Subverting Sex:  Sex Experiments Of Alfred Kinsey 

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Jim Keith born 1949 - died 1999

Commentary by Jim Keith

An effective foot soldier in the subjugation of the masses was the
Rockefeller-funded Alfred C. Kinsey, the co-author of the highly influential
Sexual Behavior In The Human Male, and other volumes. One technique of
eugenics (selective breeding) and control is the destruction of traditional
morality, and Kinsey may have accomplished more in that respect than any
other man this century.

Kinsey studied at the Bussey Institution at Harvard in the 1920s (at the
time a hotbed of eugenics research), then moved on to teach at Indiana
University, where his work in cultural deconstruction would ultimately
succeed in decimating American sexual mores, help to fragment the family,
and would leave the population far more vulnerable to reproductive,
cultural, familial, and mind programming.

Kinsey, always portrayed in the press as a wholesome "leave it to Beaver"
style family man, was "one of the scholarly eugenicists of pre-World War
II", according to biographer James Jones. Kinsey recommended that a portion
of the "lower classes" be sterilized to foster a more robust gene pool.
Among his intimates was Dr. Ewen Cameron, the infamous CIA-funded mind
control doctor.

Another of Kinsey's influences was Dr. Herrmann Muller, one of his
colleagues at Indiana University. Muller, who had begun receiving
Rockefeller funding from the National Research Council in 1925, received a
Guggenheim grant in 1932 to pursue his work in the genetics department of
the Rockefeller-funded Kaiser Wilhelm Brain Resarch Institute in Berlin.
Muller studied under Ernst Rudin, who was to become the head of the Nazi
Racial Hygiene Society. One of the benefits of Rudin's policy for the
extermination of hereditary undesirables in Germany was that it provided a
continual harvesting of fresh brains for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

Influenced by the Great Beast

Another of Kinsey's apparent influences was the occultist Aleister Crowley,
"the Great Beast," known in the press as "the wickedest man alive." Kinsey
visited Crowley's Thelema Abbey shortly before his death in 1955. Although
it has not been established that Kinsey used Crowley as a research source in
his books, they shared many friends and acquaintances, such as occultist
film maker Kenneth Anger, American Nazi George Sylvester Viereck, and French
pedophile Rene Guyon.

Anger has said, "Kinsey was obsessed with obtaining the Great Beast's
(Crowley's) day-to-day sex diaries... To obtain grant monies and maintain
the support of the university, Kinsey needed the excuse of research to
validate his twenty-four-hours-a-day obsession with sex. However, Prok's
(Kinsey's nickname) battle cry of 'Do your best and let other people react
as they will' seemed a variation on Crowley's 'Do what thou wilt' maxim.
(i.e. "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law").

Increased illicit sexual conduct

Kinsey's most effective weapon for psychological warfare on the world was
his Rockefeller-funded study of American sexuality, the most famous volume
being his vaunted study of "normal" sexuality, Sexual Behavior In The Human
Male, published in 1948. 200,000 copies of the book were sold within the
first two months of its publication.

Kinsey was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and, according to Judith A.
Reisman, PhD, the author of Kinsey: Crimes And Consequences, "Kinsey's
quantitative research, and his numbers, were a perfect fit for Rockefeller
to utilize the mass media to 'shape public attitudes and conduct.' Attitudes
were changed through mass communications, which caused a rejection of
chastity, self control and moral public governance, as well as increased
illicit sexual conduct. 'Social management' of this sort was nothing less
for Rockefeller than changing America's way of life, by among other things
altering what Kinsey would call 'breeding patterns' along an evolutionary or
animalistic view of human sexual conduct."

The main problem with Kinsey's "quantitative research and his numbers" is
that they were radically skewed in order to achieve his purposes.
Researchers into Kinsey's methods, which purportedly catalogue normal
sexuality, have noted that he loaded the ranks of his test subjects with an
inordinately high number of persons imprisoned for sex deviancy, prostitutes
and child molesters, criminals estimated by one researcher as providing as
high as one third of his overall subjects. Kinsey entered them into his
database as normal examples of the population.

Kinsey's manipulation extended to his choice of staff. His assistants in his
studies were selected from young students, both male and female, who were
required prior to coming on board to provide their detailed sexual
histories. Another requirement was that they be filmed in explicit sexual
movies, ostensibly for research, that were shot in Kinsey's attic.

Kinsey's research included observation of child sexuality, the manual and
oral stimulation of childrens' genitals, and the timing of child orgasms
with stopwatches. Part of Kinsey's collection of sex films included films of
children in sex acts and adult-with-child sex.

According to Reisman, "The Kinsey Report claims at least '317
pre-adolescents' were sexually experimented upon by 'older adults,' and
confirmation of at least 2,035 child experimental subjects were later
admitted in 1980 by [assistants] Gebhard and Pomeroy as reported in Ethical
Issues in Sex Therapy."

He said 95% violate sex laws

The information that was released in the Kinsey sex studies was damning in
the extreme to traditional concepts of sexuality. Kinsey reported that 95
percent of American males had violated sex laws seriously enough to put them
in jail, 85 percent had experienced premarital sex, 69 percent had used
prostitutes, 45 percent were adulterers, as high as 37 percent had
experienced orgasm in a homosexual act, and that 17 percent had had sex with
an animal. In these post-Kinsey days this information is not that shocking,
in fact it is almost believable, but in 1948 it fell upon the public like a

According to reports of the time, the Kinsey Report "shocked" and
"dumbfounded" the nation. The reason was simple: Americans knew that this
information did not fit their own conceptions of sexual mores and behavior.
And they were right: Kinsey's statistics were wrong, and they remain wrong.
According to researchers Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, "Recently, several
studies have shown that America is not the hotbed of promiscuity and
deviancy that Kinsey's study made it appear to be, even after forty-six
years of influence by that study, which was loudly trumpeted as fact by the
media and much academia." One recent study by the National Opinion Research
Center at the University of Chicago showed that 83% of Americans had sex
with one person or did not have sex in the preceding year, with half of
those polled having had only one sex partner in the previous five years.

Any sex act is now acceptable

This does not mean, however, that the Amercan media does not continue to
portray the country as one big swingers' club. With Kinsey, American mores
have been almost completely warped, to the point where almost any sexual act
is now acceptable. Wife swapping, easy divorce, swinging, the depiction of
sex acts in the media, homosexuality, and sadomasochism are promoted as

As with most actions of the social engineers, I believe that there are a
number of reason for this. One is the creation of what has been called a
"sensate" society, satiated with sex, drugs and TV (the modern form of
"bread and circuses"), creating a numbed electorate who will never mount a
challenge to their controllers. Another reason for this is the decoupling of
sex from procreation, thus making the institution of sterilization and birth
control policies, including abortion, more easily introduced to the masses.
An additional purpose is the destruction of the nuclear family, opening the
door for greater social intervention and manipulation.

Although it is dangerous to point out in this era of Ellen-degenerated
"sexual liberation," the forces that have sought to limit our real freedoms
have historically been the first wave of assault for the destruction of
traditional values regarding sex. This approach was exemplified by the
Nazis, for whom, according to author Pearl Buck, "Love was old-fashioned,
sex was modern. it was the Nazis who restored the 'right to love' in their

Although social engineer Alfred C. Kinsey is long-dead, his legacy lives
on - and the war against sexual sanity continues today.


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Jim Keith, a Nitro News Columnist, is one of America's best known conspiracy
writers, having penned over ten published books. His works include Okbomb, a
revealing account of the Oklahoma City bombing, and the acclaimed Casebook
On The Men In Black. Keith has appeared on multiple television and radio
programs, including Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell (listen). His column is
published exclusively on the Nitro News website each week, but does not
necessarily reflect the views of the Editor and staff.


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Kinsey and Our Culture         May 1999

Pederasts, encouraged by the homosexual victory and armed with Kinsey’s

              reports legitimizing child-sex and adult-child sex, are engaged in a protracted

              battle to lower the age-of- consent laws. "Sex before eight or it’s too late," is the

              motto of the René Guyon Society. The British Pedophile Information Exchange

              (P.I.E.) advocates that it be reduced to age four.35

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