV is it possible that we look for that stress in disagreements or food?To allow Drugs to become the rule in schools when there is still so much to learn about the way that the Earth works, and how humans work would be wrong.To make it were doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, judges, lawyers, and parents were not considered because there is a law were if any child act strange they are stuck on a drug.Who will own the children then?Even if someone were to have all the diamonds, gold, money and every other symbol in the world where are there assets?In our diversity of thinking, if someone were to have control of all intellectual properties rights would they ever want to consider ideas like these that are saying that a world wide monopoly will lead to a overall loss of intellectual motivation?

Start of - Nature, Nurture or CNS

There has been a controversy about who can prescribe drugs; Psychiatrists (who have a MD), or Psychologists (who is not a MD-but has more mental philosophical training), but there are two other more intensive degrees one of these is a neural psychiatrist and the other is psychological degree that takes about 10 years to get.

For now I will only be referring to the first two degrees.

Currently there are several civil law suits against Ritalin

[ A Diagnosis Excess?  A Lawsuit Alleges Attention Deficit Disorder Is Over-Diagnosed

N E W Y O R K, Aug. 9 — Nestor Sosa spent three years and $40,000 fighting to get his son off Ritalin.]

The news articles that I have seen do not mention food reactions, or reactions to chemicals as reasons for children acting out. 

Toxic Chemicals Linked to Health Problems in Children
By Cat Lazaroff       WASHINGTON, DC, September 7, 2000 (ENS)

So, as you can see from a small portion of this law - 

Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents

(b) Exceptions
Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e) of this section, the prohibition in subsection (a) of this section does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:

it appears that chemical testing is "completely" legal if it is (read the next 3 lines)

  • (1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical,

  • therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or
    research activity.
Laws like this would make it legal for large (corporation) farms to have as much chemical run off, as they like.  Some of these Corporate farms are not even owned by people that live in the county they are in.
Maclean’s Online June 12, 2000 Cover
When Water Kills "n addition, the world's key pork producers, Taiwan and Holland, recently pushed production into the danger zone, causing severe water pollution and animal disease outbreaks. But their environmental disasters have had an effect here: hog barns managed by Europeans or funded by Asian investors are popping up all over the country."

For at least the last 15 years, red tides have been getting larger and more frequent.  The effects of these red tides are being felt worldwide.

Science News Jan 30, 1999
Sea Sickness.(pollution, algae blooms, and climate change affect coral
reefs and other marine organisms)
Author/s: Janet Raloff

Sea life does not normally have a problem with cancers yet something is causing problems for sea life and the animals that depend on it.

Arctic Wildlife Wounded and Scarred by Pollution
MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, September 18, 2000 (ENS) - A new survey of hunters and elders in Canada's
far north has found troubling signs of pollution's effect on wildlife. 

more links like these are at

By this time, I started looking for laws and what the laws could be based on. 

Mitretek Systems
Mustard was first used by the Germans on the night of 12-13 July 1917 near 
Ypres in Flanders.

Check out the reference to past President Nixon in the next article.  This shows that the same research seemed to be going on.  The name went from biological research to "toxin research".

The following events, some proved and some alleged, comprise a short 
history of biological warfare.

Covers 1346-1992 but does not have the information that is in the above 
link about mustard gas being used in 1917.
It seems as if some countries think that it can be acceptable, if used in retaliation.
Thomas W. McGovern, MD, MAJ, MC George W. Christopher, LTC, USAF, MC
The opinions and assertions contained herein are those of the 
authors and not to be considered as reflecting the views of the
Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

Chapter - II - The Hitler Project
Bush Property Seized--Trading with the Enemy

By now I was wondering why there were so few laws against chemical and it seems as if there should be more news about them.  If this much was happening to life in the water, certainly human had to be effected, so I went looking for problems with human health.

Science Reference Section     Science and Technology Division     Library of Congress
10 First Street, S.E.     Washington, D.C. 20540

Compiled by Michelle Cadoree
TB 97-3      August 1997 
SCOPE: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), also referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), is a neurobiological condition affecting children and adults. Symptoms include easy distractibility, impulsiveness, and in some cases hyperactivity.


If ADHD was such a problem it seemed as if there should be some organization that helped these people.  There was but CHADD

(I accessed this link on Sept 30, 2000)

This page implies that ADHD is a mystery disorder/disease, and has a list of what they consider reliable places to get information in which they list themselves as "national disorder/disease-specific organizations (such as CHADD)"

Therefore, I went looking for other possible problems.It would seem as if psychiatrists and psychologists will be able to resolve the medication problem soon, neither one will be consulted.  It seems as if anyone will be able to be accused of mental problems soon, if this goes through.The other question I thought of; will lawyers be needed if there is a law defining mental disorder that can be ruled on by a judge, without getting an evaluation from the family professional, where would individual rights be in a case like this?

[Insanity Pleas from the City Limits: New York’s Urban Affairs News Magazine]

So, if ADHD is a national disorder/disease problem that could eventually be ruled on by teachers, judges, or possibly your next-door neighbor, will professionals be needed, or even desired? 

The problem that I have with a personality diagnosis like ADD or ADHD is the foundation that they seem to be based on.To see what was happening and what was happening to people at that time here is a short time line.

1665 Great Plague of London

1668 (Italian) Francesco Redi - disproved “Spontaneous Generation”

1798 French Rev Malthus – theory of surplus population

1846-1851 Irish Potato Famine – weird weather conditions and starvation

1850 (France) Louis Pasteur disproves “Spontaneous Generation”

1859 Charles Darwin – supports theory of “Survival of the Fittest”

1856-1939 Sigmound Freud – Penis Envy and Female Inferiority 

The next link that warranted visiting was link detailed how the ideas of 

“Survival of the Fittest” seems to be the foundation of the Soviets.Many think of these ideas as Darwin’s (published about 1859) and this type of idea seems to have taken off world wide about that time.What many do not realize is that the idea of a population being a liability started with 1798 with Malthus and Darwin’s publications seemed to justify a countries population being a potential liability.

How could this have happened?In 1668 that an Italian scientist, Francesco Redi disproved “Spontaneous Generation”, which is the idea that life comes from non-orgaic material.This idea was still being debated in France until Louis Pasteur (1822-1899) found out that most infectious diseases are caused by germs, known as the "germ theory of disease".An experiment in 1850 proved to Pasteur that 

Pasteur "Never will the doctrine of spontaneous generation recover from the mortal blow of this simple experiment. No, there is now no circumstance known in which it can be affirmed that microscopic beings came into the world without germs, without parents similar to themselves."

Selected News Stories - Full story will be at link

I posted these on 09 Oct 2000

Cloning teams cross pig and human DNA     October 8 2000
SCIENTISTS have successfully produced an embryonic pig-human
hybrid. Human DNA was inserted into pig cells which became tiny
embryos, write Jonathan Leake and Nick Fielding.

United States Code 


Chemical Testing on Civilian Populations

Four Principals For Curtailing The Proliferation Of Biological And Chemical Arms

by Baker Spring

Aug 19,1991

History Of Biological Warfare

The Psycho /Scarecrow Says BOO!

Insanity Pleas from the City Limits: New York’s Urban Affairs News Magazine

Genetic Recombination -

Private Papers of Nobel Scientist Joshua Lederberg 

Added to "Profiles in Science" Web Site

Lederberg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine at age 33 for scientific work started at age 20, which showed that bacteria can in fact, reproduce through sexual recombination. Although Lederberg was "astonished" to receive the prize, his diary entry for October 26, 1958, the day he heard he had won it, also records some of

his fears: "On the whole I'm a little afraid the fuss and bother more than outweigh the egotistic satisfactions, the cash and the prestige factors that might help in getting my lab going."

Oil – Thomas Gold * is oil a bacterial byproduct?

Thomas Gold-- "The Deep Hot Bioshpere,"

The Theory of Unlimited Oil

One Heretic Predicts More Oil to Be Drilled in the Ground

By Kevin Newman--March 16

The Declaration of Independence

Encyclopedia Americana: Bill of Rights

I posted these on 07 Oct 2000

"New Scientist magazine reports that the researchers, from University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, carried out research after a rise in reported cases of food poisoning caused by fresh produce [and found that bacteria grow better in common pesticides]. "The researchers found that bacteria thrived in around a third of the pesticides. The bugs grew most readily in: the fungicide chlorothalonil, the weedkiller linuron, the insecticides permethrin and chlorpyrifos...numbers could increase one-thousandfold. Salmonella, E. coli and Shigella grew best - particularly on chlorothalonil."

Commentary By Nicholas Regush 
Oct. 5 — Well, here we go again. Another red-hot scientific scandal. This time, anthropologists and geneticists are getting a noisy wake-up call. 
Who Should Investigate? Looking at Conflict of Interest in Biomedicine, Part Two

A History of Secret Human Experimentation



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