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     Education: A House of Mirrors #2

               Issue:  Association - physical problems being defined as mental problems.
                    last update Nov 18, 2001 at 11:47 am central standard time - Texas, USA
               Events primarily of the 1980's, and 1990's that are here for keywords per my disclaimer.

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This page is speculation and the citations that I am using to speculate with.

Pollution Credits, Who Pays and Who gets a free ride?  While getting the free ride are the companies paying pollution credits also blamed for reactions?
I only have some of the pertinent parts that show children have not changed. Biodegradability / digestion / nutrition depends on microorganisms to happen in our bodies and in the environment. It seems as if pharesudical chemicals / drugs kill microorganisms much faster than manufacturing chemicals and many of those microorganisms are the antidotes to manufacturing chemicals. If you get a certain type of fluoride poisoning a type of calcium is the treatment / antidote. If your body can not utilize calcium guess who gets blamed for your bodies reaction -- pharesudical or manufacturing? Even if the water (something that goes in our bodies) I have found citations that blame manufacturing and very little that blames pharmaceutical companies. This is a link that shows that other parts of the world might perceive the US - behind in technology,
***Since everything is not in a computer and even virtual reality education would depend on the associations/correlation of the physical life skills - what kind of understanding would someone have without the hands on of home ec, shop, physical education or dissection in biology?

Education: No playgrounds and dumbed down -- OR Waldkindergarten?
"This new idea, known as Waldkindergarten ("forest kindergarten"), is the fastest growing educational movement in Germany today."

Ciba-Geigy gave substansal contributions to CHADD, this was made public in the USA by PBS 1 PBS 2 airing the Merrow Report October 20, 1995
By 1996 Ciba-Geigy had merged with Sandoz to create the company called Novartis and since neither Clinton, the FDA or anyone else had made enough of an issue about the contributions by 1996 The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) seems to have jumped on the band wagon by taking money for pharmesudical companys too, Eli Lilly and Co. - makers of Prozac and Novartis makers of Ritalin.
[ http://www.resultsproject.net/writing_on_the_wall.html ]
So, once they drum down US education and American Democracy to the point that enough businesses and educated people leave America who will be running America and will they finally make the fact that pharmesudicals pollute the water public?  Same control even without drugs?
Table Of Contents
     a) Summary
     1) Antibiotics use to 1993 - acting up having a definable easily treatable cause
     2) Antibiotic over prescription led to a rise in antibiotic resistant infections
     3) Antibiotics
     4) Ask your doctor to give your child a "shot" of penicillin in the buttocks instead of the oral penicillin.
     5) Prisons - Private and * also check #15 Plasma
     6) American Diabetes Association - Oct 16, 2001
     7) Break up of the American Psych Association(s) - Psychologist - Psychiatrist
     8) Chemicals in cigarettes, food additives perfumes, fragrance additives  -  dangerous or allergy triggering?
     9) Self Esteem -- Education Affective Education*        Danger of Self-esteem Programs
   10) Merrow Report: ADD a Dubious Diagnosis? - Oct 20, 1995 and events up till today
   11) Ritalin Lawsuit - Oct 17, 2001
   11b) Also lawsuits against HMO's by the Doctors and parents
   12) Super Collider -- Locations:  Ellis, Texas and Swiss-French border near Geneva
   13) In New York - Columbia University -- Home of CHADD's founder - also New York Mental Health Courts
   14) Bio-Chips
   15) Plasma - Canadian Blood Victims File Suit,Consider Naming Clinton By Ricki Magnussen 1999 + AIDS GATE
   16) Canola / Olestra / Fats
   17) Sweetners / Sugar,Aspartame,
   18) Canadian Factory Farms - CNS1
   19) World Wide Red Tides - CNS1
   20) Ambiguous Genitilia - CNS1
   21) Letter about Clinton -- William Jefferson 'Blythe iv' Clinton * 42nd US President
   21) Thomas Jefferson Gate - Unlikely that Jefferson fathered any of Hemings children
   22) Osmosis
   23) A BRIEF HISTORY OF MENTAL THERAPY       by Robert Meinsma
   24) Issues Tech - America Politically Unstable or just Unstable
   25) Extra Section



Conspiracy? Not.
TimeLine[ 1999 ]

How would you put education on econmic indicators?  Would it work? How many employees would you have with the layoff rate of these companys?

At this time pharmasudical companies do not have to pay pollution credits or do enviromental impact statements for the tons of drugs that 
they produce.  To advocate a drug like Ritalin when it is not needed, could this be because that America is not used to mergers of this size 
and do not realize that they are saying that Americans and Democracy is unstable by the acceptance of a mental con that keeps the company 
from going up on UN charges as long as the Hillary Clinton / Gore's

To think in these terms is not  Conspiracy, when a company is this big and looking for applications for their products, if you are to see the 
whole picture you need to look at the different products and future applications for those products.

My guess would be that the current hype supported by Clinton/Gore on mental health and how lousy American Education is would lead to 
a company like Novartis/Ciba/Gerber attempting to control American education.  The current bill that requires mental health coverage would 
allow the control of Schools and what subjects are taught.

Now the question as to why drug companys would be intrested in such a different field
1) could cover up effects of chemical reactions
2) when the first animal manure problems happened (1

Conspiracy? Not. -- Genetically Modified food, Gerber baby products, Ritalin, Drugs that suppress the immune system for transplants, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, Star Link corn,
Co name founded
product Co name founded
product Co name founded
AstraZeneca [Anglo-Swedish] Star Link Corn**
subsidiary Marlow Foods makes a
Fermented fungus product from fusarium graminearum called Quorn
[1/09/02 Meat substitute gets FDA approval]
contriversy because of wanting to label a fungus protien as a mushroom protien
[The Mushroom Council varieties "Portabella is a mature Crimini"]
[CSPI - “Quorn” Meat Substitute Deceptively Labeled, CSPI Tells FDA** February 28, 2002] **
[American Mushroom Institute] **
 [Wash Times March 4, 2002 Joyce Howard Price]
People that eat mushrooms as a protien source are very picky about it. This extends to defining how old a particular mushroom is
[The Mushroom Council "Portabella is a mature Crimini"]
To define the fungus Quorn as a mushroom is mis-repersentation. The Quorn website represents it products as *Mushroom in origin yet it is a fungus NOT a grown mushroom.
Syngenta [ ] a spin off of Novatis and AstraZeneca 2000- herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, seed treatments, and a No. 3 position in seeds.
In Surprise Move, Novartis Acquires 20% Stake in Roche 
  May 8, 2001 
Sandoz [Swiss] to Novartis 1919-1996  Ranks Hovis McDougall [RHM] *Marlow Foods*
1985 Quorn was launched.* In June 1993 Zeneca demerged from ICI. *In December 1998 Zeneca merged with Astra of Sweden to form AstraZeneca.
[Swiss] to Novartis
 - 1996 computer adhesives -
**Ritalin misrepersention of Ritatlin [PBS]
Genetic Therapy Inc. GTI Maryland [USA] to Samdoz 1986-1995 human gene therapy Chiron
Gerber [USA] to Sandoz 1927-1994 Baby products
Time Line
Monopoly, or just plain control? -- Ritalin, Gerber, livestock, packers, feed, education, grants, breeder, genetics, seller.
=> Pharmesudical companies may have realized that they may have to start paying pollution credits for the amount of drugs in the water when animal manure laced with antibiotics started creating world wide problems.  It seems as if
  1961-1989 Berlin Wall
1969 Richard M. Nixon 1969-1974 {resigned}
1973 * Endangered Species Act - ref. 1983

MANAGED CARE October 1997. ©1997
[ http://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/9710/9710.legislator.shtml ]
Consider that in 1973, fewer than one in every 25 privately insured Americans were enrolled in a managed care plan, whereas now two out of every three privately insured Americans are in such a plan
1974 Gerald R. Ford 1974-1977
1975 IDEA -- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Committee on Education and the Workforce U.S. House of Representatives
[ http://edworkforce.house.gov/legislation/accomp/accomp106.htm ]
The IDEA Full Funding Act (H.R. 4055; Passed the House) – The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) became law in 1975 to provide children with disabilities access to a quality public education; it pledged federal contributions of 40 percent of the average per pupil expenditure to assist states and local schools with the extra costs of educating such children. The IDEA Full Funding Act sets a schedule for fully funding the federal government’s portion of IDEA by providing $2 billion a year increases until 2010.
1977 James Carter 1977-1981
1981 Ronald Reagan 1981-1989
UK water act -- Water Act 1981

1983 * Christmas Tree Lake re-habilitation of the endangered Apache Trout - ref. 1973
1986 In 1986, an explosion ripped through Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.
1987 CHADD started in Plantation, Florida
1989 George Bush Sr. 1989-1993 -- Bush, George Herbert Walker, 1924-, 41st President of the United States (1989-93), b. Milton, Mass., B.A., Yale Univ., 1948.
1961-1989 Berlin Wall -- the Berlin Wall comes down
In 1989, children with some form of ADHD amounted to just 5 percent of the federal Supplementary Security Income program. Six years later, they made up 25 percent.
1990 Pollution Credits and Clean Air Act Amendments
[ http://www.rahul.net/sufive/enviro/cleanAir/CAAA.html ]
The passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, signed into law as P.L. 101-549 on November 15, 1990, represents the most significant development in environmental legislation in years. Only two prior clean air legislative efforts are comparable in magnitude--the Clean Air Act of 1970 and the 1977 Clean Air Act Amendments. 

Editorial: Selling Pollution {1992}
[ http://www.essential.org/monitor/hyper/issues/1992/06/mm0692_04.html ]

Natural Resources Defense Council
[ http://www.nrdc.org/water/pollution/factor/cons.asp ]
Sixty-three percent of Missouri's factory farms suffered spills between 1990 and 1994, according to Missouri's Department of Natural Resources.

[ ]
Source: Irish Statute Book Database 1922-1998 -- © Office of the Attorney General and Houses of the Oireachtas
1991 Monopoly, or just plain control? -- Ritalin, Gerber, livestock, packers, feed, education, grants, breeder, genetics, seller.
the next article that is posted next to CHADD and Ritalin in 1991, is about what Clinton has allowed by 2000

DEA Warns of Ritalin® Abuse; Drug Manufacturer's Contributions to Advocacy Group Investigated  --  1996
[ http://www.ndsn.org/MARCH96/PRESCRP.html ]
The United Nations and DEA say Ciba-Geigy has contributed almost $1 million to Children and Adults with Attention Deficit
Disorder (CHADD) between 1991 and 1994, possibly compromising CHADD's ability to help those with ADD. In a
document resulting from the year-long probe into CHADD's finances, DEA warned that the contributions are "not well-knownby the public, including CHADD members that have relied upon CHADD for guidance."

"A lot of people don't know Ritalin® is like cocaine," DEA diversion control head Gene Haislip said. "That doesn't mean don'tuse it. ... It can be very dangerous and must be treated with respect. Obviously, it was not under surveillance." He called therelationship between Ciba-Geigy and CHADD an "unhealthy co-mingling of medical and commercial interests."

Both Ciba-Geigy and CHADD argue there is nothing wrong or unusual about the contributions. "We see it as an ethical
responsibility to give back to the community," said Todd Forte, a spokesperson for Ciba-Geigy.

CHADD says it does not promote use of Ritalin®, but does mention it in the context of treatment options for those with ADD.
"In our literature, you will not find that CHADD markets methylphenidate or Ritalin® other than in the context of overall
treatment programs for children with ADD," said Harvey Parker, one of the founders of the organization.

CHADD has petitioned DEA to reschedule Ritalin® from schedule II to schedule III in order to make it less expensive and
more available. Parker said that when that petition was filed, CHADD had not been aware of abuse of Ritalin®. Recently,
CHADD established a project to examine the problem of abuse by children and adults. DEA sent their report about
Ciba-Geigy's contributions to CHADD to the Department of Health and Human Services and is waiting for a response beforereclassification decisions are made. 

Perpetual Renewable Capitalism vs. Terminal Capitalism  --  By Steve Cady -- ©2000
[ http://www.nobull.net/legal/news/perpetual_renewable_capitalism_v.htm ]
      I want to talk to you about contracts. In Nebraska we have I-300 that says corporations can’t own livestock and we have LB 835 that says packers can’t own livestock. Today it is common knowledge among legislators and legal officials that these laws are being violated. Without violating these laws, we have contracts being written today with a credit line and you are required to use a certain genetics, a certain building design, a certain management style, a certain feed, a certain packer and processor, that goes to a certain buyer. When a state senator asked what part of ownership the producer has, the answer is " the only thing the producer has is title and risk." How are producers going to afford the lawsuits when the foodsafety can be identified clear back to the breeder, genetics, and management?
      This is being done in grain farming as well, the financier controls tractors, land, genetics, chemicals, management, harvest, and marketing. These financiers aren’t your local banks; they are Cargil, Zeneca, and Farmland or Wal-Mart. But remember they will be financing their profits so don’t worry about Monsanto or Zeneca. I don’t worry about them, but I do worry about you, your bankers, and your Ag consultants having a future in that model.

Iowa -- The Word On: Packers and Stockyards Act --  ©1999
[ http://www.senate.gov/~grassley/won/1999/wo908-30.htm ]
A: Enacted in 1921, Congress put the law on the books to ensure fair competition and trade practices in the meat-packing
industry. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for investigating individuals and companies who may be in violationof the federal law as well as enforcing compliance with industry-regulating rules. 

Resolution on Enforcement of the Packers and Stockyards Act -- July 29 - August 1, 2001
56th Annual Meeting of the  --  Midwestern Legislative Conference of  --  The Council of State Governments
The Cornhusker Hotel  --  Lincoln, Nebraska
[ http://www.csgmidwest.org/MLC/resolutions/01resolutions/Packers%20and%20Stockyards%20Act.htm ]
WHEREAS, Section 202 of the Packers and Stockyards Act provides that packers shall not “engage in or use any unfair, unjustly discriminatory, or deceptive practice or device or make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to any particular person or locality in any respect whatsoever, or subject any particular person or locality to any undue or unreasonable prejudice or disadvantage in any respect whatsoever;” and 

1992 HMO -- A Simple Test Would Have Saved His Hearing
[ http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/healthcare/st/st000332.php3 ]
Kyle, 3 - Bakersfield, CA -- [Shipton's note, story starts from 1992 and goes to 1994, 1995. How many others have needed specialists?] 

HMO - Patients' Bill Of Rights
[ http://www.opensecrets.org/news/mcare/ ]
    ... President Clinton, after making health care reform a major hallmark of his ‘92 campaign, tried to pass patient-protection legislation in 1993, but members of both parties opposed that guideline and others that attempted to insure the uninsured. Since then, managed care reform has been resuscitated time and again on Capitol Hill, without much success.
     Both the House and Senate approved dramatically different versions of the Patients' Bill of Rights in 1999, but the legislation died in 2000 when a conference committee couldn't agree to meld the bills into one. 
1993 William Clinton - 1993 short bio
1994 HMO - Patient Care
[ http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/healthcare/
Exposed the cost-slashing in Kaiser Permanente's 1995-1997 Business Plan, including bonuses paid to doctors for rationing high cost drugs and limiting hospital admissions. Subsequently, Kaiser ended these practices. 
1995 Attention Deficit Disorder: A Dubious Diagnosis? {ref 1991 in this timeline}
[ http://www.pbs.org/merrow/tv/add/chadd.html
[ http://www.add-adhd.org/ritalin_CHADD_A.D.D.html
[ http://www.pbs.org/merrow/news/index.html ] -  [ PBS ] 
ADD, Ritalin, CHADD (CH.A.D.D.) and Ciba-Geigy Transcript of A Special Report 
PBS and the Merrow Report October 20, 1995 
Ritalin, A Special Investigative Report    The Merrow team revealed that the manufacturer of Ritalin, Ciba-Geigy, was
giving significant funding to CHADD, the largest ADD support group in the US

WTO founded
... It was created by the UN University Governing Council in 1996 with core funding provided by the Government of Canada to strengthen water management capacity ... 
Description: Part of United Nations University. Fosters the application of appropriate technologies to meet water... 
Category: Science > Environment > Water Resources
[ http://www.inweh.unu.edu/unuinweh/ ]

HMO  ---  Mental health cap provision makes it under the wire  --  By Scott Barstow, Assistant Director of Government Relations
[ http://www.counseling.org/ctonline/archives/cap.htm ]
Lifetime, annual dollar caps language adopted under appropriations bill
      After a long rollercoaster ride, the mental health community finally came out a winner. At a Rose Garden ceremony attended by ACA and other mental health advocates on September 26, President Clinton signed into law legislation (H.R. 3666/Public Law 104-204) which appropriates money for the Departments of Veterans' Affairs, Housing and Urban
Development,andIndependent Agencies (VA-HUD-IA) for fiscal year 1997, including a provision to set guidelines for
insurance coverage of mental health services. In passing the bill, Congress for the first time took a step to help place mentalhealth services on an equal footing with other health services, and to begin tearing down the wall of stigma and discriminationsurrounding mental health treatment. The adoption of the language is a victory for congressional supporters, mental healthadvocates, and the White House, which through President Clinton, Vice President Gore and especially Tipper Gore, has expressed support for mental health parity throughout the year.

Freedom to Farm Act of 1996
US FARM SUBSIDES FAVOUR LARGE CORPORATE FARMS -- by Chakravarthi Raghavan -- Geneva, 8 May 2000
  --  [ http://www.twnside.org.sg/title/favour.htm ]
"Green Acre$: How taxpayers are Subsidizing the Demise of the Family Farm," is by the Environmental Working Group  <www.ewg.org>
-- also reference the "Northeast Dairy Compact" on the internet.
1997 HMO  ---   MANAGED CARE October 1997. ©1997
Will State Legislators Keep Playing Doctor?  --  By Peter Wehrwein
Health care reform isn't dead; it just comes in 50 different flavors now. But, happily for HMOs, even some state legislators are starting to realize they can't micromanage all of medicine.
[ http://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/9710/9710.legislator.shtml ]
Mary Hennings remembers the good old days, when working for an HMO meant you were with the white hats, the folks who were curbing all the greedy excesses of modern medicine, paying for regular checkups, and really trying to keep people healthy.
But when Hennings, associate director for administration at Harvard University Health Services, went to a family reunion thissummer, she got a sharp reminder of what many in the managed care industry know all too well: These days, their hats are black
...Consider that in 1973, fewer than one in every 25 privately insured Americans were enrolled in a managed care plan, whereasnow two out of every three privately insured Americans are in such a plan

IDEA -- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 {1975, 1997, 1999)
[ http://www.dssc.org/frc/idea_law.htm ]
[ http://www.ed.gov/ ]
1999 Doping Kids.(link between psychotropic drugs and school violence)
Hillary - who says that parents and children should not have a choice on being on drugs, of having their HMO be required to allow a second opinion by a specialist. If a child has a developmental delay because of ear infections it appears that Hillary's answer would be stimulant drug. Stimulants are used for dieting in which a doctor watches your food intake but this plan does not seem to worry about what the children eat, are children less important that dieting adults? 
Tipper - who has an outdated degree related to mental therapy, yet did not have enough education to keep herself off of psychotropic drugs, so now she wants to 'share the wealth' even with school districts that have a zero drug policy.
Ref. 1991 - CHADD, United Nations, Ritalin, Packers and Stockyards Act and Hillary's cattle futures will seem to be small time compared to what the Clinton's and Gore's have really set America up for. 

[ http://www.motherjones.com/mother_jones/ND99/outfront.html#nami ]
According to internal documents obtained by Mother Jones, 18 drug firms gave NAMI a total of $11.72 million between 1996 and mid-1999. These include Janssen ($2.08 million), Novartis ($1.87 million), Pfizer ($1.3 million), Abbott Laboratories ($1.24 million), Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals ($658,000), and Bristol-Myers Squibb ($613,505). 

White House Conference on Mental Health:          Working For a Healthier America
White House Conference on Mental Health June 7, 1999 ---  http://www.nimh.nih.gov/whitehouse/default.asp  -  9k
                   On June 7, 1999, Tipper Gore chaired a televised White House conference on mental health. Participants included consumers, providers, advocacy groups, business leaders, community mental health resources, and local, state and national elected  officials as well as leaders in mental health research and pharmacology, service delivery and insurance coverage. 

A Hill and Tip Trip -  06/12/2000 
By Kelly Patricia O Meara      omeara@insightmag.com 
[ http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200006120.shtml [ http://www.adhdfraud.org/Hill%20and%20Tip.htm ]
     This Clinton-Gore team advocates identifying schoolchildren as mentally ill and requiring them to take psychotropic drugs to control any inattentive behavior. 
     I think that part of what we ve got, though, is to reflect how we can both identify and get help to children who need it, whether or not they want it or are willing to accept it, declared first lady and wanna-be junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first lady s comment, put in the context of how to deal with tragedies such as the shooting at Col-umbine High School in Littleton, Colo., was delivered to a standing-room-only crowd at the June 7, 1999, White House Conference on Mental Health. She was directly advocating the forced drugging of schoolchildren with psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin.
     Nor did even one of the distinguished speakers raise the issue first reported last year by Insight [see “Guns & Doses,” June 28, 1999], faxed to the White House before the conference, revealing the dramatic connection between the then five most recent schoolshootings: All the accused shooters had been treated with psychotropic drugs, including Ritalin, Luvox and Prozac. 

Doping Kids.(link between psychotropic drugs and school violence)
Author/s: Kelly Patricia O'Meara Issue: June 28, 1999
[ http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m1571/24_15/54968252/p1/article.jhtml?term= ]
Those who try to investigate quickly learn that virtually all data concerning violence and psychotropic drugs are protected by theconfidentiality provided minors. But in the highly publicized shootings this spring, information has been made available to the public.

 * April 16: Shawn Cooper, a 15-year-old sophomore at Notus Junior-Senior High School in Notus, Idaho, was taking Ritalin, the most commonly prescribed stimulant, for bipolar disorder when he fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing students and school staff.

 * April 20: Harris, an 18-year-old senior at Columbine High School, killed a dozen students and a teacher before taking his own life. Prior to the shooting rampage, he had been under the influence of Luvox, one of the new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI, antidepressants approved in 1997 by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for children up to the age of 17 for treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD.

 * May 20: T.J. Solomon, a 15-year-old at Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga., was being treated with Ritalin for depression when he opened fire on and wounded six classmates. Two other high-profile cases from last year show a similar pattern:

 * May 21, 1998: Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old at Thurston High School in Springfield, Ore., murdered his parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 22. Kinkel had been prescribed both Ritalin and Prozac.  Although widely used among adults, Prozac has not been approved by the FDA for pediatric  use.
(go to the article for more names and information)

{these are more web pages with links between drugs and violence}
School Violence -- The Psychiatric Drugs Connection  By Jon Rappoport © 1999 [ http://www.nfgcc.org/schoolviolence.htm ]
The Peril and Tragedy of Drug 'Solutions' ©2001 [ http://www.freedommag.org/english/vol33I1/page04.htm ]
A history of failure By Amy Benfer © July 11, 2001 -- Author and psychologist Bruce Levine pummels psychiatry, psychotropic drugs and the role both may have played in the case of Andrea Yates. 
       [ http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2001/07/11/levine/index.html ]
The Creation of Senseless Violence Psychiatric Drugs and Kids Who Kill [ http://www.worldnewsstand.net/health/ritalin2.htm ]
A Dark Side to Prozac? By Rebecca Raphael ©June 21, 2000 -- 
    New Study Concludes Drugs Like Prozac May Induce Suicidal Behavior 
   [ http://abcnews.go.com/onair/2020/2020_000621_prozac_feature.html ]
Ritalin is Poison By Tom DeWeese 6 Jun 2000 [ http://www.adhdfraud.org/ritalin_is_poison.htm ]
Ritalin Controversy Continues ©April 27, 2000 [ http://www.strugglingteens.com/news/octtnewsviews.html
A Prescription for Violence? By Kelly Patricia O’Meara ©2000 [ http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200105217.shtml ]
Did Drugs Distort Mother’s Nature? By Kelly Patricia O’Meara ©2000 
   Andrea Yates’ crime shocked the nation. Did mind-altering drugs prescribed to treat her epression actually drive this young mother of five to drown the children she loved? [ http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200108134.shtml
CAPITOL HILL HEARING TESTIMONY Before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and 
   Investigations hearing entitled "Behavioral Drugs in Schools: Questions and Concerns"Sept and Oct 2000
   [ http://www.escapefrompsychiatry.org/pages/children.html ]
ADD and other myths [ http://www.attention-deficit-disorder.org/expert-editorials.htm ]
School Shootings Linked to Psychotropic Drugs Such as Prozac, Ritalin, Luvox, and Paxil 
     [ http://home.dencity.com/cpfg/school_shootings.htm ]
An end run to marketing victory Drug makers find ways to circumvent an advertising ban and promote psychiatric drugs for children 
   By Lawrence H. Diller Oct. 18, 2001 -- [ http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2001/10/18/drug_ads/print.html ]

Clinton has taken money from HMO's that would rather perscribe a cheep drug like Ritalin rather than do the testing that would show if a child has an reaction to some item.  Clinton has also taken money from the Novartis/Gerber a company that may have to pay pollution credits   Hillary seems to think that doctors are overpaid. The pharmesudical companys have the potential of having to pay pollution credits on the tons of drugs they manufacture.  Currently manufacturing or food companys get the blame  if someone gets sick instead of the pharmesudical companys. 

Schools are being built without playgrounds and funding for physical education has the potential of being curtailed, so the children have more time to study.  Items like these that (are labeled ADHD) have the potential of esculating because more children will not have a chance to know what their body is capable of. 
Socialization -- to be socialized to your own body.  I suspect that one of the reasons that children on drugs have problems when not taking those drugs, could be that the drugs (expessally stimulants) deny the child a chance to get to know their own body.  Stimulants like coffee also act as mild pain killers
Vision -- learning to recognize abstracts (letters, numbers), gradually learning to draw stick figures then 3d and on.  If someone has
                a problem seeing the blackboard (even monentarily) the teacher can find out by asking.
Hearing -- leaning to hear and understand what is heard. 
                                *  learning disabilities 
                                *  tic disorders (such as Tourette's syndrome) in 20% of
                                    ADD children. More than 50% of children with
                                    Tourette's are also diagnosed with ADD 
                                *  motor control delays (poor coordination) in 50% of ADD
                                *  developmental delays (such as speech) 
                                *  obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) 
                                *  autism 

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 and 1999 amendments) (Piper Creations note) 
      Children are entitled to a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) and the schools attempt to comply with the use of ARD's (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) and IEP's (Individual Education Plan) these meetings allow the school to admit or dismiss a child from a special education program.
Another acronym that you will see is LEA (Local Education Agency). 
      Use of "Developmental Delay" or "Sensory Impairments by States and LEAs cover the deaf and hard of hearing but should also allow schools to make allowances for children that have hearing problems due to constant ear infections.  These allowances could be in the form of assignments are based on visual aids and making sure that the child has hear what is happening.  Since children that have been in speech therapy normally can not understand verbal interactions in a classroom - socialization to whispering, and the normal verbal by-play that is age appropriate can be delayed and this could be defined as a sensory impairment instead of ADHD or ADD.   Check and see if your child needs a mental therapist or a ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist.  For parents that are on HMO's 1994, 1996, 1997, and 1999 plus the sections of this page that refer to HMO's being sued, and some HMO's that so not have mental therapy - the physician sees the child, diagnoses the child, and prescribes Ritalin or anther stimulant without referring to an ENT or mental specialist first.

IDEA -- 1995,1997,1999
[ http://www.ed.gov/offices/OSERS/Policy/IDEA/Brief-6.html ]
     Adding "ADD/ADHD" to the list of eligible conditions under "OHI." 
                  The definition of "child with a disability" in the Part B regulations has been amended to add "attention deficit disorder" ("ADD") and "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" ("ADHD") to the list of conditions that could render a child eligible for Part B services under the "other health impairment" ("OHI") category.
[ http://www.ed.gov/offices/OSERS/Policy/IDEA/Brief-7.html

An Overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 (P.L. 105-17): Update 1999.
ERIC Digest E576. [ http://www.ed.gov/databases/ERIC_Digests/ed433668.html ]
* Allowing children ages 3-9 to be identified as developmentally delayed, with the upper age limit at the discretion of the state and the local educational agency. Previously, the developmental delay category was restricted to ages 3-5. 

Colorado School Board Passes Resolution Warning About Ritalin -- Dec 1999 
[ http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/1999/dec99/ritalin.html
DENVER, CO -- The Colorado State School Board passed a resolution on November 11 warning of the possible negative effects of psychotropic (mind-altering) prescription drugs on schoolchildren. The vote was 6-1. Board member Patti Johnson drafted the resolution after a number of parents contacted her complaining that they had been "pressured" by educators to put their children on Ritalin. 

Lycos/ENS: San Francisco bay contains dioxins, furans, DDT.  -- (05/19/99) 
 The agency recently proposed a rule that would require a lower threshhold for dioxin discharges that companies would have to report as part of the Toxics Release Inventory, a federal community right-to-know program.

Ritalin: Better Living Through Chemistry?
 by Leonard Sax, M.D.   © Copyright 1999
[ http://www.worldandi.com/public/2000/november/sax.html ]

The "Ritalin: Better Living Through Chemistry?" above actually speculates this link is just a continuation of an outdated idea
[ http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2000/coe2000/section4/ ]

[ http://www.txinfinet.com/ban-gef/01/4/4-27.HTML  ]
The UK Vegetarian Society, in common with many other organisations worldwide, is opposed to the use of Genetically Modified Foods. In August 1998 the Society's Board resolved:

"Genetically Modified products, or products containing Genetically Modified ingredients, are not acceptable to the Vegetarian Society because the Society believes it is impossible to guarantee that such products are completely in accordance with the Society's vegetarian principles." [5]
...Since August 1999 any food product bearing the Vegetarian Society approved logo is not permitted to contain GM ingredients.

Wash Post: Drug Resistance in Food Chain.  (05/20/99) 
               (05/20/99) GNet: Study: Antibiotics in Meat May Lower Resistance. 
The Food and Drug Administration is writing regulations that will require drug companies to evaluate how the introduction of an antibiotic into agricultural use might alter the prevalence and drug resistance of bacteria that cause human disease. Drugs that alter the microbial landscape greatly may not be permitted, or will be allowed only limited use. "There presumably will be antibiotics reserved exclusively for human use," said Bert Mitchell, acting deputy director of the agency.
2000 Texas State Board of Education Resolution -- Nov 3, 2000 
[ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicating/readings/brainpolitics.html
[ http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/2001/jan01/tx-resolution.shtml

Food Fight Over States' Rights 
[ http://www.cbsnews.com/now/story/0,1597,215616-412,00.shtml  ]
Measure Could Prevent States From Imposing Tougher Standards 
Food And Drug Administration Has Yet To Take A Position On Issue 
Legislation Could Get Tacked On To An Agricultural Bill 
WASHINGTON, July 15, 2000
***A consumer advocacy group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has compiled a list of laws and regulations that could be affected by the Senate bill. In addition to Proposition 65, they include:
*Laws in at least 17 states, including California, Florida, Illinois and Texas, that allow them to set tolerances for food additives that are more stringent than FDA standards.
*Michigan and Wisconsin requirements for warning labels on smoked fish. Many states also require warnings on shellfish.
*Laws in Illinois and Pennsylvania that deem egg products adulterated if they are made in a way that increases the chance of microbial contamination.
*Some states also are putting curbs on ephedra, a dietary supplement used to lose weight or boost energy. 

....The Senate bill, known as the National Uniformity for Food Act of 2000, would bar states from imposing labeling and food
safety standards that are tougher than the Food and Drug Administration's. States would have to petition the FDA for
exemptions from the law. 
  Opponents of the legislation say it would effectively block state efforts to act in areas where FDA 
has been ineffective or to goad the agency to regulate products

Texas State Board of Education Resolution -- Nov 3, 2000 
[ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicating/readings/brainpolitics.html
[ http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/2001/jan01/tx-resolution.shtml
2001 George W.  Bush Jr. -- Saturday, 20 January, 2001, 21:37 GMT President Bush sworn in

US Senate Passes Mental Health Insurance Bill
[ http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_4492.html ]   Reuters   Wednesday, October 31, 2001 

[ * biodegradable depends on microbes and most pharmesudicals kill microbes.  *Manufacturing chemicals which may not cause a reaction - can when the person's immune system is comprimised by pharmesudicals taken, or in the water / rain. * pharmesudicals include antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, birth control pill hormones, and many more. * the manufacturing companys get to pay more pollution credits while the pharmesudical companys dump tons of drugs - ritalin alone is over 10 tons a year.]

Mental Health ---  Is Your State A Double Whammy? 
     [ http://www.mindfreedom.org/mindfreedom/ioc/whammy.shtml

Quiet before the storm: AMA prepares for patients' rights conference committee  --  August 24, 2001 
[ http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/article/1611-5222.html ]
[ http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/1611.html ]

{ con - with this threat added  }
House Passes Education Reform Bill; Bipartisanship Hailed -- Dec 13, 2001
By Juliet Eilperin - Washington Post Staff Writer
[ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/education/A40789-2001Dec13.html ]
Under the legislation, schools that fail to make sufficient progress during the first two years of the new program would receive more money and federal advice. After that point, they could face penalties, including the wholesale replacement of their staff or curriculum and conversion into a charter school.
2002 HMO  ---   Well Being Journal   ---  Things That Make You Go Hmm... News and Views
[ http://www.wellbeingjournal.com/things.htm ]  --  From the Current Issue: Vol. 11, No. 1 ~ Winter 2002
And managed care! Now physicians face the insult of having their fees slashed by multi-billion dollar
insurance companies—fees they themselves would have gladly discounted or waived if the patient were
needy. Furthermore, many have been pressured into the conflict of interest of capitation, further tainting
the patient-physician relationship. The managers and systematizers, of course, would snort derisively at
the idea that a physician should hope for the gratitude of his patients. “Everyone knows” that physicians
are robber barons, motivated by greed alone. The reformers on their white chargers are selflessly trying to
bring doctors under their control for the sake of the poor suffering masses whose interests they champion
against our rapacity. It is said of Hillary Clinton, for example, that on one occasion when she decried the 
six-figure incomes of physicians, she was asked about the six-figure income of lawyers. In all sincerity,
she replied, “But lawyers deserve to make a lot of money. They help people!” 

  LAYOFF UPDATE      March 8 - March 15, 1996
[ http://www.hrlive.com/layoff/lay03156.html ]
Sandoz Ltd.
New York, NY
Ciba-Geigy Ltd.
Tarrytown, NY
The latest corporate mega-merger is half a world away 
but it will rock the fortunes of U.S. companies, endangering
thousands of jobs and brutally demonstrating the global forces 
that shape business decisions.
The marriage of Swiss drug and chemical companies 
Ciba-Geigy Ltd. and Sandoz Ltd., announced late 
Wednesday, will create the world's No. 2 drug maker.
The merger creates a new company called Novartis. 
Ciba and Sandoz said they will eliminate 
10,000 of their 134,000 jobs. Managers, salespeople 
and researchers will be just as vulnerable as 
factory workers and the United States is expected 
to be a major target.
Sandoz is best known for drugs that suppress the 
immune system to ease kidney and other organ 
transplants, including its top seller, Sandimmune. 
In 1994 it bought the Gerber line of baby foods.
Ciba's best-selling products include Ritalin, which 
calms hyperactive children. It also makes Voltaren, 
a painkiller for arthritis, and a line of contact lenses 
and eye care products. Its nonprescription medicines 
include Allerest allergy medicine, Acutrim diet
pills, Maalox antacid and Doan's pills for back pain.
Source: Charlotte Observer - March 8, 1996 
. Advanta, the seed company at the centre of the storm, said on Tuesday it might compensate farmers who have to uproot their crops but considered destruction as a last resort. The company, part of a joint venture between Anglo-Swedish group AstraZeneca Plc and Dutch cooperative Cosun, also played down the risk to the environment. Advanta told Swedish agribusiness firm Svalof Weibull the seed contained 0.4 % rapeseed that had been genetically modified to withstand the weedkiller Roundup, made by U.S. agriculture products giant Monsanto.
  "Biotech crops stunted by perception" 
                               Brett Chase
                             Bloomberg News
                             September, 2000 
[ http://www.biotech-info.net/stunted.html ]
Novartis said its farm chemicals unit was 
depressing earnings, so it agreed to merge 
the business with AstraZeneca's agricultural 
unit and will spin it off into a new company 
called Syngenta. Both Novartis and AstraZeneca 
plan to focus on higher-growth drug businesses.
Novartis and AstraZeneca to spin off crop protection and seed businesses into new global agribusiness leader  -   12/02/99
[ http://www.turfnet.com/news/syngenta.asp ]
Syngenta would rank No. 1 in the crop protection market with leading positions in herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, seed treatments, and a No. 3 position in seeds.
                    Syngenta management expects that the merger will generate net annual pre-tax cost savings of approximately US$525 million per year, partly due to the elimination of approximately 3000 employees worldwide over a three-year period.

[ http://www.txinfinet.com/ban-gef/01/4/4-27.HTML  ]
Bt maize - Bt maize is produced by Syngenta, a company formed by the merger of Novartis and Zeneca. Bt maize contains a gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which has the ability to produce a toxin to kill the corn borer, an insect grub which feeds on corn [1].
Thus, a poison is built into the plant itself which kills animals as
the plant is growing.
  "Agrochemical deal planted"
                                CNN News
                             December 2, 1999
[ http://www.biotech-info.net/deal_planted.html ]
AstraZeneca was formed earlier this year through the $35 billion merger of U.K.-based
Zeneca with Sweden's Astra. The company's drug portfolio includes the ulcer drug, Prilosec, also known as Losec, the world's top-selling prescription drug. 
Further evidence that chemical crop sprays cause adverse health effects                    By Paul Mitchell          17 April 1999
t an international level, a UN Convention was agreed by 95 countries last year to try and control the trade in harmful chemicals. Some chemicals cannot be exported without the consent of the importing country. The list includes aldrin, dieldrin and lindane. However, the Convention still allows a country to export chemicals that it bans in its own territory and use less stringent labelling. Industry spokesmen point out that, in a global economy, if companies are not allowed to export chemicals they will shift production to those countries with less environmental regulation.
(05/22/99) New Scientist: Poison patent alarms aid charity. While
environmentalists in the US worry about the effects of crops engineered to produce insecticides, Britain's largest agricultural biotech company holds a patent that would allow it to produce plants making some of the most potent natural poisons known to science--those from the funnel web spider (Atrax robustus). The patent is described in a report from the British development charity ActionAid. It argues that Zeneca's activities in agricultural biotechnology offer no benefits to subsistence farmers in developing countries and could pose environmental hazards. Zeneca, which is merging with the Swedish pharmaceuticals company Astra, rejects both charges, claiming the toxins will only be used to help design more effective insecticides. "We will not be putting them in plants," says Nigel Poole, head of external and regulatory affairs with Zeneca Plant Science in Berkshire. He adds that the company would use its patent to prevent anyone else from doing so. 
(05/19/99) Lycos/ENS: San Francisco bay contains dioxins, furans, DDT. 
 The agency recently proposed a rule that would require a lower threshhold for dioxin discharges that companies would have to report as part of the Toxics Release Inventory, a federal community right-to-know program.
  Health Assessment on Ciba-Geigy Site Released for Public Comment
[ http://www.state.nj.us/health/news/p00228a.htm ]
February 28, 2000
TRENTON - The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease
Registry (ATSDR) today released for public comment a health assessment of the Ciba-Geigy Corporation Superfund site in
Dover Township. Written comments may be submitted through April 28. 

The Ciba-Geigy site was a public health hazard in the past, in part because a potentially large number of people were exposed
to site-related contaminants in their drinking water in the mid-1960s, the assessment found. The assessment supports the
decision by state and federal officials to consider past community exposures to site contaminants in the epidemiologic study of
childhood cancer which is now under way. 
...The health assessment being released today traces the history of the Ciba-Geigy site back to 1952, when the Toms River
Chemical Company began the production of dyes, resins and other chemicals. It details the disposal of wastes on-site and
discharge of treated wastewater into the Toms River and later through a 10-mile-long pipeline into the Atlantic Ocean. 

In the mid-1960s, the Holly Street well field, which was a major source for the community water supply, was found to be
contaminated. Those wells were later taken out of service and sealed. The wells currently supplying the water system are not
affected by site contaminants. In the mid-1980s, a number of private wells used for irrigation near the Ciba-Geigy site were
taken out of service and sealed after they were found to be contaminated. 

Copies of the health assessment and accompanying citizen guide are available starting February 29 at the Ocean County Health
Department and the Dover Township Library. Copies are also available by calling the New Jersey Department of Health and
Senior Services at (609) 633-2043 or the department's Toms River field office at (732) 505-4188. The documents are also
available on the department's web site, www.state.nj.us/health. 

Written comments must be postmarked by April 28, 2000 and addressed to: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior
Services, Consumer and Environmental Health Services, Health Assessment Project, P.O. Box 360, Trenton, NJ

[ http://www.facworld.com/FACworld.nsf/doc/PollNetwJan01 ]
On January 22, 2001, it was reported that over 300 New Jersey plaintiffs have filed toxic tort suits against Ciba-Geigy alleging injuries caused by exposure to toxins in their water (Arnold et al., v. Ciba-Geigy). 
Mealey's Online 1/22/01 
[ http://www.newslettersonline.com/mealeys/search.htm ]
Federal Trade Commision
Competition Mission   Part 2 Consent Orders Issued
[ http://www.ftc.gov/os/ar97/bcpart2.htm ]
Ciba-Geigy Limited; Ciba-Geigy Corporation; Chiron Corporation; Novartis AG; Sandoz Corporation; Sandoz Ltd. 
                Ciba-Geigy agreed to settle allegations that its $63 billion merger with Sandoz Corporation raised antitrust concerns in three markets affected by the proposed acquisition of Sandoz Ltd.: research and development in gene therapy products that are being targeted for life-threatening conditions such as hemophilia and cancer, corn herbicides, and flea-control products. In the gene therapy market, the order requires the licensing of certain intellectual properties to Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and other firms to permit continued competition in research, development, and commercialization for a broad range of future medical treatments. In addition, in one of the largest divestitures ever required under a consent order, Sandoz agreed to divest its U.S. and Canadian corn herbicide business to BASF Aktiengesellschaft within 10 days. The consent order also requires the divestiture of Sandoz's flea-control business to Central Garden and Pet Supply of Lafayette, California, within 30 days.
  Making Antitrust Fit High Tech
Uncle Sam's balancing act: Patent rights vs. competition 
[ http://www.businessweek.com/1999/99_12/b3621076.htm ]
WEDGES. Now, the Feds argue that companies with monopoly power must operate under tougher rules--because their power could stifle rival innovations. Regulators argue that dominant companies should not use their intellectual property as a weapon or an excuse to force deals from weaker partners. Trustbusters also worry that companies might try to use the monopoly power derived from patents as a wedge to enter adjacent markets. For instance, as part of the FTC's continuing probe of Intel, the agency is still assessing Intel's decision not to license the proprietary hardware interface used to connect Pentium II chips to other PC components. The FTC thinks that could be an abuse of monopoly power. Why? Without access to these specifications, other companies could not compete with Intel in chipsets, the companion chips that link a
microprocessor to the computer.

The new approach to intellectual-property rights is getting backing from the courts. Last year, the Supreme Court declined to consider overturning a 1992 ruling that Eastman Kodak Co. (EK) could not refuse to sell patented parts to independent companies that repaired Kodak copiers. The court ruled against Kodak, citing as its intent: to prevent those companies from competing against Kodak in the service market.

Intellectual-property issues have become prominent in mergers, too. In 1997, the FTC allowed Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz to merge--provided that they licensed some patents to a third company, Rhone Poulenc Rorer. The FTC had argued that Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz were the only two companies close to bringing certain gene therapy products to market. The agency argued that preserving competition in ''innovation markets'' was the only way to ensure competition down the road.

Corporate Research E-Letter No. 7, December 2000
 Monitoring the Pills Pushers:
 An Overview of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 
[ http://www.ctj.org/itep/crp/dec00.htm ]
ROCHE HOLDING LTD. (Basel, Switzerland)
 1999 revenues: $17.3 billion
 1999 profits: $3.6 billion
 This is a holding company created in 1989 for the Swiss drug giant F.
 Hoffman-LaRoche, which had made its name producing vitamins and later the tranquilizers Librium and Valium but is also remembered for a major industrial accident that released a dioxin-contaminated cloud from its plant in Seveso, Italy in 1976. In 1990 Roche acquired a 60 percent interest in biotechnology pioneer Genentech.
 Today its pharmaceutical products include antibiotics and treatments for AIDS and obesity. Roche was one of seven major vitamin producers that agreed last year to pay more than $1 billion to settle price-fixing charges.

In Surprise Move, Novartis Acquires 20% Stake in Roche 
  May 8, 2001  --  By ELIZABETH OLSON 
[ http://college2.nytimes.com/guests/articles
/2001/05/08/845876.xml ]
GENEVA, May 7 — Novartis startled investors today by announcing that it had bought a 20 percent stake in Roche Holding for $2.8 billion in cash, raising the prospect that the two drug makers might later merge.
...Michel Venanzi, an analyst at Darier Hentsch, agreed. While Roche's     short-term prospects are wobbly, he said, "Roche has a lot of hidden value, including its stake in Genentech, which has a 25 percent sale growth on average." Roche has majority control of Genentech, an American biotechnology company. 

  Company Highlights   --   Thursday, October 25, 2001 
[ http://www.mdscapital.com/press/pr_102501b.asp ]
                     -- Researchers present data today from a two center, open label, pilot study of d-MPH, the chirally pure version of Ritalin(R), at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
                     The results indicated that for many children in the study a single daily dose of d-MPH appeared to be safe and effective in controlling the symptoms of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and in eliminating the need for a mid-day dose. On August 21, 2001,
                     Celgene received an approvable letter from the FDA for d-MPH. The FDA has informed Celgene that it has accepted the Company's response to the approvable letter. In July, Biovail Corporation filed a new drug submission with Canada's Therapeutic Products Program (TPP) for d-MPH. Celgene licensed the worldwide rights (excluding Canada) to d-MPH to Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in exchange for substantial milestone payments and royalties on the entire Ritalin product line. Celgene granted Biovail the exclusive Canadian marketing rights to d-MPH. 

                     -- Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation also received an approvable letter from the FDA in October for Ritalin LA, the new, once-daily formulation of Ritalin, licensed from Celgene. D-MPH and Ritalin LA, once approved, will offer physicians more flexibility in treating children with ADD/ADHD. 

  AAPS Online News Center 
[ http://www.pharmsci.org/news/articles
/2000/111500pharmreport.htm ]
                 Development of New Version of Prozac Stopped: Future of Single Isomer Drugs Uncertain.  Eli Lilly announced that it had terminated its agreement with Sepracor to develop R-fluoxetine, a singe-isomer version of the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac).  The development of cardiac arrhythmias in study subjects in clinical trials forced Lilly’s hand.  The news sent shares of Sepracor, a small company that has specialized in single isomer versions of FDA-approved racemic drugs, plummeting.  The development of R-fluoxetine was one of several strategies that Lilly had planned to try to replace sales the company expects to lose when Prozac patent protection expires next August.  In 1999, Prozac raked in more than $2 billion and accounted for more than 20% of Lilly’s sales.  Lilly continues to develop a once-a-week Prozac formulation.  Earlier this year, Lilly launched Serafem, which also contains fluoxetine but is directed to women with moderate to severe discomfort during the menstrual period.

Earlier in the month, NICE said it would soon release strict guidelines for use of methylphenidate (Ritalin) in children with ADHD, following growing concern by some doctors and the public that it causes depression and lethargy in some hyperactive children and is over-prescribed.  The drug could be banned for children younger than five years old, according to media speculation.  A 1998 government report concluded that methylphenidate seems only effective for a six-month period.  Thereafter, the benefits are uncertain.  From 1998 to 1999, the number of prescriptions for methylphenidate in the UK increased by about 25%.

...According to Reuters Health (September 12, 2000), the NICE reevaluation coincides with legal action in the US against the drug’s maker Novartis.  Some parents are suing the pharmaceutical company for failure to warn them of Ritalin’s possible adverse impacts.

  [ http://www.txinfinet.com/ban-gef/01/4/4-27.HTML  ]
RoundUp is a herbicide poison, also known as glyphosate, produced by
the company Monsanto. It kills all plant life where it is sprayed.
"RoundUp Ready" plants have been spliced with a gene which allows them
to survive spraying with RoundUp [2]. The effect is what has been
called "Green Concrete", an area in which only the herbicide-resistant
plant is able to live and all other plant and animal life is
eliminated. Other plants, which would have provided habitats for
animals normally living around the plant, are destroyed.

Other developments, which are of even greater concern to vegetarians,
are plants which have had animal genes inserted to provide some
property which would not be possible through conventional
crossbreeding. The resulting vegetable is no longer a pure vegetable,
but instead a chimaera with properties taken from the original plant,
plus some additional characteristics from an animal.

Two examples of work already announced on versions of plants, which
have been modified by insertion of animal genes, include:

* Broccolini / Rat
* Potato / Scorpion Poison

Broccolini / Rat - A rat gene has been introduced in broccolini to
increase the levels of vitamin C in the broccolini. Broccolini is a
cross between broccoli and a Chinese kale. [3]

Potato / Scorpion Poison - Scientists at the Institute of Virology in
Oxford have introduced the gene responsible for scorpion poison into a
genetically engineered pesticide. The gene produces a toxin, which
immediately paralyses target pests for attack by the slower-acting
virus. [4]

Links to places of intrest - Federal Trade Commision,
  Analysis of Proposed Consent Order to Aid Public Comment
[ http://www.ftc.gov/os/1999/9912/hoechstrana.htm ]
The Federal Trade Commission ("Commission") has accepted provisionally 
an agreement containing a proposed consent order from Hoechst AG 
("Hoechst") and RhĂ´ne-Poulenc S.A. ("RP") under which RP would be 
required: (1) to divest the assets relating to RP's direct thrombin inhibitor 
drug Revasc; and (2) to divest its interest in Rhodia, its specialty 
chemicals subsidiary which produces cellulose acetate, to a level of 
5% or less and to sequester that interest pending its divestiture, thereby 
preserving competition in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of 
cellulose acetate thermoplastics.
[Revasc is owned by Novartis]

AVENTIS (Schiltigheim, France)
[ http://www.ctj.org/itep/crp/dec00.htm ]
 1999 revenues: $12.7 billion (prior to consolidation with Hoechst)
 1999 loss: $859 million
 Aventis is the result of a slow merger of France's Rhone-Poulenc 
and Germany's  Hoechst (once part of the notorious IG Farben combine). 
The two companies have  been spinning off operations 
(such as agrochemicals) to satisfy antitrust regulators in
 the United States and Europe. Aventis has recently been 
at the center of a  controversy over the infiltration of its 
StarLink bioengineered corn, which is not approved for 
human consumption, into the U.S. food supply.

Genetic Engineering - mergers
[ http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/ge/industrytext.htm ]
Who is Aventis?
Formed by the merger of the French chemical giant Rhone-Poulenc 
and Germany's Hoeschst/Schering (which includes AgrEvo), 
Aventis also includes the formerly independent Belgian biotech 
company Plant Genetic Systems, Nunhems (Sunseeds in N. America), 
the world's fourth largest vegetable seed producer, and India's Proagro.

The Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Club - European Companies
[Published September 2000 Source Informa Pharmaceuticals] 
Ten companies producing US$184bn sales in 1999, with half coming from pharma-ceuticals 
[ http://www.inpharm.com/intelligence
/inpharma010900.html ]
                 (05/12/99) S.F. Gate: How Safe Is Too Safe for Salads? 
           Some government researchers want to make ready-to-eat salad 
safer for the elderly, some pregnant women and people with compromised
immune systems. Their proposed tool is irradiation, a process that shoots 
low levels of ionized radiation through food to kill microbes and retard 
spoilage. The controversial food treatment is being examined largely as 
a way to reduce salmonella and other disease-causing bacteria in beef 
and poultry, but some fruits and vegetables are getting the rays. 
Although rare, irradiated strawberries, oranges, tomatoes and mushrooms 
have appeared in some of the nation's produce bins. Federal regulations 
require food treated with radiation be clearly marked as such. Bags of 
ready-to-eat salad might one day be part of that mix. Recent experiments 
at a U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Florida have shown 
that zapping packaged iceberg lettuce reduced yeast and microbe 
populations significantly and only slightly affected crispness. But 
how safe is too safe? That's the question some food-science researchers 
and people in the $1.2 billion bagged-salad industry are asking. 
               Before it goes into oxygen-controlled bags, ready-to-eat lettuce
is washed in a chlorine solution and then in clean water. The result is 
a product that has never been associated with a food-borne illness, 
USDA officials say. That should be proof enough that a zap of 
radiation isn't needed, says Larry Bell, vice president for science
and technology at Fresh Express, the pioneer in bagged salads, in 
Salinas. Further, irradiating lettuce could actually make it less safe, 
says Trevor Suslow, a post-harvest specialist at the
               University of California at Davis. Irradiating food kills bad 
bacteria along with friendly organisms that help keep it fresh, Suslow 
and Bell explain. The process also extends shelf life, but by doing 
that disarms nature's alarm: the spoilage process. Food that is rotted 
looks so unappetizing that consumers don't buy -- or eat -- it, thus 
avoiding potentially dangerous bacteria. But if the spoilage process 
is interrupted, potentially unsafe pathogens can continue to grow. 
"By the time food has produced a toxin or that toxin has grown to 
a high-enough level to make you sick, the produce is already rotted. 
Irradiation might change that,'' Suslow says. 
US Senate Passes Mental Health Insurance Bill
[ http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus
/news/fullstory_4492.html ]

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 

WASHINGTON, Oct 31 (Reuters Health) - The US Senate Tuesday passed a sweeping measure that would, starting in
2003, require "parity" between health insurance benefits for mental health and other ailments. The bill was added as an
amendment to the $407 billion fiscal 2002 spending bill for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and
Opponents of the measure--who said they may try to strike it from the bill later--said it is more a matter of individual

"This is a full-blown mandate on the private sector," said Phil Gramm, R-Texas. "We're about to decide what kind of
health insurance people should have. What about the workers who would rather have the wages than the benefits we
have told them they ought to have?"

  #660 - Pesticides In The News, July 22, 1999
[ http://www.rachel.org/bulletin/bulletin.cfm?Issue_ID=1529 ]
Citations for this article
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biotech; amniotic fluid; dde; ddt; p,p'-dde; salmon; fish; 
wildlife; matacil 1.8d; methyl parathion; consumer's union; 
food safety; children's health; 

  Ritalin's Effects Questioned By Jon E. Dougherty  Sunday, May 7, 2000
[ http://www.zohshow.com/News/Newsbytes/tidbits050900b.htm ]

Generation Rx - More Ritalin & Prozac Horrors
Rob Waters -Family Therapy Networker
 [ ttp://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=9091 ]   6-6-00

Use of Ritalin in school nearly 'out of control' 
Some see giving drugs as quick, inexpensive fix to deeper problem .
By Tracy L. Pipp and James Tobin / The Detroit News

[ http://detnews.com/1998/metrox/rita...ware/1aware.htm ]
     In 1989, children with some form of ADHD amounted to just 
5 percent of the federal Supplementary Security Income program. 
Six years later, they made up 25 percent.
     Insurance companies like Ritalin, too. Compared with exhaustive 
examinations and long-term therapy, Ritalin is inexpensive. 
     For that reason, some doctors say, insurance companies are
exerting pressure on doctors to prescribe the pill rather than refer 
a child for more labor intensive and more expensive 
evaluation and treatment. 
     "Insurance companies are trying to cut costs, and in the 
short term, Ritalin is cheaper than evaluation and therapy," 
said Dr. Barbara Fisher, a neuropsychologist who tests and 
counsels children and families with ADHD in Washington, Mich. 
"Quality of care is being compromised for the sake of the bottom line." 
      And finally, there is broad concern that today's society is 

too quick to embrace a quick pharmacologic fix for whatever ails us.
     Dr. Joe Woolston, head of psychiatric in-patient services at 
Yale University Hospital, calls it "a brand new chapter in child psychiatry."
     "Instead of full evaluation and treatment, you just use medication," 
Woolston said. "Medication should be part of intervention, 
but it can't stand alone."

[ http://pub5.ezboard.com/fyourdonmilitary.show
Message?topicID=183.topic ]

[ http://www.franapples.com/fairness/drugschildren.html ]
FDA approval is, in fact, not necessary. Once the agency 
approves a drug for sale, doctors can prescribe it to anyone 
for any purpose. So the new medications have quietly 
flowed into the children's market. But the agency's approval 
of an antidepressant for children would be a tremendous 
marketing lift for the drug. 
Last year, nearly 600,000 children and adolescents were 
prescribed Prozac, Paxil or Pfizer's Zoloft, according to 
IMS America Ltd., a research concern. Prozac prescriptions 
for those 13 to 18 years old increased 46 percent last year. 
Over all, Prozac sales totaled $1.73 billion in the United States 
in 1996, Eli Lilly said. But the adult market for the drugs has 
become saturated. New adult prescriptions for Prozac fell 
5 percent last year and 2.7 percent the year before, after 
increasing 13 percent in 1994. Companies are looking for 
Mint and orange flavors
  Formal FDA clearance of antidepressants for children 
would mean companies could directly market them for use 
by children. "It would be a positive," said Barbara Ryan, 
managing director of Alex. Brown & Sons, which analyzes 
the pharmaceutical industry. "The companies are looking 
for expanded markets." 
  Critics worry, though, that not enough is known about 
how antidepressants work on the growing brain, or that 
cost-conscious insurance companies will turn too quickly 
to drugs, rather than costly conventional psychotherapy. 
Others fear that formal approval could encourage excessive 
prescriptions of the drugs or even accidental overdoses, 
especially since some companies are already preparing 
them in mint and orange-flavored liquid versions. 

...Phen-Fen Redux


Con Summary 
telling us that
Ritalin and the
WTO are great. 

2) Support
Coffee - stimulant
sick kids 

3) Ciba 

4) GM 


Opening Paragraph
1) Americans normally believe in an philosophy of "Live and Let Live" and we try not to infringe on soneone else's rights - to the idea of dening people, expessally children something they require is aborent to us.

2) When we are told that some children are ADHD and require some sort of stimulant like Ritalin to be capahle of learning we protect that right. 

3) We also protect our right to educate our people and support philosphys and technologys that advance and support that education.
4) Our support of education has led to new inventions and has shown that a large country of mixed nationalities / philosophys can work, compared to dictatorships that have had a party line or philosophy of keeping knowledge under govermental control.

telling us that
Ritalin and the
WTO are great.
1) Americans normally believe in an philosophy of "Live and Let Live" and we try not to infringe on soneone else's rights - to the idea of dening people, expessally children something they require is aborent to us. --
This means that when 'professionals' tell us that some children need a drug to help them behave
  2) Support
Coffee - stimulant
sick kids
2) When we are told that some children are ADHD and require some sort of stimulant like Ritalin to be capahle of learning we protect that right. 
2a) Coffee, an alkaloid stimulant masks mild aches and pains and makes your body go even when it does not want to, adrenaline is another type of stimulant that many people know of. I doult that Gerber would sell stimulants in it's baby food, so why is the parent company of Gerber (Novartis) advocating Ritalin, expessally when Ritalin has been proven to have physical effects that or not localized to the brain? "2a The name means alkalilike, but some alkaloids do not exhibit alkaline properties. Many alkaloids, though poisons, have physiological effects that render them valuable as medicines. For example, curarine, found in the deadly extract CURARE, is a powerful muscle relaxant; atropine is used to dilate the pupils of the eye; and physostigmine is a specific for certain muscular diseases. Narcotic alkaloids used in medicine include MORPHINE and CODEINE for pain relief and COCAINE as a local anesthetic. Other common alkaloids include CAFFEINE, LSD, QUININE, SEROTONIN, STRYCHNINE, and nicotine.."
  3) Ciba  3) We also protect our right to educate our people and support philosphys and technologys that advance and support that education.
  4) GM  4) Our support of education has led to new inventions and has shown that a large country of mixed nationalities / philosophys can work, compared to dictatorships that have had a party line or philosophy of keeping knowledge under govermental control.
  Treason 1) [Fact] from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)
"financial transfer from a pharmaceutical company with the purpose to promote sales of an internationally controlled substance would be indentified as hidden advertisement and in contradiction with the provisions of the 1971 Convention (Article 10, para2)."

2) [Opinion] making America look unstable, possibally politically unstable by questioning a election
Bush/Gore could make businesses wonder about investing the money and time that it takes to build a business in America and when Clinton/Gore have been supported by Gerber/Novartis/Ciba through the WTO 'hidden advertisment' becomes treason.


  Extra reading Bio-degradable items depend on live bacteria
and pharmesudicals getting into the water can kill the microbes that we depend on to degrade manufacturing chemicals. These reactions can also happen in the body and instead of a mild reaction to a chemical - this can lead to the manufactureing chemical causing a big reaction. 

- Patented Bioreactor uses Q-PAC Randomly Packed Media in Application of Specific Bacterial Cultures for Treating High Strength Industrial Waste for BOD and Odor Reduction in a Cheese Manufacturing Plant
Jim Hyzy PhD, Microbiologist, Waste Stream Technology, Volker Hausin, TVT US Corp., and Paul Guerra, Lantec Products, Inc. [1999?]
A cheese manufacturer in Upstate New York with one three million gallon lagoon is testing a bioreactor (TVT-BIO 32) from TVT US Corporation. The concept is essentially the same as bacteria eating an oil spill

From oil spills to laundry these products do not seem to need genetic engineering


  Extra for the future http://www.bio.org/aboutbio/guide3.html
Biotechnology Works: For the Environment 

On the night of March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez, a supertanker carrying 50 million gallons of oil, ran aground on Bligh Reef, in Prince William Sound, off the coast of Alaska. A massive gash was opened in the side of the tanker, spilling more than 11 million gallons of crude into the pristine waters of the sound. In a matter of days, more than 15 percent of the 9,000 miles of nearby coastline were contaminated. The worst oil spill in U.S. history would kill more than 36,000 sea birds and more than 1,000 sea otters, among many wildlife casualties, in the affected area. 

Teams of biotechnologists were among the hundreds of scientists and wildlife experts called to the scene to attempt a daring, yet remarkably ingenious experiment: They would use the power of nature itself to restore the ecological balance of the area. 

The scientists used a biotechnology tool called bioremediation to put naturally occurring bacteria to work for the environment. By stimulating the growth and activity of a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas, that lives in soil and "eats" hydrocarbons such as oil, more than 74 miles of shorelines were cleaned three to five times faster than through conventional reclamation methods, such as incineration, landfilling or chemical treatment. 

Other Highlights of Environmental Biotechnology at Work: 

As part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program, bioremediation is being
used to clean up many of the most seriously contaminated hazardous waste sites in the country.
This is being done at a significant savings, in some cases one-tenth the cost of conventional remedies, compared with more widely used cleanup techniques like landfilling and incineration. 

According to industry experts, more than 30,000 underground storage tank sites contaminated by
leaking petroleum hydrocarbons will be cleaned up using bioremediation. 

Cities and towns across the country are turning to bioremediation and biotreatment to clean up
abandoned industrial sites called "brownfields" at a fraction of the cost of traditional
technologies. This enables municipalities to put these properties back into productive commercial use. It also provides an incentive to redirect commercial development toward the cities instead of the current tendency toward expansion into previously unused "greenfields" in the suburbs. 

Cities and towns around the world use select microbes to remove pollutants from their sewage


In some cases, the byproducts of the pollution-fighting microorganisms are themselves useful.
Methane, for example, can be derived from a form of bacteria that degrades sulfur liquor, a waste product of paper manufacturing. 
Applications of Environmental Biotech 

Bioremediation is a general name for a number of processes that use living organisms to degrade toxic waste into harmless byproducts such as water, carbon dioxide and other materials. 
Biostimulation, a bioremediation technique, is the most basic form of environmental biotechnology. It involves introducing nutrients to stimulate the growth of waste-eating microorganisms already present in the environment at a waste site. 
Biodestruction breaks down complex organic substances and hazardous materials in landfills and other waste sites using natural or genetically engineered microorganisms. This also fits within the larger category of bioremediation. 
Bioaugmentation, a form of bioremediation, adds microorganisms that are not normally present in the ecosystem of a contaminated site to clean up the pollutants. The organisms die when their food supply is used up.
Phytoremediation is an exciting new area of environmental biotechnology that takes advantage of the fact that certain species of plants and fungi flourish by accumulating metals and other waste materials present in the soil. By planting these species of plants at waste sites, it is possible to naturally reclaim the site without using chemical treatments, incineration or landfilling. 
Biofiltration uses microorganisms to remove complex pollutants from the air emissions and waste water discharges of many manufacturing processes. 
Environmental Diagnostics
Environmental diagnostics is a promising new area of research that is leading to the development of devices that will detect and monitor environmental contaminants. These devices will be used to detect water and air pollutants in industrial processes before they are released into the environment. 

Some other applications for taking care of oil and cleaning. 
1997 - Oils from petrochemical, animal and plant 
2018 A.D.; by Lundwall Fakta, Sam; 1975; Daw NY 
[ http://www.unh.edu/urc/May_2001/Final_List_of_Abstracts_by_Authors_4_24_01.htm ]

The Russian novelist and philosopher Evgeny Zamyatin warns, through the society depicted in his novel, We (1921), that technological advancement, scientific engineering and collectivization as a means to eradicate the socio-economic, political and cultural ailments that plagued Russia in the 1920s would come at a great cost, namely: the dehumanization of man. After the process of dehumanization and total mechanization of man is successfully completed, his dystopian novel suggests, the following stage is ultimately the disappearance of the individual, unique man, who will be replaced by the massive homogenous collective body of the society created in this brave new world. This study examines Zamyatin's novel as a response to contemporary advocates of the 'cult of the machine' in early Soviet Russia, thinkers and writers such as Aleksander Bogdanov and Aleksei Gastev who saw "machinism" as a way to construct a new proletarian culture in their motherland. 


End Con Summary 

a) Summary
[LS] What parent hasn't been relieved to find out that their child was not acting up but was actually sick, yet with the decrease in antibiotic use many parents and children have been left to fend for themselves and many behaviors of children have been attributed to mental frustration rather than a physical frustration (temporary physical disability causing mental frustration) that the parent and child could define and work around.

[LS] Added 2001 Nov 16  Children do not seem to have changed in their ways to learning, the only change is that learning styles were being defined - then in 1992 items like
1) brain stem cells - applications - the brain makes new cells and new connections
2) many upper respiratory infections found to be caused by a virus on bacteria - antibiotics only seemed to knock
    out the bodies natural defensive bacteria (probiotics) that help keep us healthy.  Nutrition is a key point.
3) Education - the learning style of a child
senses / physical -- visual, audio, tactile - hands on, verbal - feedback, concepts by association or correlation --
                 motivations for learning that concept
                 there is no question to stupid to ask.
Mental -- * that asking questions could mean that you have a mental problem.
               * beware because if your child learns coloring with Big Bird or any other program and when the child
                  colors in the class room taps their foot to the beat of the Sesame Street song the teacher might
                  associate it to a mental problem instead of a motivational association.
                        Instead of being something that the child learns like reading silently it is defined as a major

The CHADD web site appears as one that will relieve the frustration that ADHD causes for children, parents, and educators.  What the CHADD web site does is imply that alternative treatments do not work, yet what parent has not had to give light foods when a child is sick or not feeling well. Ritalin (and it's clones) have the potential of masking light frustrations illness' and keeping them from knowing that they are sick until they are really sick. There may only be a few children that have there ADHD symptoms caused by allergies or other reasons AT ANY ONE TIME, but since these can reoccur with only light symptoms showing these children may be labeled as ADHD when in reality are just having an off day.
* smaller class sized will not help if the children can not hear, feel lousy, sick, because they could still be wondering if it is imaginary (will go away), if they are an hypochondriac, or if it is real. For many children to find out that they should not always feel that way is such a relief that they will be grateful to anything that should help them. 

From 'PRISON DRUG AND PLASMA PROJECTS' (detailed in the 1969 The New York Times, Page 1) to the Arkansas 'Blood Gate' when Clinton was governor there is current proof that people have been used as objects.
1) Antibiotic use to 1993
- kept the children with limited contact for 24 hours after first dose, defined physically sick from normal mental functioning.
When my children were was born in Sept. 1998 and Dec 1990 my training as a mother was by OJT (on the job training) and the people that I looked to were the professionals.  The child born in 1998 has had few problems BUT the child born in 1990 has had constant medical problems like being on antibiotics from his first birthday to his second (1991-1992) because of constant ear infections and hard ear wax, it would be like almost crystallized dry salt play dough, by 1993 - I was told to only bring him in if his temperature was over 104 degrees.
IAQ Tools for Schools http://www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/asthma/index.htmls
The Asthma Epidemic http://www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/asthma/asthma_epidemic.htm
Since Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, exposure to indoor allergens and irritants may play a significant role in triggering asthma episodes. Some of the most common asthma triggers found indoors include: animal dander cockroaches mold secondhand smoke dust mites Other asthma triggers include: respiratory infections, pollens (trees, grasses, weeds), outdoor air pollution, food allergies, exercise and cold air exposure.
2) Antibiotic prescriptions
- (over prescription or given because of rise in allergies and other reactions?) led to a rise in antibiotic resistant infections
It became unpopular to use antibiotics unless absolutely needed. Mothers that was used to the relief that came from knowing that your child's actions were because of a physical sickness that antibiotics would cure in a few days suddenly had to deal with the distress at feeling lousy because of  ear infections and other problems, till suddenly many actions started being labeled ADHD, which could have a child thinking that the pain in their sinus' or ears was actually a pain in their brain so they would not tell parents or teacher.

3) Antibiotics
The Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections        by Ricki Lewis, Ph.D.
[ http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/795_antibio.html ]
"Between 1983 and 1993, the percentage of such patients receiving antibiotics rose from 1.4 to 45. During those years, the researchers isolated Escherichia coli bacteria annually from the patients, and tested the microbes for resistance to five types of fluoroquinolones. Between 1983 and 1990, all 92 E. coli strains tested were easily killed by the antibiotics. But from 1991 to 1993, 11 of 40 tested strains (28 percent) were resistant to all five drugs."

4) 9. Ask your doctor to give your child a "shot" of penicillin in the buttocks instead of the oral penicillin.
    In the past, millions of people received penicillin this way. Although it may be a bit less comfortable for your child, the main benefit of an injection over oral medication is that the injection will not kill the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and lead to an overgrowth of yeast and harmful bacteria like Clostridia.
    The antibiotic will reach the human cells in the intestine but will not reach the bacteria in the cavity inside the intestine.
[ http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/earinfections.html ]

But this link has another take -- upper respiratory infection
...(Doctors have since learned that colds and most other infections are caused by viruses, and viruses are not destroyed by antibiotics.)   Therefore, a penicillin shot became the standard treatment for colds, sore throats, ear infections, and pneumonia.
...injections caused more allergic reactions to antibiotics, damage occurred from the antibiotic entering nerve tissue, and abscessed occurred at the injection site. Then it was learned that most infections in children were caused by germs that antibiotics would not destroy.

Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever by John Raven
Has a good chicken soup recipe

Bacteria that help use digest food (like protein, fats, starch) and keep us healthy, when not killed by antibiotics, or excesses of items that can be toxic to these bacteria. I was accused of being an environmentalist but it is just that I budget the children's intake of sugar, msg or anything else that might mess with the digestive system.
Human - probiotics, Acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus), Bifidus (Bifidobacterium bifidus), Enzymes
Animal - http://www.ctv.es/clean_world_hispania/feeds.htm Decreases animal flatulence and improves utilization of food.
Plant - Aspergillus is a natural, completely organic, microorganism inoculate. Healthier and faster growing plants Faster seed germination A stronger root system Improved nutritional uptake with better and more complete utilization of fertilizers Helps prevent pathogenic bacteria from occurring in the soil, keeping plant disease at a minimum. This is a people & critter friendly product that is environmentally safe and easy to use.
[ http://www.raingardens.com/special/aspergillus.htm ]
Septic -
** Alken-Murray, Innovative Pollution Solutions since 1934
Innovative Pollution Solutions! Updated: November 2, 2001. ... River pictured above was restored ...
Description: Sells both microbial and chemical water/wastewater treatment products.
[ http://www.alken-murray.com/ ]

Bacteria and fungi are living organisms that produce specific enzymes to break down compounds so that they can be ingested through the bacterial cell wall. Each type of enzyme is highly specific, targeting only one type of molecule. To completely degrade a mixed waste, selected groups of complementary enzymes must be produced. Most strains of bacteria are capable of producing 2 or more enzyme types. A selection process determines which enzymes are produced and in what strength. Although all enzymes are proteins, not all proteins are enzymes.
** Nothing in the world can outperform SPC for keeping septic systems non-clogging and free flowing! Safe for the environment, non-poisonous, it totally digests ALL waste solids...completely liquefies materials such as oils, fats, greases, proteins, (meat, fish, milk, blood, gelatin), starches (bread, flour), fruits, vegetables and all papers such as toilet and tissue. [ ] [ ]

Since the early 1990s, North America has turned to psychoactive drugs in unprecedented numbers for the control of children. In November 1999, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) warned about a record six-fold increase in Ritalin production between 1990 and 1995. In 1995, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a agency of the World Health Organization, deplored that "10 to 12 percent of all boys between the ages 6 and 14 in the United States have been diagnosed as having ADD and are being treated with methylphenidate [Ritalin]." In March 1997, the board declared, "The therapeutic use of methylphenidate is now under scrutiny by the American medical community; the INCB welcomes this." The United States uses approximately 90% of the world's Ritalin. http://www.house.gov/ed_workforce/hearings/106th/oi/ritalin92900/breggin.htm

[LS]Goals 2000 and state testing of children has led to some teachers and schools getting rewards for doing well.  The higher grade levels are the ones that are being audited - but the problems are starting in the lower grade levels because a child does not present well when feeling lousy and the person in authority may think psychological before medical.  If a adult can not hear they take a q-tip and clean their ears, does a child that is having problems know the difference between clogged ears, a ear infection, clogged sinuses, or mental?  My son was accused of having mental problems by an authority figure (not the school or a psychologist) without checking for physical problems.  So now a child that was testing well on the Standford is with my ex-husband.  This child is on a Ritalin clone and has F's and

... The use of this drug has a different meaning to the military. Taking Ritalin can result in a permanent disqualification from military service. http://www.blockcenter.com/naturesway.html

... Whereas, the DEA report said children can ... taking both Prozac and Ritalin before killing his parents and ... child's future employment and military service options. The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children http://www.nfgcc.org/banritalin.htm

This article may refer to a shortage of school nurses to hand out Ritalin, but what of the nurses at the offices of ear specialists as well as other specialists that are not being are being replaced by this pill. http://www.policyreview.com/apr99/eberstadt.html.

Q. How are schools involved in diagnosing, assessing, and treating ADHD?
A. Physicians and parents should be aware that schools are federally mandated to perform an appropriate evaluation if a child is suspected of having a disability that impairs academic functioning. This policy was recently strengthened by regulations implementing the 1997 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), which guarantees appropriate services and a public education to children with disabilities from ages 3 to 21. For the first time, IDEA specifically lists ADHD as a qualifying condition for special education services. If the assessment performed by the school is inadequate or inappropriate, parents may request that an independent evaluation be conducted at the school's expense. Furthermore, some children with ADHD qualify for special education services within the public schools, under the category of "Other Health Impaired." In these cases, the special education teacher, school psychologist, school administrators, classroom teachers, along with parents, must assess the child's strengths and weaknesses and design an Individualized Education Program. These special education services for children with ADHD are available though IDEA.
Q. Is ADHD on the increase? If so, why?
A. No one knows for sure whether the prevalence of ADHD per se has risen, but it is very clear that the number of children identified with the disorder who obtain treatment has risen over the past decade. Some of this increased identification and increased treatment seeking is due in part to greater media interest, heightened consumer awareness, and the availability of effective treatments. A similar pattern is now being observed in other countries. Whether the frequency of the disorder itself has risen remains unknown, and needs to be studied.
Q. Aren't there nutritional treatments for ADHD?
A. Many parents have exhausted nutritional approaches, such as eliminating sugar from the diet, before they seek medical attention. However, there are no well-established nutritional interventions that have been consistently demonstrated to be efficacious for assisting the great majority of children with ADHD. A small body of research has suggested that some children may benefit from these interventions, but delaying the implementation of well-established, effective interventions while engaged in the search for unknown, generally unproven allergens, is likely to be harmful for many children. http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/adhdqa.cfm

DEA report http://www.add-adhd.org/ritalin.html -- http://www.breggin.com/dearelease.html

DEA Warns of Ritalin® Abuse; Drug Manufacturer's Contributions to Advocacy Group Investigated http://www.ndsn.org/MARCH96/PRESCRP.html

For some a belief in a higher deity is considered a psychosis and when the most intense thing these people have done is sex - to never have achieved joy in sports or the pleasure of a sunset they can base their life on how well they do in the bedroom. For the people that believe that they can sit back and clip coupons reference red tides at This page http://thePiedPiper.tripod.com/survival/survive0000.html

5) Prisons - Private and
UW-Oshkosh food service workers charge Sodexho Marriott with union busting by Bryan G. Pfeifer 11:11am Mon Jun 25 '01 (Modified on 10:22am Wed Jun 27 '01) http://madison.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=641
Sodexo has a long history of anti-union practices and financial ties to the private prison industry according to the HERE website (www.eyesonsodexo.org.) The UWO workers also have their own website, www.geocities.com/richuwo/index.html, which makes similar claims. Also, over the past year, students at over 50 universities worldwide have targeted the corporation for its ties to private prisons according to Not with Our Money, a campaign of the New York-based Prison Moratorium Project.
Senate interim committee begins looking at gang problem By RENAE MERLE / Associated Press Writer AUSTIN (AP) http://www.texnews.com/texas97/gangs100397.html Oct 03, 1997 [found Jan 13, 2000]
The 21 Million dollar facility in Mart Texas 13 to 17 year olds put in for Burg, car thief, murder starting with Jan 2000, 40 kids will be added each month
Eric Bates/The Nation Magazine January 5, 1998 -- [ http://www.november.org/Private.html ]
"Founded in 1983 with backing from the investors behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, C.C.A. was one of the first companies to push the privatization of public services."
"Sooner or later, people realize that "the government can't do anything very well," Thomas Beasley, a co-founder of C.C.A. and a former chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party"
"C.C.A. started taking reservations during the Reagan Administration, when Beasley founded the firm in Nashville with a former classmate from West Point."
"From the start, those synergies included close ties to politicians who could grant the company lucrative contracts. As former chairman of the state G.O.P., Beasley was a good friend of then-Governor Lamar Alexander. In 1985 Alexander backed a plan to hand over the entire state prison system to the fledgling company for $200 million. Among C.C.A.'s stockholders at the time were the Governor's wife, Honey, and Ned McWherter, the influential Speaker of the state House, who succeeded Alexander as governor."
"Like other companies, C.C.A. prefers to design and build its own prisons so it can replace guards right from the start with video cameras and clustered cellblocks that are cheaper to monitor."
"The State of Tennessee hoped to answer that question when it turned South Central over to C.C.A. in 1992. The prison was built at roughly the same time as two state-run facilities with similar designs and inmate populations, giving officials a rare opportunity to compare daily operating costs--and quality--under privatization."
"The latest state report on violence at the three prisons indicates that South Central is a much more dangerous place than its public counterparts. During the past fiscal year, the C.C.A. prison experienced violent incidents at a rate more than 50 percent higher than state facilities. The company also posted significantly worse rates for contraband, drugs and assaults on staff and prisoners."
"If that doesn't raise some eyebrows and give you some kind of indication of what the future holds, I guess those of us who are concerned just need to be quiet," says John Mark Windle, a state representative who opposes privatization."
"...Doctor R. Crants, who co-founded C.C.A. and now serves as chairman and chief executive officer."
Private Jails: Prisons for Fun and Profit – Peri Pakroo, August 28, 1997 http://www.nolo.com/encyclopedia/articles/crim/private_jails.html
Wackenhut and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) are two of the biggest players, with over 30 detention centers between the two. There are plenty of smaller companies in on the action as well, including CCRI, the corporation that owns the Brazoria facility.
Olympics caterer cashing in on incarceration http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2000/421/421p18.htm [found Oct 27, 2001]
Sodexho Alliance, a multinational based in France, and its Australian division, Sodexho Australia, won the contract to cater for several Olympic venues
Both Sodexho Alliance and Sodexho Australia are involved in private prisons, through their connections to Corrections Corporation of America (CC-Am) and Corrections Corporation of Australia (CC-Aust).
UMB Students Pay for Prison Construction Joshuah Mello 10/12/00 http://www.allston.org/josh/PrisonFoodII101200.html [found Oct 27, 2001}
"This past April, I wrote a column about our friendly neighborhood caterer, Sodexho-Mariott, and its parent corporation Sodexho Alliance. Sodexho Alliance is a conglomerate headquartered in France, which bought the Mariott name from the Mariott family that runs the hotels of the same name. Sodexho-Mariott Services (SMS) enjoys an exclusive contract with UMass Boston to provide food and catering services to the students, faculty and guests. SMS provides the same services to many other public and private universities and other institutions in the U.S."
"Besides complaints of bad food and a lack of choice, some students and activists are concerned about a certain skeleton in the Sodexho closet. As reported in my previous column, Sodexho Alliance is in the prison building business. According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sodexho owned 5 million shares of Correction Corporation of America (CCA) stock. CCA operated private prisons in the United States. Sodexho also owned stock in a prison construction company named Prison Realty Trust."
Support your state, if you do join an organization beware at the same time that the organizations intrests are the same as yours and your state's intrest(s).

http://www.afscme.org/private/ From public works and public assistance to environmental protection and correctional facilities, corporations are trying to seize control of public services of all kinds.From public works and public assistance to environmental protection and correctional facilities, corporations are trying to seize control of public services of all kinds.
1) CRIMINAL JUSTICE RESOURCES: Corrections http://www.lib.msu.edu/harris23/crimjust/correct.htm
2) University of Alaska Anchorage © Copyright 1996-2000, Justice Center Web Site http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/just/links/corr.html

Bowing to ACLU Lawsuit, PA School District Repeals Ban on Communication Between Elected Officials and District Employees FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 5, 2001
Bush Admin - http://hamburgsteak.sandwich.net/writ/ph33r.txt
   April 4, 2001: Under pressure from liberal consumer groups, backs off from a plan to elmininate salmonella testing of meat destined for public school lunches. The testing, which was recently started under the Clinton administration, has lead to the rejection of 4% of meat as being spoiled.
   May 24, 2001, Unrelated: Theodore Olson, a prominent figure in the Arkansas Project which was part of what former First Lady Hillary Clinton termed the "vast right-wing conspiracy" to defame and oust the Clintons and their political allies, is appointed Solicitor General by the Senate.
   August 25, 2001: Announces intention to cut the number of federal government employmees. While the Clinton administration cut 325,000 jobs, a report issued by the General Accounting Office says that most of the cuts were poorly planned, and the number of redundant administration positions has increased. Also announces that services offered by the federal government should have private competition.

6) American Diabetes Association - Oct 16, 2001
[ http://www.diabetes.org:80/main/application/commercewf?origin=*.jsp&event=link(B5) ]
Diabetes Risk Test
   Please select your age category.
   Please select your height.
   Please enter your weight in pounds.
   I am a woman who has had a baby weighing more than nine pounds at birth.
   I have a sister or brother with diabetes.
   I have a parent with diabetes.
   I get little or no exercise during a normal day.

The information contained in this American Diabetes Association
(ADA) Web site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment,
and the ADA recommends consultation with your doctor or health
care professional.

7) Break up of the American Psych Association(s) - Psychologist - Psychiatrist
American Psychiatric Association - [ http://www.psych.org ]
American Psychological Association - [ http://www.apa.org/ ]

Medical Societies    Founding Societies - [ http://www.medem.com/level2/found_societies.html ]

Psychologists May Not be Qualified Court Experts     Karen Winner
Posted November 4, 1997    American News Service
[ http://www.villagelife.org/news/archives/11-4-97_psychsnoexperts.html ]

Psychiatrists and Psychologists debate medication. http://thepiedpiper.tripod.com/psyc1.htm [©14 Oct 2000] Not all these ideas are valid but the they do seem to follow the philosophy / propoganda of that year.


8) Chemicals in Cigarettes   -    dangerous or allergy triggering?

PHENYLKETONURIA (Aspartame, Spirulina) Patients with phenylketonuria should not use products containing aspartame or spirulina. Aspartame, a common artificial sweetener, is metabolized to phenylalanine, while spirulina contains phenylalanine.3,5 http://www.pharmacy.umaryland.edu/~umdi/natural.htm

Aspartame has been extensively studied in animals and humans for more than two decades in more than 200 studies. Persons born with a rare disease called phenylketonuria (PKU), numbering about 15,000 in the total U.S. population, know to restrict their intake of phenylalanine from all dietary sources. Because aspartame-containing products are a source of phenylalanine in the diet, they carry the labeling, "Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine." (Phenylalanine is found in much greater quantities in meats, milk and other protein foods.) http://www.caloriecontrol.org/aspartame.html

Fibromyalgia New scourge of the millennium. Contrary to popular belief, use of fluoride (drinking water, toothpaste, and other sources like medications such as Prozac) will wreak havoc in one's system. Besides being a known enzyme poison, fluoride causes calcium to be deposited in soft tissue where it does not belong. The fluoride is directly responsible for causing stiffness of joints, soft tissue rigidity, premature aging of the skin, skeletal fluorosis (severe brittleness of bones), painful arthritis, calcification of areas of the brain that deal with sleep (decreasing melatonin production) and behavioral centers. Fibromyalgia patients must avoid consumption of fluoridated drinking water, toothpaste, topical applications, medications with fluoride, and juices made from fluoridated water. Both the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry have warned its membership that there has been an increase of dental fluorosis both in Canada and the United States. http://www.icnr.securesites.com/Fibromyalgia.htm

9) Self Esteem -- Education

"The science of government it is my duty to study, more than all
other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and
negotiation ought to take the place of, indeed exclude, in a
manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that
our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and
philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and
philosophy, geography, natural history and naval
architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture
in order to give their children a right to study
painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary,
tapestry and porcelain."
John Adams

I could wish that Adams quote were added to, or maybe it is...
    [ http://tncrimlaw.com/library.html ]
    [ http://www.tncrimlaw.com/civil_bible/ ]

Another page of reference links
[ http://www.foundingspirit.com/links.htm ]

The two following links show what is happening in other countries, and the links after those show what is happening in the US.  It seems that the US is thinks that the only place that can educate is a homeschooler.  I would be intrested in the teens health care plans though, it seems as if they had some good professionals around.

               11/08/00 Drugs found in tap water By Kathleen Fackelmann,
               USA TODAY [ http://www.usatoday.com/life/health/general/lhgen115.htm ]
                      17 year old Ashley Mulroy finds antibiotics in public supplies.
                      Ashley Mulroy from Wheeling, W.Va won the Stockholm Junior
                      Water Prize, an international science competition sponsored by
                      ITT Industries.
                      For information on the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, see the
                      Web site of  the Water Environment Federation:

               June 7, 2001 Teen achieves research landmark
               [ http://comms.uwo.ca/news/2001ws/June4to8/youngscientist.htm ]
                      By Terry Rice - A 17-year-old student from Halifax, Nova Scotia
                      created a media fury last week becoming the youngest woman in
                      90 years to have an article published in the Canadian Medical
                      Association Journal (CMAJ). Lindsey  Edmunds has won a
                      Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship and a scholarship from
                      the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation, which will cover
                      the full cost of her undergraduate degree.
               The underuse of probiotics by family physicians
                      Lindsey Edmunds [ http://www.cma.ca/cmaj/vol-164/issue-11/1577.asp ]
               Published in medical journal at 17        Wednesday, May 30, 2001
                      [ http://www.canoe.ca/CNEWSScience0105/30_teen-par.html ]
               Fifty-eighth General Assembly    Second Session
                      [ http://www.gov.ns.ca/legi/hansard/han58-2/h01may29.htm ] - 101k
                      RESOLUTION NO. 1429  Hansard -- Tue., May 29, 2001
                      HALIFAX, TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2001
                      .. Ms. Edmunds first learned of probiotics when her sister was hospitalized ... that this
                      House congratulate Lindsey Edmunds for her meticulous research and ...

Thursday, 11 May, 2000, 09:24 GMT 10:24 UK
Science fiction powers space research
By BBC News Online internet correspondent Mark Ward
The European Space Agency (Esa) is studying science fiction for ideas and technologies that could be used in future missions.
...Knowledgeable fans of science fiction are also being encouraged to send in suggestions to help Esa spot sources of good ideas.
...Ian Stewart, a mathematics professor from the University of Warwick and a science fiction author and fan said Nasa regularly consulted living authors for exploration ideas: "Nasa uses SF authors in focus groups for the pre-planning of missions."
...Authors such as Gregory Benford, Greg Bear and Larry Niven have helped Nasa draw up ideas for a mission to explore Europa - one of the moons of Jupiter.

s Mensa Education and Research Awards - MERF Awards - [ http://www.merf.us.mensa.org/awards/index.php3 ]

40% of Eygptians can not read or write - Nov 16, 2001  nbc news Martin Flesher - Cairo
[My note: cartoons expessally political cartoons are sometimes the way they get to know of the world.  Does this sound like the US of Mark Twain's day? I am looking for statistic on other countries.]

[ http://unescostat.unesco.org/uisen/stats/stats0.htm ]
UNESCO Statistical Yearbook 1999
Year Book
Education and Literacy
Estimated illiteracy rate and illiterate population aged 15 years and over

[ http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/3476/psyhumor.html ]
Psychology is actually biology.
Biology is actually chemistry.
Chemistry is actually physics.
And physics is actually math.
And my addition:
Math is in its essence philosophy.
Philosophy arises from the lack of knowledge.

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
     None. The light bulb will change itself when it's ready.
     Just one, but the light bulb really has to want to change.
     Just one, but it takes nine visits.
     "How many do you think it takes?"
     "How long have you been having this phantasy?"

Affective Education*        Danger of Self-Esteem Programs
    [ http://rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/edu.htm ]
Hot Topics in Education -- The Michigan Electronic Library
=>Social Promotion
    [ http://mel.org/education/edu-hot.html ]

  The National Center for Fair & Open Testing
    [ http://www.fairtest.org/ ]

Higher Education
National Education Association
    [ http://www.nea.org/he ]

Blue Ribbon Schools [ http://www.ed.gov/offices/OERI/BlueRibbonSchools/98-99menu.html ]

Lackland Elementary School [ http://www.ed.gov/offices/OERI/BlueRibbonSchools/1999Abstracts/16tx21ae.html ]


10) Merrow Report - Oct 20, 1995
Sunday, May 6, 2001
[ http://www.phillyburbs.com/couriertimes/kidsincrisis/stories/0506ritalin.shtml ] [assesed nov 15, 2001]
By CAROL ROBIDOUX  --  Courier Times
Ritalin use in this country is also making international waves.
Last year, the United Nations denounced the United States for its consumption of the drug, which accounts for 80 percent of the world's Ritalin supply. And in January, the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board expressed concern over what was termed the "active lobbying for the medical use of methylphenidate for children with AD/HD."

[ http://www.home-ed-magazine.com/INF/SPCL/spcl_add.ritalinepdmc.html ]
The Ritalin Epidemic  1998, Jodi Guistolise
The U. S. Department of Education directed all state education offices to see that local school districts establish procedures to screen and identify ADHD children and give them special education and psychological services. Goals 2000 is used to authorize programs in health care and to create a system that enables teachers to select children and have them regularly tested for emotional, social, mental and physical disorders (including ADD/ADHD) in the school clinics. School officials then have the authority to treat them by prescribing and administering mood and behavior altering drugs like Ritalin, Valium, Lorazepam and Prozac.  Putting the authority to diagnose and treat ADD in the school system and funding such services via Medicaid is not going to stem the problem. Parents need to seriously question any diagnosis of disability in their children, explore non-medical options, and fight to keep their rights to oversee the health care of their children.

It has recently come to the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration that Ciba-Geigy (the manufacturer of the methylphenidate product marketed under the brand name Ritalin) contributed $748,000 to CHADD from 1991 to 1994
[Editor's note: according to Fred A. Baughman, Jr. M.D., the figure is now well over $1,000,000]. A spokesman for Ciba-Geigy stated that "CHADD is essentially a conduit for providing information to the patient population." The relationship between Ciba-Geigy and CHADD raises serious concerns about CHADD's motive in proselytizing the use of Ritalin.

Attention Deficit Disorder: A Dubious Diagnosis?
[ http://www.pbs.org/merrow/tv/add/chadd.html ]
[ http://www.add-adhd.org/ritalin_CHADD_A.D.D.html ]
[ http://www.pbs.org/merrow/news/index.html ] -  [ PBS ]
ADD, Ritalin, CHADD (CH.A.D.D.) and Ciba-Geigy Transcript of A Special Report
PBS and the Merrow Report October 20, 1995

Ritalin, A Special Investigative Report    The Merrow team revealed that the manufacturer of Ritalin, Ciba-Geigy, was giving significant funding to CHADD, the largest ADD support group in the US. ... www.breggin.com/merrow.html

Connecticut Approves Ritalin Law -- July 17, 2001
[ http://www.nkmr.org/english/connecticut_approves_ritalin_law.htm ]
[ www.usatoday.com/news/healthscience/health/2001-07-17-ritalin-law.htm ]
The law -- approved unanimously by the Legislature and signed by Gov. John G. Rowland last month -- prohibits
          teachers, counselors and other school officials from recommending psychiatric drugs for any child.
Matthew Daly is a writer at Associated Press. This article was previously published on Newsday.com, July 17, 2001.
    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- When Sheila Matthews' son was in first grade, a school psychologist diagnosed him with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and gave his parents information on Ritalin.
    Matthews refused to put him on the drug. She believed the boy was energetic and outgoing but not disruptive, and she suspected the school system was trying to medicate him just to make it easier for the teachers.
    Now the state of Connecticut has weighed in on the side of parents like Matthews with a first-in-the-nation law that reflects a growing backlash against what some see as overuse of Ritalin and other behavioral drugs.
    The law -- approved unanimously by the Legislature and signed by Gov. John G. Rowland last month -- prohibits teachers, counselors and other school officials from recommending psychiatric drugs for any child.
...Concern about Ritalin and other drugs is widespread. The Texas Board of Education adopted a resolution last
          year recommending that schools consider non-medical solutions to behavior problems. The Colorado school
          board approved a similar resolution in 1999, and legislation regarding psychiatric drugs in school has been
          proposed in nearly a dozen states.
...NCHR's Comments
          A great number of children in Sweden and the Nordic countries are being categorised
                  as having behavioural disorders and taken into public care. Doctors and psychologists
                  paste different letter combinations for e.g. DAMP, ADHD etc on them and they are
                  prescribed different drugs to alter their behaviour. We call these children the
                  "abbreviated" children (bokstavsbarnen).
          It is therefore very satisfactory that Connecticut has taken this very important step to
                  stop the chemical lobotomy of children within the State.

***Ritalin: Better Living Through Chemistry? -- November 2000
[ http://www.worldandi.com/public/2000/november/sax.html ]
 ...And managed care began making it harder for family physicians to refer patients to psychiatrists. Again, if you have a choice between writing a prescription for Prozac (elapsed time, one minute) versus calling an HMO for authorization for a psychiatric referral (elapsed time, ten minutes or more, with no guarantee that the authorization will be granted), which would you do?
    By 1990, the majority of prescriptions for Prozac were being written by doctors who were not psychiatrists. The medical profession discovered that no special magic was required to write a prescription for Prozac.  For the most part, patients did fine. In fact, writing a prescription for Prozac in most cases requires less vigilance and less follow-up than writing prescriptions treating high blood pressure or diabetes.
    So why not write a prescription for Ritalin? doctors began asking themselves. Almost all the increased prescribing of Ritalin can be attributed to nonpsychiatrist physicians. But Steven Baldwin, professor of psychology at the University of Teesside, believes that most pediatricians and family physicians are not qualified to distinguish a truly abnormal child from a child who is just exhibiting developmentally normal behavior. "This is a difficult, tricky area," says Baldwin. "Behavior reflects the feelings and thoughts of a child. If a child is running around making a lot of noise, not really settling to anything, you could say the child is being naughty, nasty, or wicked, or you could say the child is anxious, worried and angry because something is on his mind."31 At the congressional hearings on Ritalin mentioned above, Dr. Lawrence Diller suggested that today doctors wouldn't hesitate to put Tom Sawyer or Pippi Longstocking on Ritalin.32

***Pediatricians approve Ritalin treatment plan -- 10/01/2001 - Updated 11:02 AM ET -- By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY
[ http://www.usatoday.com/news/healthscience/health/2001-10-01-ritalin.htm ]
    Unfortunately, that is typical of what's happening to many U.S. kids now, says behavioral pediatrician Lawrence Diller of Walnut Creek, Calif., author of Running on Ritalin. Already, he says, doctors who use the AAP diagnosis guidelines "describe themselves as the 'loss leaders' of their medical groups," losing the most money because managed care won't pay for the time to do careful workups and monitoring.
    "I fear these new guidelines will encourage a 'pill only' approach," Diller says.  "A lot of families need counseling, but it's easier to get pills than to get insurance to cover the help you need."
    Perrin says AAP will start meeting with managed-care companies next month, trying to convince them that it makes economic sense to pay for the time needed for proper diagnosis and treatment.
    "In the real world, economics is mostly driving the treatment, and guidelines aren't going to change that," Diller says.

When Your Child is too Sick to go to School
    Dr. Sally Robinson and Dr. Keith Bly. Robinson of UTMB.
[ http://www.utmbhealthcare.org/Health%20Source/Article%20Display.asp?Articles=%2056 ]
    School-aged kids have six to eight colds per year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Caused by viruses, not by damp weather, colds spread through the air (via cough and sneeze droplets) and by direct contact (touching people and contaminated objects, such as doorknobs, toys and telephone receivers).

"Integrity in Science" is a project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
From Data-Base of Non-Profit Organizations with Ties to Industry. [Assesed 2001 refers to lawsuit filled in 2000]
* About 20 percent of the organization’s budget in some years reportedly was underwritten by Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis), the maker of Ritalin. ("ADD - a Dubious Diagnosis?" PBS and the
Merrow Report. [cited Dec. 20, 1995]  ))
* CHADD was reported to have received from drug companies more than $1 million in grants and services. The Drug Enforcement Administration said, "The relationship between Ciba-Geigy and
CHADD raises serious concerns about CHADD’s motive in proselytizing the use of Ritalin." (DEA, "Methylphenidate (a background paper)," October 1995, p.4.)
* CHADD was said to have received about $30,000 from Novartis and ten percent of its income overall from the drug industry. (Phone call, John Heavener, CHADD, to CSPI/M. Jacobson; May 27, 1999.)
* "CHADD received $748,000 from Ciba/Novartis in the period 1991 to 1994 alone." (Law suit No. CV 1839 E (CGA); U.S. District Court, Southern District of California; Vess et al vs. Ciba-Geirgy et al.; 9/13/00)

-My note Ritalin is in the same class as cocaine-
March 1996  --  CHADD has petitioned DEA to reschedule Ritalin from schedule II to schedule III in order to make it less expensive and more available. Parker said that when that petition was filed, CHADD had not been aware of abuse of Ritalin.
Recently, CHADD established a project to examine the problem of abuse by children and adults. DEA sent their report about Ciba-Geigy's contributions to CHADD to the Department of Health and Human Services and is waiting for a response before reclassification decisions are made.

11) Ritalin Lawsuit - Oct 17, 2001
Ritalin developed for narcolepsy / narcoleptic for by CibaGeneva Pharmaceuticals (also known as Ciba-Geigy Corporation), a division of Novartis, is the manufacturer of Ritalin. From approximately 1955 through 1995, the exclusive or primary manufacturer and supplier of Ritalin in the United States was the defendant Ciba-Geigy Corp., U.S.A. In 1996 Ciba-Geigy merged with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. to become defendant Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Ciba/Novartis has manufactured, marketed and sold Ritalin since approximately 1955.

ADHD or "Indoor Air Quality and Student Performance http://www.epa.gov/iaq/schools/perform.html "
ADHD or "Complication of Colds / Acute Bacterial Middle Ear Infectionhttp://www.commoncold.org/cmplcat1.htm"
ADHD or "upper respiratory infection http://www.healthanswers.com/library/MedEnc/enc/3233.asp"

Colorado School Board Passes Resolution Warning About Ritalin -- Dec 1999
[ http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/1999/dec99/ritalin.html ]
DENVER, CO -- The Colorado State School Board passed a resolution on November 11 warning of the possible negative effects of psychotropic (mind-altering) prescription drugs on schoolchildren. The vote was 6-1. Board member Patti Johnson drafted the resolution after a number of parents contacted her complaining that they had been "pressured" by educators to put their children on Ritalin.

Texas State Board of Education Resolution -- Nov 3, 2000
[ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicating/readings/brainpolitics.html ]
[ http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/2001/jan01/tx-resolution.shtml ]

Ritalin links
[ http://www.attention-deficit-disorder.org/news.htm ]

Medical examiner: Ritalin killed 14-year-old boy -- Saturday, April 15, 2000
[ http://detnews.com/2000/metro/0004/15/20000415-37414.htm ]  Associated Press
 CLAWSON -- The Oakland County medical examiner is blaming a drug used to treat hyperactive children for killing a 14-year-old boy.  Matthew Smith died March 21 from damage to his heart caused by years of taking Ritalin, L.J. Dragovic said.
..."There was a chronic change of the heart muscle and the small blood vessels in the heart," Dragovic told The Oakland Press for a story Friday. "This comes from long term exposure."
    Smith had been taking Ritalin for about 10 years.

[ http://www.adhdfraud.org/commentary/8-8-01-2.htm ]
by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 8/8/01 (427 wd)
[July 23, 2001 Public Citizen Report Exposes Drug Industry’s 625
Washington Lobbyists and Spending Blitz to Keep Prices and Profits High
...The drug industry claims to work for consumers while it uses profits
from sales to buy access to lawmakers and defeat pro-consumer
Their 625 lobbyists last year was more than one for every member of
Congress at a cost of $92.3 million per year.
...The width and breadth of this invasion of the government is decidedly
cancer-like. When they pass mental health parity legislation, calling millions
of normal Americans "diseased"/"abnormal"/ "patients" in need of/ requiring
(increasingly by court order) forced "treatment," drugs, incarceration,
electro-shock, psychosurgery, we are Americans no longer.

Narcolepy can be caused by [ http://swdca.org/nc-mistake.html ] "These can include going to bed around the same time every night and getting up around the same time in the morning; spending enough time in bed; avoiding alcohol, caffeine or chocolate before bed; and trying not to nap during the day at the expense of nighttime sleep."

"·Narcolepsy: [ http://speakout.com/activism/news/5761-1.html ]A pervasive and recurrent need to sleep when you want to be awake, often in the middle of a meal, or in a car. ·Restless legs syndrome: Tingling sensations in the legs, and an urge to stretch, bend, or rub them. ·Sleep apnea: Brief pauses in breathing during sleep, accompanied by snoring or choking sensations. ·Insomnia: Waking up frequently in the night, having trouble falling asleep again, waking up and not feeling rested." "Some of them assume it's a built-in inability to concentrate; for many it's simply lack of sleep that makes it so difficult to read a page from bottom to top."

Parents, the school districts and other interested parties are generally unaware that use of Ritalin can cause a significant number of health problems and risks such as rapid heart beat, growth problems (pituitary dysfunction), weight loss, hypertension, arrythmia, blurred vision, headache, dizziness, psychosis, rash/conjunctivitis/hives, hallucinations, hair loss, depression or excitement, dermatitis, convulsions and seizures, anorexia, enuresis, drowsiness, fever, confusion, joint pain, insomnia, agitation, irritation, anxiety, nervousness, hostility, unhappiness, insomnia, impaired mental abilities, and worsening of ADHD-like symptoms. [ http://www.life.ca/nl/76/ritalin.html ]

A careful medical examination in advance of a drug test is regarded as essential to insure that the prisoners involved do not show signs of subtle disabilities that would make the study invalid.

"I am alarmed at the monster that Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Solomon Snyder and I created when we discovered the simple binding assay for drug receptors 25 years ago. Prozac and other antidepressant serotonin-receptor-active compounds may also cause cardiovascular problems in some susceptible people after long-term use, which has become common practice despite the lack of safety studies. "The public is being misinformed about the precision of these selective serotonin-uptake inhibitors when the medical profession oversimplifies their action in the brain and ignores the body as if it exists merely to carry the head around! In short, these molecules of emotion regulate every aspect of our physiology. A new paradigm has evolved, with implications that life-style changes such as diet and exercise can offer profound, safe and natural mood elevation." Candace B. Pert, Research Professor, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington; Letter to the Editor of TIME Magazine, October 20, 1997, page 8. [ http://members.aol.com/atracyphd/index.htm#appear ]

A Diagnosis Excess? A Lawsuit Alleges Attention Deficit Disorder Is Over-Diagnosed, Dec 17, 2000                        [ http://abcnews.go.com/sections/living/DailyNews/ritalin_lawsuit0808.html ] {found Oct 27, 2001}

Class Action Lawsuit Filed About Ritalin "The suit states allegations based on fraud and conspiracy. From approximately 1955 through 1995, the exclusive or primary manufacturer and supplier of Ritalin in the United States was the defendant Ciba-Geigy Corp., U.S.A. In 1996 Ciba-Geigy merged with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. to become defendant Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Ciba/Novartis has manufactured, marketed and sold Ritalin since approximately 1955.

      The suit asserts that in addition to its actions and involvement with the creation of the ADD and ADHD diagnosis, Ciba/Novartis took steps to promote and dramatically increase the sales of Ritalin by way of the following:

*Actively promoting and supporting the concept that a significant percentage of children suffer from a "disease" which required narcotic treatment/therapy

*Actively promoting Ritalin as the drug of choice to treat children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD

*Actively supporting groups such as CHADD, both financially and with other means, so that such organizations would promote and support (as a supposed neutral party) the ever-increasing implementation of ADD/ADHD diagnoses as well as directly increasing Ritalin sales

*Distributing misleading sales and promotional literature to parents, schools and other interested persons in a successful effort to further increase the number of diagnoses and the number of persons prescribed Ritalin

"It is also alleged that CHADD has been a recipient of financial donations and contributions from Defendants Ciba/Novartis for many years. CHADD received $748,000 from Ciba/Novartis in the period 1991 to 1994 alone. During the periods when CHADD received funding from Ciba/Novartis, CHADD deliberately made efforts to increase the sales of Ritalin, and to increase the supply of methylphenidate (the generic name for Ritalin) available in the United States, and to reduce or eliminate laws and restrictions concerning the use of Ritalin and methylphenidate in the United States, all to the financial benefit of Ciba/Novartis. Ciba/Novartis made such financial contributions with the purpose of advertising and promoting sales of Ritalin ­ an internationally controlled substance. Ciba/Novartis has thus repeatedly violated Article 10 of the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances, 1019 U.N.T.S. 175 (1971)."
[ http://www.life.ca/nl/76/ritalin.html ] [ http://www.bio-medical.com/adhd_0002.htm ]

FAILSAFE #23 Newsletter of the Food Intolerance Network of Australia November-December 2000 {sleep disorders} [ http://members.ozemail.com.au/~sdengate/FAILsaf23.html ]

[ http://www.google.com/search?q=ritalin+chadd+Diabetes+ ]

To Drug or Not to Drug,    Class-Action Lawsuit over Ritalin Brewing,    Lindsey Townsend,    {assessed Oct 17, 2001}
    [ http://www.learnwhatsup.com/prc/health/ADHD/drug.html ]
    "The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information estimates that
     between 2-3.5 million school-aged children have the disorder."
    [1] Vess v. Ciba-Geigy Corp., No. 00-CV-1839 (S.D. Cal., Sept. 13, 2000) The class representatives
      are represented by Donald F. Hildre, Thomas D. Haklar and Peggy J. Reali of Dougherty Hildre Dudek
      & Haklar in San Diego; Marc C. Saperstein and Kevin Decie of Davis Saperstein & Solomon in
      Teaneck, N.J.; John P. McCoale and Diane Cooley of Coale Cooley Leitz McInerny & Broadus in
      Washington, D.C.; Richard Scruggs of Scruggs Millette Boveman & Dent in Pascagoula, Miss.; and C.
      Andrew Waters of Waters & Kraus in Dallas.
Drug marketing is widespread        June 10, 2001    By Mary Beth Pfeiffer    Poughkeepsie Journal
        [ http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/projects/adhd/co061001s2.shtml ]
        "Nonetheless, the organization's president himself has expressed misgivings
        about the support. In the APA newsletter Psychiatric News, Daniel
        Borenstein ad-dressed ''the significant presence, if not dominance, of
        pharmaceutical companies'' at APA's annual meeting in May 2000.

        ''APA is overly dependent on pharmaceutical companies,'' he wrote,
        expressing particular concern over ''free, lavish outside social and
        recreational events'' that had nothing to do with research or treatment.

        In 1998, Loren Mosher, a psychiatrist and expert on community mental
        health, resigned from APA saying he did not want to be ''a drug company

        ''The major reason for this action is my belief that I am actually resigning
        from the American Psychopharmacological Association,'' he wrote in his
        resignation letter. ''Psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the
        drug companies.'' "

Location of Ciba and Novartis - Today Geneva's private bankers are still flourishing and Basle is home to Roche and Novartis, two of the world's top pharmaceutical companies as well as two of the biggest speciality chemical companies - Ciba and Clariant. But Zurich has emerged as Switzerland's undisputed commercial and financial capital. More than 60 of Switzerland's top 100 companies lie within a 50km radius of Zurich airport and over 20 per cent of Switzerland's gross domestic product is produced in the canton.
[ http://specials.ft.com/ln/ftsurveys/country/sc2ff6.htm ]
[ http://www.glp.admin.ch/facilities/ ]

11b) Also Lawsuits against HMO's by the Doctors and parents

A Simple Test Would Have Saved His Hearing
Kyle, 3 - Bakersfield, CA -- [Shipton's note, story starts from 1992 and goes to 1994, 1995.
How many others have needed specialists?]
This child did not get propt attention with tubes till his ear drum had ruptured. At six months he started being treated for ear infections but it seems to have been 18 months till tubes were put in his ears. Ten days after getting tubes the child's right ear began to bleed and the ear was treated with ear drops and aspiration instead of checking for a cholosteatoma with a CAT scan.

"A CAT scan then would have provided conclusive evidence of a cholosteatoma -- severe infection that destroys the bone in the inner ear. Instead , the HMO chose to withhold that test."
By the age of three
"They had to do a radical mastoidectomy, which included removing all of the bones (with the exception of the stapes) in his middle ear. There is a 70% chance of success for this procedure.

We are now facing another surgery for our son this year to attempt to reconstruct the middle ear and are anticipating "significant" hearing loss as he reaches adolescence.

Because of the ERISA loophole, the first HMO is shielded from legal liability for withholding medically appropriate treatment. The few dollars the HMO saved by withholding a CAT scan could have led to meningitis, or even killed Kyle. Until HMOs are held accountable for denying or withholding care, there is no incentive for them to perform tests that could lead to expensive treatments."

Patient Care
Also-- in 1998, CQC began a public interest HMO litigation program. An unfair business
practice claim was filed in August 1998 against PacifiCare over its "economic profiling" of
physicians - under which doctors are tracked, paid and fired based solely on the cost of
their prescriptions without regard for how old or needy their patients are. A key CQC
amicus brief resulted in a landmark California Court of Appeals decision that an HMO
patient who claims fraud or misrepresentation is not limited to binding arbitration, but can
pursue the claim in the open forum of a court (Broughton v. CIGNA).

In 1997,
Texas became the first state in the nation to offer its citizens a way around ERISA by holding HMOs liable for medical negligence and poor quality of care, which in contrast to coverage employee-employer disputes, are not preempted by ERISA.

Exposed various managed care contracts and internal documents revealing the existence of gag orders, loyalty oaths, and the fact that financial incentives paid to HMO doctors for care denials are kept from patients.

Exposed the cost-slashing in Kaiser Permanente's 1995-1997 Business Plan, including bonuses paid to doctors for rationing high cost drugs and limiting hospital admissions. Subsequently, Kaiser ended these practices.

New York doctors sue six HMOs for wrongful practices
By Vicki Lankarge -- insure.com [ http://www.insure.com/states/ny/health/suehmos801.html ]

The six separate lawsuits name Aetna, CIGNA, Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Excellus, Oxford, and UnitedHealthcare. They echo claims made in similar lawsuits against health plans that are now sitting before a federal judge in Miami who must decide whether to grant the lawsuits class action status or dismiss the cases entirely

The MSSNY lawsuits were filed Aug. 15, 2001, in New York State Supreme Court.

MSSNY President Dr. Robert Bonvino says the legal actions are "the culmination of years of intransigence by the managed care insurance carriers." Additionally, he says that "thousands of doctors across New York State, and across the country, are forced to deal as individuals with these multibillion-dollar monoliths which have assumed control over our lives, the lives of our patients, and the practice of medicine."

Familiar charges The allegations outlined in the lawsuits have become familiar. Among them are allegations that the insurers:

American Dental Association sues Aetna for skimping on payments -- 2001
By Vicki Lankarge -- insure.com [ http://data.insure.com/health/aetnasuit801.html ]
Illinois dentists have sued Aetna Inc., charging the nation's largest health insurer with libel and breach of contract.
-- The UCR fee is typically the "going rate" charged
by health care providers in a specific geographic location.--
The American Dental Association (ADA) and two of its member dentists filed the lawsuit in federal court in Chicago on Aug. 15, 2001. The dentists — who do not belong to Aetna's provider network — treat many Aetna subscribers who have health plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The lawsuit alleges Aetna violated ERISA rules when it failed to pay the dentists' actual charges for treatment they gave to Aetna members.
South Florida Business Journal
Industry Wrapups
From the March 28, 1997 print edition
Health Care
Tampa attorney tests waters for HMO lawsuit
Susan R. Miller
The suit claims that Humana discourages its doctors from making referrals to specialists and forbids doctors from discussing certain treatment options.
In most contract arrangements, primary care physicians are given a set or "capitated" fee per member/per month regardless of how many times that patient is seen. In addition, the specialist's fee usually is taken from that set amount. So it would be financially beneficial for a primary care doctor to not refer a patient.

Physicians File Class Action  --  Under Texas Theft Liability Act
Mary Alice Robbins
Texas Lawyer
October 10, 2001

News From the UAPD
... August 6, 2001 News ... May 14, 2001 News Release, ... Unions. 07/16/99 News ... Right To Sue
Their HMOs. ... to Organize Doctors. 02/23 ... 23/99 New York Times, Angered by HMO's ...
In Texas, with the support of Gov. George Bush, the law was changed in 1997 to let HMOs be sued for malpractice.
http://www.uapd.com/press/newsfromthe.htm - 24k

MSSNY Launches Major Class Action Litigation Against Six Prominent HMOs
On Thursday, August 16, MSSNY, on behalf of its 27,000 member physicians, filed six separate legal actions against six of the largest managed care insurance carriers in New York. The actions were filed in New York State Supreme Court and requested injunctive relief from a series of destructive, ongoing practices by managed care insurance carriers. In addition, six class action lawsuits were also filed on behalf of individual physician members of MSSNY — against the same six managed care insurance carriers — seeking monetary damages for the alleged abusive practices.

Leadership Forum -- One Down, Two to Go
Robert Bonvino, MD
MSSNY President
Front-page headlines across the state succinctly told the story — “NY Doctors Sue Six
HMOs.” Long Island’s Newsday said, “Docs Strike Back,” and the Wall Street Journal and the
New York Times both reported on the legal actions launched by MSSNY on August 15. Dozens
of TV news reports were aired, and MSSNY received hundreds of communiqués from physicians across the country.
The reaction from the physician community was overwhelming and positive. The reaction from the HMO community was — as expected — straight out of fantasyland.

12) Super Collider -- Locations:  Ellis, Texas and Swiss-French border near Geneva
Particle Accelerators Around the World - http://www-elsa.physik.uni-bonn.de/accelerator_list.html
The Future of the Superconducting Super Collider,    December 10, 1993
By Secy. of Energy Hazel O'Leary and U.S. Rep George E. Brown Jr.
    [ http://www.lbl.gov/Science-Articles/Archive/ssc-and-future.html ]
The Superconducting Super Collider Project: A Summary   {1993?}
    [ http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/txconst/sections/cn000300-49-f00.html ]
by Kent Jeffreys        Briefing Paper No. 16 May 26, 1992
    [ http://www.cato.org/pubs/briefs/bp-016.html ]

CERN -- European Organization for Nuclear Research -- World Wide Web
Location. The Laboratory straddles the Swiss-French border near Geneva, in two major sites
    [ http://press.web.cern.ch/CERN/Location.html ]
A CERN invention you are familiar with:  the World Wide Web
    [ http://map.web.cern.ch/Public/ACHIEVEMENTS/web.html ]
CERN Press Release CERN celebrates 40th Anniversary    {1954-1994}
    [ http://www.netvalley.com/archives/mirrors/CERN-PR11_94E40thAnni.html ]
CERN stock quotes
    [ http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dcern%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG&q=stocks:CERN+ ]
World Wide Web People
WARNING: For Archival/Historical Interest -- The following document dates from 1994 and has not been updated
    [ http://www.w3.org/People.html ]    [ http://www.w3.org/People/ ]        [ http://www.w3.org/ ]
An obsolete type of particle accelerator - [ http://www.improb.com/bookstore/posters/particle.html ]

13) In New York
Note - I worded this wrong, but my disclaimer does say that these are "things that I think I have found..."
{ Columbia University -- Home of CHADD's founder
    [  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicating/interviews/ ] }
  Following quote taken from -- Integrity in Science [http://www.nutritionaction.org/integrity/corp_funding.html]
CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITH ATTENTION-DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER/CHADD About 20 percent of the organization’s budget in some years reportedly was underwritten by Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis), the maker of Ritalin. ("ADD - a Dubious Diagnosis?" PBS and the Merrow Report. [cited Dec. 20, 1995] http://www.add-adhd.org/ritalin_CHADD_A.D.D.html)) CHADD was reported to have received from drug companies more than $1 million in grants and services. The Drug Enforcement Administration said, "The relationship between Ciba-Geigy and CHADD raises serious concerns about CHADD’s motive in proselytizing the use of Ritalin." (DEA, "Methylphenidate (a background paper)," October 1995, p.4.) CHADD was said to have received about $30,000 from Novartis and ten percent of its income overall from the drug industry. (Phone call, John Heavener, CHADD, to CSPI/M. Jacobson; May 27, 1999.) "CHADD received $748,000 from Ciba/Novartis in the period 1991 to 1994 alone." (Law suit No. CV 1839 E (CGA); U.S. District Court, Southern District of California; Vess et al vs. Ciba-Geirgy et al.; 9/13/00) 

Mental Health Courts - New York

New York Research Ban Has National Implications Oct 1997
Academic Medicine Events & News     By Gina Shaw
    [ http://www.aamc.org/newsroom/reporter/oct97/apbr.htm ]
List of New York State Agencies
     [ http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/ils/nyserver.html ]
Statement of Jacqueline Shannon, President, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), Regarding Mental
Illness Parity, Submitted to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, United States Senate
             For Immediate Release, July 11, 2001
    [ http://www.nami.org/update/20010730.html ]

 Help End School Violence: NAMI Calls for Routine Screening of Children for Mental Illness Early Warning Signs Listed
    [ http://www.nami.org/pressroom/20010313.html ]
Senate Allocates Funds for Federal Mental Health Courts Program: Grassroots Action Requested(8 Aug 01)
    [ http://www.nami.org/update/20010807.htm ]

A new method of intervention for mentally ill criminal offenders
By Silja J.A. Talvi  {assessed through Google Oct 17, 2001} possible this was written Febuary of 1998
    [ http://www.well.com/~sisu/mentalhealth.html ]

Case Law In New York {assessed Oct 17, 2001}
Health Care Decisionmaking and Declarations in New York
    [ http://wings.buffalo.edu/faculty/research/bioethics/case.html ]

New York School of Law
Online Education Program in Mental Disability Law
    [ http://www.nyls.edu/content.php?ID=582 ]

14) Bio-Chips[http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/Book1/CNS1.htm]© 24Sept2000 [http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/AccessWeb/12_VirtualReality.html ]
15) Clinton Blood Scandal - Plasma

Articles on the Arkansas-Canada Blood Scandal NewsMax.com Hot Topics
[ http://www.newsmax.com/articles/?a=1999/1/27/114853 ]

Canadian Blood Victims File Suit,Consider Naming Clinton By RICKI MAGNUSSEN
[ http://etherzone.com/bloodgate2.html ] Published in the Feb 1, 1999 issue of The Washington Weekly. Copyright © 1999 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com). Reposting permitted with this message intact.

Canadians In Pursuit of Liberty {links}A group of FReepers from around the world dedicated to telling the story of the Tainted Blood Scandal ... particularly in the United States, the headwaters for much of the tainted product which has infected and slain thousands upon thousands of innocent victims worldwide. Too few Americans (who may or may not have noticed the trials of French ministers and actual imprisonment of their Japanese counterparts) understand that:
[ http://www.freerepublic.com/perl/profile?op=show&user=BLOODHOUND%20(askel5) ] links
[ http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3a25d4805897.htm ] forum

Links - Last update: 06/10/01 [ http://www.seark.net/~budge/page43.htm ] links

BLOOD TRAIL: Confidential Memo Reveals HPB's Threat to Notify Countries That Got Tainted Arkansas Prison Blood
[ ]

A tale of two bloodgates: another media cover-up By Gerard Jackson No. 108, 21-27 February 1999
"A Press Conference will be held on February 24 at the National Press Club in Washington to demand a federal investigation into Clinton's 'bloodgate' scandal. Will Cameron Forbes and Cameron Stewart (The Australian's New York correspondent) be there? I doubt it. Caped Crusaders they ain't. In fact, I don't even consider them to be real journalists. Forbes couldn't hotfoot it fast enough to Jasper, Texas, to report on a race-inspired murder. And Stewart couldn't get to Wyoming fast enough either when it was claimed a young man had been murdered for being a homosexual. But neither of them ever bothered to scurry down Arkansas way to investigate a single Clinton scandal."
[ http://www.newaus.com.au/news108forbes.html ]

Arkansas Bloodsuckers -
   The year Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas, the Arkansas state prison board awarded a lucrative contract to a Little Rock company called Health Management Associates or HMA. The company was paid $3 million a year to run medical services for the state's troubled prison system, which had been excoriated in a ruling by the US Supreme Court as an "evil place run by some evil men."
   By the late 1980s, Arkansas was the only prison in the United States still running a blood program.
   The program stayed in operation until Bill Clinton moved to Washington. It was finally shut down in 1993 by his successor, Jim "Guy" Tucker. CP [ http://www.counterpunch.org/blood.html ]

Blood money - "An Arkansas prison-plasma business protected by Clinton cronies led to a scandal that almost toppled the government -- of Canada." "Blood Gate * At least 42,000 Canadians have been infected with hepatitis C, and thousands more with the HIV virus, thanks to poorly screened plasma. Some of it has been traced back to the Cummins prison in Arkansas. More than 7,000 Canadians are expected to die as a result of the blood scandal. The Canadian Krever Commission, established in 1993 to investigate the tainted-blood epidemic, concluded the government did not adequately supervise the Red Cross of Canada, the agency responsible for making sure that blood suppliers maintained adequate screening standards. As a result of the scandal, the Red Cross has been stripped of responsibility for the blood system."

Clinton Visited Prison Plasma Collection Facility Ricki Magnussen Febuary 8, 1999 -

Tainted Arkansas Prison Blood May Have Infected Americans Ricki Magnussen and Marvin Lee Feb 15, 1999 -
"Health Management Associates was selling blood from the Arkansas prison system until 1994. Connaught in Canada stopped buying blood and blood plasma from them in 1990. Where did they sell their blood from 1990 to 1994?" asks Steve Grissom, President of the U.S. National Association for Victims of Transfusion-Acquired AIDS (NAVTA).

Dumping scandal: ----THE EXPORT OF BAD BLOOD One thousand Canadian victims demand answers from Clinton and others about the export of contaminated blood products from U.S. prisons long after they were no longer sold domestically. BY SUZI PARKER http://www.salon.com/news/1999/02/25news.html

Virus Myth (details the myth of the HIV - AIDS virus) - T h e J o d y W e l l s M e m o r i a l P r i z e MISSING VIRUS! Ł 1000 Reward {HIV & AIDS}
[ http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/award.htm ] VIRUS MYTH Homepages
First Respons to Continuum Award (May '96) - to - Isolation Experiments (April '01)

1) there may have never been a poliovirus epidemic in the first place, 2) the poliovirus has never been pure isolated, and 3) no evidence exists to show that the poliovirus acts alone to cause poliomyelitis.[ http://www.chronicillnet.org/online/bensweet.html ]

16) Canola / Olestra / Fats[http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/Book1/CNS1.htm]© 24Sept2000
Canola Healthy? - http://www.1999.com/canola/ (New 17 Nov 98)
Oils Vegetable and Animal - Health Risks from Processed Foods and Trans. Fats: An interview with Mary Enig, Ph.D. - http://www.healthy.net/library/articles/passwater/enig01.htm (New 17 Nov 98)
17) Sweetners / Sugar,Aspartame,

Senator Howard Metzenbaum, who investigated the aspartame issue and the problems arising in the population, wrote a bill way back in 1985 that would have required independent testing by the National Institute of Health and put a moratorium on aspartame. The bill would have required studies to investigate some of neurological problems then being complained about back in l985 when aspartame was only in a few hundred products not 9000 and climbing with an expired patent and thus an open slather situation for anyone to produce it. [ http://www.naturopath.org.nz/articles/NHArticle003.htm ]
18) Canadian Factory Farms
[http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/Book1/CNS1.htm]© 24Sept2000
Will retrieve the info soon
19) World Wide Red Tides
[http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/Book1/CNS1.htm]© 24Sept2000
Will retrieve the info soon
20) Ambiguous Genitilia

"Missing Boys." - Montague, Peter. Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly. 16 apr. 1999 "increasing birth defects of the penis and testicles" "hypothesizinglinked to exposures to hormone-disrupting chemicals including dioxin, pesticides, lead." "chlorophenoxy herbicides and/or fungicides, the male proportion among children born with defects to workers who apply pesticides was 0.735, compared to a male proportion of 0.607 for births with defects among the general population."
[ http://www.monitor.net/rachel/r594.html ]

Oil; Thomas Gold * is oil a bacterial byproduct? Thomas Gold -- "The Deep Hot Bioshpere," http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/tg21/
The Theory of Unlimited Oil One Heretic Predicts More Oil to Be Drilled in the Ground By Kevin Newman -- March 16 http://more.abcnews.go.com/onair/closerlook/wnt_000316_cl_oilheretic_feature.html

21) Letter About Clinton

I ran across this next item and have not been able to get in touch with the author.  Will someone do so - so that I may make sure of his approval for it to be here?

> Subject: I Agree...
> This letter was written by Eric Jowers, a retired Army Officer,
> who served as public affairs officer at Fort Rucker from 1989 to 1991.
> He now lives in Ozark, Alabama.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Mr. President:
> It's not about sex.
> If it were about sex, you would be long gone.
> Just like a doctor, attorney or teacher who had
> sex with a patient, client or student half his age,
> you would have violated the ethics of your office
> and would be long gone.
> Just like a Sergeant Major of the Army, Gene McKinney,
> who though found not guilty, was forced to resign
> amid accusations of sexual abuse.
> Remember the Air Force General you wouldn't
> nominate to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
> because he freely admitted to an affair almost 15
> years before, while he and his wife were separated?
> Unlike you, he was never accused of having a
> starry-eyed office assistant my daughter's age
> perform oral sex on him while he was on the
> phone and his wife and daughter were upstairs.
> If it were about sex, you should be subjected to the
> same horrible hearings that Clarence Thomas was
> subjected to because of the accusations of Anita Hill.
> The only accusation then was that he talked dirty to her;
> he didn't even leave semen stains on her dress.
> No, it's not about sex.
> It's about character.
> It's about lying.
> It's about arrogance.
> It's about abuse of power.
> It's about dodging the draft and lying about it.
> When caught in a lie by letters you wrote,
> you concocted a story that nobody believed.
> But we excused it and looked away.
> It's about smoking dope, and lying about it.
> "I didn't inhale," you said.
> Sure, and when I was 15 and my buddies and I
> swiped a beer from an unwatched refrigerator,
> we drank from it, but we didn't swallow.
> "I broke no laws of the United States," you said.
> That's right, you smoked dope in England or Norway or
> Moscow; where you were demonstrating against the U.S.A.
> You lied, but we excused it and looked away.
> It's about you selling overnight stays in the White House to
> any foreigner or other contributor with untraceable cash.
> It's about Whitewater and Jim and Susan McDougal and
> Arkansas, Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Vincent Foster and
> Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones and Karen Willey and
> nearly countless others.
> It's about stealing the records from Foster's office while his
> body was still warm and putting them in your bedroom and
> "not noticing them" for two years.
> It's about illegal political contributions.
> It's about you and Al Gore soliciting contributions and selling
> influence at Buddhist temples and in the same Oval Office
> where Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt led their
> countries through the dark days of wars that threatened the
> very existence of our nation.
> But we excused you and looked away.
> It's about hiding evidence from Ken Starr, refusing to testify,
> filing legal motions, coaching witnesses, obstructing justice
> and delaying Judge Starr's inquiry for months and years,
> and then complaining that it has gone on too long.
> The polls agreed.
> Thank goodness that Judge Starr didn't read the polls,
> play politics or excuse you and look away.
> He held on to the evidence like a tenacious bulldog.
> Your supporters say that you've confessed your wrong doings
> and asked for our forgiveness.
> Listen, what you said on TV the night you testified to the grand
> jury was not a confession; overwhelming evidence is not a
> confession at all.
> Not that it would make a lot of difference.
> A murderer who contritely confesses his crime is still a murderer.
> When your "confession" didn't sell, even to your friends, you
> became more forthcoming.
> Maybe someday you'll confess more, but probably not.
> You've established such a pattern of lying that we can't
> believe you anymore.
> Neither can your cabinet, the Congress or any of the leaders
> of the nations of the world.
> When a leader's actions defame and emasculate our country
> as profoundly as yours have, it's no longer a personal matter,
> as you claim.
> It's no longer a matter among you, your family and your God.
> By the way, I don't believe for a minute that Hillary was unaware of
> your sexual misadventures, abuses of power and pattern of lying.
> She has been a party to your wrong doings since Whitewater
> and Jennifer Flowers just as surely as she lied about the Rose
> law firm's billings and hid the Vincent Foster evidence in your
> bedroom for two years.
> Why? So she could share in the raw power that your office carries.
> The two of you probably lied to Chelsea, but that is a matter among
> you, your family and your God.
> Remember the sign over James Carvill's desk during the l992 campaign?
> It said, "It's the economy, stupid! Place this sign over your desk:
> "It's about character, stupid!"
> No, it's not about sex, Mr. President.
> If it were, you would be long gone.
> It's about character; but we have to live with your filth,
> lies and arrogance for a while longer.
> Your lies, amorality and lack of character have been as
> pervasive as they have been despicable, so we have no
> reason to believe that you will quietly resign and go away.
> You'll count on half truths and spin doctors to see you through,
> the country be damned.
> It has always worked before.
> We excused you and looked the other way.
> No more, we've had enough. You betrayed us enough.
> You have made every elected official, minister, teacher,
> diplomat, parent and grandparent in the country apologize
> for you and explain away your actions.
> Now go away, and let us show them that our country was
> not without morals.
> It was just that you were.
> Let us show them that America was not the problem.
> William Jefferson Clinton was.
> Go away, Mr. President. Leave us alone.
> And when you leave, know that your legacy to the United States
> of America will be a stain on the Office of the President that is as
> filthy as the stain on Monica's dress.
> It will take a lot of scrubbing to make it clean again.

William Jefferson Blythe iv * 42nd US President * Governor of Arkansas 1978-80, 1982-92 *
Arkansas Attorney General 1976-78 * Born : August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas * Father : Willian Jefferson Blythe III * Roger Clinton (stepfather) * Mother : Virginia Divine Blythe Clinton * Spouse : Hillary Rodham (1947- ), m: October 11, 1975 * Children : Chelsea Victoria Clinton (1980- )

Thomas Jefferson Gate * Clinton's grave-digging character assassins in the media did not establish with "near certainty" that Jefferson fathered any of Hemings children. In fact, the medical group who did the study could find no evidence, genetic or otherwise, that he and Hemings were ever sexually involved. The test that Forbes falsely claimed definitely established Jefferson's patrimony only proved that a Hemings descendent had Jefferson genes, not that they had Thomas Jefferson's genes. What Forbes did not report is that one of a number of other Jeffersons living in the area could have fathered Sally Hemings child. This fact was confirmed by Dr. Foster, the pathologist who coordinated the DNA study. He made it clear that group's genetic findings did not rule out other Jefferson males. Another fact Forbes neglected to report. Moreover, Dr. Foster freely admitted that he knew the findings would not be conclusive. In other words, the study was flawed. Yet Forbes wrote as if the study's results were definitive. Why? [ http://www.newaus.com.au/us104jefferson.html ]
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, ...it expects what never was and never will be." --Thomas Jefferson
Blood Gate / AIDS GATE * At least 42,000 Canadians have been infected with hepatitis C, and thousands more with the HIV virus, thanks to poorly screened plasma. Some of it has been traced back to the Cummins prison in Arkansas. More than 7,000 Canadians are expected to die as a result of the blood scandal. The Canadian Krever Commission, established in 1993 to investigate the tainted-blood epidemic, concluded the government did not adequately supervise the Red Cross of Canada, the agency responsible for making sure that blood suppliers maintained adequate screening standards. As a result of the scandal, the Red Cross has been stripped of responsibility for the blood system.
*Interestingly enough, a few days after White House Counsel Vince Foster/Clinton-HMA bagman was found dead in Ft. Marcy Park, someone rang up the White House to tell them Foster had been recently been "very distressed" over "tainted blood." When one of Foster's secretaries in the White House Counsel's office, Linda Tripp, tried to field a call about tainted blood, she ran into encryption problems on the White House computer system. Of course, Gator McBurt did his time in the early 70s. But dangerous blood programs in Arkansas prisons predated the Clinton Era. In fact, a 1969 New York Times article details the hepatits-ridden blood program run at Cummins by Dr. Austin R. Stough from 1963-67, a good ten years before Dr. Francis "Bud" Henderson and the HMA moved in. http://www.homegame.org/HG/u-z/wlite.html
Vince Foster 1993 * "Foster called his doctor on the 19 July, 1993, to complain about depression. The following day he left the White House alone at 1 pm. At five that evening he was found dead in the park with a bullet in his head and a .38 in his hand. The body was only a 20 minute walk from the White House" "Equally curious is the testimony of Linda Tripp, White House Counsel Bernie Nussbaum's secretary, to the Committee"[ http://www.newaus.com.au/news25wilson.html ]
White Water 1996* Vince Foster( Updated: May 22, 2001 Clinton continues to mull pardons January 20, 2001)"Webster Hubbell, Mrs. Clinton's former law partner, and Susan McDougal, the Clintons' former business partner in the Whitewater real estate venture." "Milken's crimes cost investors more than $1 billion and hurt the markets' credibility, Richard Walker, the Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement director, told White House Counsel Beth Nolan in a letter last month."
Cattle Futures 1978-79 * Hillary Clinton Futures Trades Detailed By Charles R. Babcock Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 27, 1994; Page A01 - "Blair, who at the time was outside counsel to Tyson Foods Inc., Arkansas' largest employer, says he was advising Clinton out of friendship, not to seek political gain for his state-regulated client. At the time of many of the trades, Bill Clinton was governor." "While Clinton's account was wildly successful to an outsider, it was small compared to what others were making in the cattle futures market in the 1978-79 period. An investigation of the cattle futures market at that time by Rep. Neal Smith (D-Iowa) found that in one 16-month period 32 traders made more than $110 million in profits from large trades -- those of 50 contracts or more. Clinton traded positions of 50 or more contracts only three times."[ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/whitewater/stories/wwtr940527.htm ], Cattlegate
    [ http://www.conservative.org/book/chapter3.htm ]
Sugar Futures 1980 * in fact, she admitted that while she was in labor with Chelsea, she was worrying about her sugar futures. [ http://www.conservative.org/book/chapter3.htm ]
Travelgate *
Filegate *
Paula Jones 1991* Tuesday May 27 5:55 PM EDT Court: Clinton Must Face Sex Harassment Suit WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A unanimous Supreme Court handed President Clinton a stinging defeat Tuesday, ruling that Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against him can proceed immediately rather than wait until he leaves office... In a landmark ruling, all nine justices held for the first time that a lawsuit against a sitting president for conduct unrelated to official duties may proceed to trial. The ruling involved only when the case goes forward, not the merits of Jones' allegations that Clinton made unwanted sexual advances in 1991 in a Little Rock hotel room when he was governor of Arkansas and she was a state employee.
Monica Lewinsky *

This article appeared in the Washington Times on June 1, 2000. Can you say Sen. Clinton? By Karl Zinsmeister
   "Health Care Task Force's end runs around government sunshine laws, the Travelgate vindictiveness, the gravely troubling FBI file snooping, the cattle futures miracle, the Castle Grande hustle and other Whitewater business, the missing billing records, the Chinese cash drop in the White House, even the Monica cover-up."
    "Hillary Clinton has been intimately involved in a long string of heavy-handed proposals for remaking everything from public schooling to job markets to family life. The years she served as chair of the federal government's Legal Services Corp. under Jimmy Carter were the looniest in the history of that often-loony organization. Under her tenure, the organization sued New York City to overturn its policy against putting heroin addicts to work on subways. It sued to force schools to use racial quotas in handing out school suspensions. It sued to make states extend welfare benefits to alcoholics and drug addicts on the grounds that their addiction was a disability. (And after Jimmy Carter lost his re-election bid, there was wholesale document shredding at Hillary's Legal Services Corp.)"

How to Launder Money in the Futures Market by J. Orlin Grabbe [ http://www.aci.net/kalliste/futlaund.htm ]

22) Osmosis
All chemicals are systematic and are (drank) uptaken by the plant and / or absorbed by the plant stomata, washing will not remove them.Put a stalk of celery in a glass of red food dye and a few dyes latter you will see the dye as it travel up the celery by osmosis. GM plants “seem “ to need more chemicals; some of these crops are developed to need more chemicals. Chemicals can take up to 10 years or more to break down, some break down in to forms that are even deadlier than the original chemical. [http://ThePiedPiper.tripod.com/Book1/CNS1.htm]© 24Sept2000 – Web Posted 03Oct2000 and 04Oct00
  by Robert Meinsma
A Brief History of Mental Therapy  More on the Psychiatric Paradigm  by Robert Meinsma, 1998
[ http://home.earthlink.net/~openbook/History.mental.therapy.html ]
[ http://www.mhsource.com/catalog/medinapreview.html ]
1988 Use of Ritalin (considered a dangerous drug by the FDA) reported to be doubling every 4 to 7 years. Over 750,000
elementary school students around the country are reported to be on Ritalin. Researchers find that "(Ritalin) is being used
increasingly to treat girls, secondary school students, students from lowincome households and children who were simply
inattentive in school without any behavioral problems." (Journal of American Medical Association). Martin Baren,
("Developmental Pediatrician"), says "If a child truly has an attention disorder, then he has a chemical problem and needs Ritalin as much as a diabetic needs insulin." (Amphetamines were first introduced to address hyperactivity in children in the US during the Nazi period.)

1990 Entomologist Robert A. Smith, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science,
extends the Darwinian idea of natural selection. He puts forth the idea that, due to multiple matings with different partners, a
woman's egg experiences competition among sperm to determine which man's sperm will triumph. Stressing that sperm stay
alive in a woman's body as long as 10 days, he posits what he calls "kamikaze sperm" from an individual male, which may band together to block a competing male's sperm.

1991 Article in New York Times, "Psychiatry for Profit: Private Hospitals Under Fire." Law enforcement agencies in several
states investigate incidents of hospitals systematically mistreating, abusing and misdiagnosing people to maximize money from
insurance claims.

1992 The Washington Post reports testimony from numerous witnesses before a congressional committee that "thousands of
people, mostly adolescents, were unnecessarily admitted to psychiatric hospitals during the last decade as a part of
money-making schemes that milked insurance companies but offered little in the way of treatment..." Several experts state that
children were often hospitalized under the guise of treating problems that were actually behavioral or scholastic and did not
require psychiatric intervention. Psychiatric hospitals engaged in strong and persistent marketing techniques, taking advantage of the vague, ambiguous nature of psychiatric diagnoses to make profits from increased admissions. One Nevada hospital
routinely placed newspaper ads at the time of report cards that suggested poor scholastic performance could be a sign of
mental illness. Some hospital chains established adolescent "residential treatment centers.Ă® Witnesses further testified that
patients were kept until their insurance coverage was exhausted and then declared fit to be discharged.

1992 The Board of Directors of the American Medical Association are informed that the president elect of the World Medical Association, Dr. Hans Joachim Sewering, is a past member of the SS and there is evidence of his having participated in the Nazi euthanasia program. Sewering resigns, protesting that there is a "world Jewish conspiracy" against him. (In 1946,
Sewering was convicted of being an SS member and fined 1,500 German marks.) Dr. Sewering alleges he knew nothing of any killing taking place at Elfging-Haar or other sanitoria in Germany during the Nazi regime. However, his signature is on a 1943 transfer order sending an epileptic child to Elfging-Haar where, three weeks later, the child died. Nuns at Schoenbrunn
Sanatorium say (in 1992) that everyone at Schoenbrunn knew euthanasia was carried out at Elfging-Haar, and that 900
children had been transferred there.

1994 Hand-held computers in use as a tool for psychiatric therapy as new "cybershrink" technology gains popularity. In work
underwritten by a fellowship from the German government, a Stanford researcher states, "The computer is the link between the sessions and real life." The patient interacts with a computer carried on their person, using a software program designed to help allay phobias called "Fear Busters." The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the software program "puts the essentials of therapy at the patient's fingertips, asking questions to keep patients focused and offering encouragement.

Fall, 1997 An article in the Readers Digest 75th Anniversary Supplement entitled ìComing Soon: Medical Miracles that Could Save your Lifeî discusses the development of computer chips which function like networks of brain cells to replace damaged portions of the brain. Researchers have already cultured animal brain cells directly onto the chips. Theodore Berger, professor of biomedical engineering at U.S.C. says, ìThe next big challenge will be to see if the neurons in the brain and the computer chip can communicate with one another. Itís just a question of adapting and applying them to model the brainís functions.î

"Quote from Benno Muller Hill "Murderous Science.Ă® "It seems to me that to reduce other people to the status of
depersonalized objects is of no help to them whatsoever. The 'scientific' psychiatrist does not console those in despair, he calls them depressed. He does not unravel the tangled thoughtprocesses of the confused, he calls them schizophrenic. If he speaks to those in despair, to the confused, to those who think slowly, as a wise, friendly person speaks to another person, then he is no longer considered to be an objective scientist but a ...well, what would he be? We have no appropriate word to describe such persons. When we envisage them, we must admit that their training could not and cannot take place within any of the existing university specialties.....Could it not be that as anthropology and psychiatry advance, the patient, the 'other person' continually becomes more remote and less significant? Is this whole style of investigation, together with its predictions, anything more than an ever more marked degradation of the individual until he becomes a mere cipher? It seems to me that the inexorable encroachment of science, which began in the eighteenth century during the 'Age of Enlightenment', on activities more properly belonging to the human individual who speaks and gives signs, has had unforeseen and devastating effects."

Quote from The Myth of the Hyperactive Child by Schrag and Divoky:

"There are scores of examples and hundreds of illustrative horror stories: stories about children who grow bone thin and
zombielike from the effects of the drugs they take; stories of parents who are told to have their children started on medication if they don't want them expelled from school or placed in a "special" class; cases where parents have found themselves described in their children's school records as "radicals,Ă® "militants" or alcoholics or as unfit to raise children; instances where the police or the schools routinely inform employers about old and unsubstantiated charges against adolescent job applicants; communities which require children to furnish extensive personal information about their parents; and, at the extreme, cases where doctors perform psychosurgery on sevenyearold "hyperactive" children to make them docile. But what appears most significant is that all these examples are part of a phenomenon in which the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts, a spreading ideology of "early intervention" and "treatment" in which the language and, often, the techniques of medicine are used extensively to serve the purposes of social control. That ideology is not the particular province of any single set of institutions, nor is it limited to certain sections of the country; increasingly it pervades all the major institutions dealing with the young: schools, probation departments, clinics, the federal government and that growing scientific and corporate establishment (concerned with) "syndromes" and "diseases" of nonconformity.

ìThere are hundreds of such "syndromes" and almost every week others are "discovered.î Few, if any, have any validation in science or medicine; most simply reflect behavior that some adult doesn't like, but they are nonetheless discussed and atributed to individual children as if they were medically demonstrable organic ailments. As a consequence, millions of children are no longer regarded as part of the ordinary spectrum of human personality and intelligence children who are quieter or brighter than the average, children who are jumpy, children who are slow but as people who are qualitatively different from the "normal" population, individuals who, as a consequence of "minimal brain dysfunction,î "hyperactivity,î or "functional behavior disorders" constitute a distinct and separate group. There is no way to estimate how many children now carry such lables, or have been assigned to special classes, or have been taught that they are somehow different, but their number clearly runs into the millions and is growing every year. These are not sick children or people with obvious physical or psychological handicaps: they are healthy children poor, affluent, bright, slow, black, white who come from an ordinary spectrum of homes, live in ordinary towns and go to ordinary schools...

"We are, among other things, raising the first American generation whose records include not only the commonplace data of
education (grades, test scores and anecdotes about character) but also extensive psychological information, material on family
relationships, income, sexual habits and, among other things, conjectures by psychologists and social workers about the
psyches and personalities of millions of individuals...All are being taught that it is normal to be watched, tested and treated, that deviance is disease, and that punishment, which used to be direct and overt, is now meted out furtively in the guise of therapy...

"An entire generation is slowly being conditioned to distruct its own instincts, to regard its deviation from the narrowing
standards of approved norms as sickness and to rely on the institutions of the state and on technology to define and engineer its "health.Ă® In enhancing the power of the state, and in destroying even  the ability to imagine the alternatives and understand the liberties, which might once have been exercised in defending them, the impact of that conditioning is almost incalcuable.Ă®

"Are we putting the Dachau inside the pill and the pill inside the child? Charles Witter

24) Issues Tech - America Politically Unstable or just Unstable Index

ADHD Criteria
Stimulant Drugs
Water - Pollutants
Lawyers and Cities - protecting manufacturing - loving it to death, but not protecting it
Manufacturing chemicals
Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Issues that make America appear to be several years behind in technology.
Item Issue Result
ADHD Criteria HMO plans may not required
ENT specialists or allergy testing
Loss of American Medical Specialists
Stimulant Drugs
    and others 
  To overcome 
    feelings of tiredness
Alkaloids ->
Stimulants are used as diet aids 
and Doctors require their patients
to eat healthy food since they will
eat less food over all.

Ritalin, ect. do not seem to come with the same warning.

The empty calories of stimulants keep the body / brain from being well nourished.

Eliminating sugar, aspartame, or msg
can still leave empty calories.

Sugar, aspartame, and msg are all stimulants

Switching from sugar to aspartame still leaves you with a stimulant and if coupled with caffeine from sodas the body may not want food. 

March 7, 1996 Coastal playground turned killing ground. Stuart Leavenworth

18 March 1996 Hogging The Table by John Greenwald  -  Time Magazine Archive.

March 21, 1998 - Drugged Waters by Janet Raloff
*     Regulators have attempted to cope with this problem by asking manufacturers to model a new drug's projected concentration in public water supplies, based on what was known about company projections for how much of the compound might be sold, the quantities of lake and stream water into which the excreted drug would be flushed, and laboratory information on the rate at which it would break down in the environment. They were also asked to predict its accumulation in wildlife.
*    In the United States, an environmental assessment containing such estimates would be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration as part of the approval process for a new drug. If such an assessment suggested that worrisome levels of a drug might build up, a manufacturer would have to prepare a more detailed investigation. Such an environmental impact statement might even explore 
possible mitigation measures, explains Daniel C. Kearns of FDA in Rockville, Md. 
*     So seldom did an environmental assessment for a new drug suggest a hazard, however, that the FDA decided last July to reduce a manufacturer's environmental reporting requirements. The agency concluded that excreted drugs "are probably not having a significant environmental effect,"  Kearns says. "So unless modeling data suggest a drug's concentrations would reach 1 ppb, a manufacturer no longer must submit an environmental assessment.
*     "We've never seen a situation where we believe you would have an actual impact upon the environment if [drug] concentrations were under that," he told Science News.
*     Though modeling provided a useful surrogate for water monitoring when laboratory analyses were 
too crude to detect low drug concentrations in the environment, chemists today routinely detect parts per trillion (ppt) of many waterborne pollutants.
*     When asked whether FDA requires any monitoring of water supplies to see whether concentrations in the real world match the predictions of drug manufacturers' models, Kearns said no.
*     If they had, many German chemists now believe, regulators might have received a rude awakening
     -- as Thomas A. Ternes did.

Jan 30, 1999 Marine epidemiology comes of age. by Janet Raloff, Science News. Over the past 15 years, for instance, "there has
been a very striking increase in the frequency and extent of harmful algal blooms,"

03 Apr 1999 It's raining pesticides by Pearch, Fred and Debora Mackenzie - "a new study reveals that much of the precipitation in Europe contains such high levels of dissolved pesticides that it would be illegal to supply it as drinking water." Has Novartis' weedkiller Target and Monsanto's Glyphosate herbicide round-Up on it. 

May 7 2000 - Anti-depressants get into water system by  Roger Dobson

11/19/00 - Pollution, unchecked sprawl threaten area's water supply by Katherine Bouma

11/08/00 Drugs found in tap water By Kathleen Fackelmann, USA TODAY
17 year old Ashley Mulroy finds antibiotics in public supplies.  Ashley Mulroy from Wheeling, W.Va won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, an international science competition sponsored by ITT Industries.
For information on the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, see the Web site of  the Water Environment Federation:

June 7, 2001 Teen achieves research landmark
By Terry Rice - A 17-year-old student from Halifax, Nova Scotia created a media fury last week becoming the youngest woman in 90 years to have an article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). Lindsey  Edmunds has won a Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship and a scholarship from the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation, which will cover the full cost of her undergraduate degree.

Raining chemicals world wide.
investing in America as a world wide bread basket would still leave those chemicals in the investing countries.

Those chemicals are traveling world wide and have showed up in the food chain (in measurable levels)   for over ten years.


Lawyers and Cities 
protecting manufacturing
Manufacturing chemicals blamed
requiring that they buy 
more pollution credits
With pharmesudical 
chemicals killing the bacteria 
that normally keep major 
reactions from happening, 
the illnesses get blamed on manufacturing chemicals 
that humans are normally 
able to shrug

to add insult to injury the manufacturing companies 
may be required to pay for 
mental insurence that 
wasn't needed before.

 [ http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/official_report/wa-01/wa0822.htm ]
Written Answers Wednesday 22 August 2001 Scottish Executive Agriculture 
...Holding answer issued: 10 August 2001 (S1W-16993) Rhona Brankin: The Scottish Executive recognises the seriousness of the impact of endocrine disrupters and dioxins on human health. The risk of direct exposure through air, water and soil is very limited, and the majority of human exposures to dioxins arise through the consumption of food. Measures are therefore in place to limit the amount of dioxins reaching the food chain. Pollution control legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Municipal Waste Incinerators Directives, which came into force in the UK in December 1996 has greatly reduced emissions of dioxins and other endocrine disrupting chemicals in the UK. The provisions of the new Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000 will continue this trend. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) include conditions within Consents to Discharge under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 that limit discharges of certain endocrine disrupting compounds into the aquatic environment.
The endocrine disruptors that are in pesticides also had the potential of signaling a death toll to some that are in pharmesudical drugs. At this time pharmesudical drugs do not require enviromental impacts or pollution credits. Many manufacturing chemicals can biodegrade with the help of micro-organisms, pharmesudical drugs can kill those micro-organisms.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
  No pollution credits at all
 March 21, 1998 - Drugged Waters by Janet Raloff

Bayer, for example has six sectors of business activity: agricultural produce, organic products, pharmaceutical products, industrial products, polymers and information techniques. The same holds for Sanofi and most of the other major concerns, such as Ciba-Geigy, Hoffman-Laroche, Hoechst and others.
This information is from 'Anti-Vivisection Scientific Committee', great information until you realized that once animals have that many rights what is to keep someone from clonning a dog that can stand up-right and has hands.

Conspiracy?  Not when a company has control of Ritalin and Baby food.  Novartis has Ritalin and also owns Gerber.  All of Novartis' incarnations seem to give money to the Clinton's, as long as the Clinton's and Gore's support the idea of America having mental problems.
Antibiotics http://www.kidsgrowth.com/resources/advicedetail.cfm?id=30
 upper respiratory infection
(Doctors have since learned that colds and most other infections are caused by viruses, and viruses are not destroyed by antibiotics.)   Therefore, a penicillin shot became the standard treatment for colds, sore throats, ear infections, and pneumonia.

A four-year-old with delayed speech is bound to feel   frustration, even if he is getting speech therapy. Help your  nephew work out his frustration in more positive ways than hitting people.

Key Words pharmaceutic,
Pharmaceutical chemistry, 
a pharmaceutical product,

[ http://www.njinsider.com/largestemployers04.htm ]
US subsidiary of company formed 1997 as a result of merger of former Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy pharmaceutical firms, both based in Switzerland, employs about 85,000 people and operates in over 100 countries> Summit facility, former Ciba-Geigy national headquarters for pharmaceutical division, became corporate headquarters of US operations, headquarters of Consumer Health Division, includes Gerber Products Company infant nutrition products, Novartis OTC (over-the-counter medicines) and Medical Nutrition; other operations include healthcare sectors, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Geneva Pharmaceuticals and CIBA Vision; Novartis Agribusiness, growing and enhancing crops, vegetables and flowers, sustaining animal health, Novartis Seeds produces high-quality crop, flower and vegetable seeds, Novartis Crop Protection world leader in herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides; also makes parasite-control products and medicines for pets and farm animals> Consumer trademarked brands include Ascriptin, Desenex, Doan's, Ex-Lax, Gas-X, Habitrol (nicotine transdermal system), Maalox, Tavist-D, Theraflu, and Triaminic> Former Sandoz facility in East Hanover became headquarters of Novartis pharmaceutical business with 4,600 employees of 7,000 in US; announced decision 1999 to consolidate Summit operations in East Hanover following construction of expanded facilities to be completed 2003> Other facilities in NJ include distribution center in West Caldwell, advertising and sales training in Florham Park, and over-the-counter business in Parsippany> Sandoz US operation established 1919, one of early dyestuff suppliers to Paterson silk factories.

[ http://www.etenengenen.nl/files/reader.doc ]"Marker-assisted selection is the first choice if we can solve the problem," said Wally Beversdorf, head of plant science and agribusiness for Syngenta, which was formed by the merger of the agricultural businesses of Novartis and AstraZeneca. While Syngenta is still committed to genetic engineering, Dr. Beversdorf said, it is applying that technique "where we have to, where there is no opportunity for marker-assisted breeding." 

1998 -
The 69-year-old Hungary-born Pusztai, who had been working at the RRI for 36 years, was removed from service, his research papers were seized, and his data confiscated; and he was prohibited from talking to anyone about his research work. All this for having spoken - "all of 150 seconds," he says - in a programme called World in Action on Granada TV in August 1998, about his findings on the effects of GM foods that ran counter to the prevalent scientific dogma that they were safe. He had also expressed concern that the testing procedures to establish the safety of GM foods may not be adequate.

Arpad Puxztai’s Homepage – 
[ http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/A.Pusztai/

[ http://www.thecampaign.org/newsupdates/august.htm
August 1999 headlines and summaries
In a report sent to several thousand of the world's large institutional investors, including British pension funds, Deutsche Bank says that "growing negative sentiment" is creating problems for the leading companies, including Monsanto and Novartis. "We note that Monsanto has spent more than $1.5m (#1m) to persuade English consumers of the rectitude of their position, but alas, to no avail. Monsanto is little match for Prince Charles, an anti-GMO advocate, when it comes to sensitivity for the English people's desires," says the report. "More broadly speaking, it appears the food companies, retailers, grain processors, and governments are sending a signal to the seed producers that 'we are not ready for GMOs'." 
...The report is a serious embarrassment to the Labour party because its pension fund has large investments in two leading GM companies, AstraZeneca and Novartis, both of which are reportedly considering selling their GM divisions after years of heavy investments but few returns. 

** use these keywords to search with,
Pfiesteria, dinoflagellates, Aspergillus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Stachybotrys atra, Stachybotrys chartarum (atra),
saprophytic, epizootic infections,  Chytrid, A. sydowii, chytridiomycosis, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Candida albicans,
Neuse - River, Red Tide, Great Lakes plankton,
* Stachybotrys chartarum (atra) is capable of producing several toxins including
macrocyclic trichothecenes
(satratoxins H, G, F, roridin E, verrucarin J, and Trichoverrols A and B).
** Corporate Farms using Antibiotics as growth aids,
Antibacterials used for cleaning,
** MSG sprayed plants as a growth aid
Extra Section

Amphetamine, Methlyphenidate (Ritalin), Adrenaline,

Saturday, 17 November, 2001, 11:35 GMT
Move to block human cloning
UK law intended to ban cloning of human embryos The government is to appeal against a court ruling effectively allowing human cloning - and will introduce legislation on the matter next week.

There are three different types of human sperm - blockers, killers and go getters. There has been speculation that males sperm evolved this way because of multiple insemination competition. I speculate that since sperm have protein that fungal (or other types of infections) would make the killer sperm target the defective sperm before it had a chance to get to the egg.
-- This means that humans have several types of defenses to keep mutations from happening like fungus invading the developing locust or the sex cells of a grass, so that the grass can only replicate by cloning.
--Male seminal fluid is alkaline, the female vagina is acidic, the vagina has a flora of microorganisms that keep it healthy and should also help kill bad sperm.
--Cloning circumvents all these protective measures.
--the use of virus' to help with GM replication also seems to the potential of circumventing the plants protection.

a) amphetamine withdrawal pain
b) painkiller Methylphenidate
c) methlyphenidate withdrawal pain
d) methlyphenidate pain adhd
e) amphetamine withdrawal pain
f) alkaloid amphetamine pain cocaine adhd
g) A Hill and Tip Trip - 06/12/2000
h) White House confirence on mental health
i) Stem Cells
j) Technology - Genetics
k) Digital Angel

a) amphetamine withdrawal pain
Koch Crime Institute
                Amphetamines produce an artificial feeling of pleasure. Most addictive drugs are able to produce pleasurable effects by chemically mimicking certain normal brain messenger chemicals which produce positive feelings in response to signals from the brain.
                An example of this is the narcotic drug which mimics endorphin (nature's natural pain reliever). This is like having counterfeit money which will fit into the slot machine. When the drug comes in, its stimulates the reward center. This short circuits the survival mechanism, because the reward center cell can't tell the difference between the drug and the natural chemical messenger.
                The result is a dependence on the immediate, fast, predictable drug which, at the same time, short circuits interests in and the motivation to make life's normal rewards work
Repetition Strengthens Memory
                The memory works like a cassette recorder and stores all that the body experiences. At some time later, when "signaled," physical experiences stored in the memory can be played back. Repetition strengthens memory. Through repetition, the pleasant effects of amphetamine and the relief of painful withdrawal, become  strongly programmed into the survival mechanism.

b) painkiller Methylphenidate
Psychostimulants, such as methylphenidate, are generally reserved for depressed people who are withdrawn, slowed, and fatigued or who haven't improved after using all other classes of antidepressants. Their abuse potential is high. Because psychostimulants tend to work quickly
 (within a day) and facilitate ambulation, they are sometimes prescribed for elderly depressed people who are convalescing from surgery or a protracted illness.

c) methlyphenidate withdrawal pain
Learning Discoveries Psychological Services
Ritalin is a central nervous stimulant. It is primarily being used for the treatment of minimal brain dysfunction or ADD in children.
Common signs of this disorder are short attention span, easy distractability, emotional instability, impulsiveness, and moderate
to severe hyperactivity. Many professionals feel that Methylphenidate offers only a temporary solution because it does not
permanently change behaviour patterns -- IT IS NOT A CURE.

d) methlyphenidate pain adhd
International Abstracts in Psychiatry - June 1996
            Psychostimulants have been available for decades and amphetamines was the first class of drug to be introduced that had mood elevating properties. Amphetamines did become drugs of abuse and overuse during the second world war and the post war era, and they were used extensively again in the military during the Korean war. Amphetamines known as speed, and Methylphenidate, the `R' in T & R's (Talwin
and Ritalin), continue to be drugs of abuse on the street.

e) amphetamine withdrawal pain
Pacific Sleep Medicine Services
45.             What does amphetamine do your sleep?
                  A: Amphetamine and amphetamine-like drugs are also known as 'speed' or 'crank'. They are powerful stimulants that are not unlike cocaine in many respects. Amphetamines also potentiate brain chemicals involved in wakefulness and produce changes in brain wave patterns. Sleep changes include reduced stage 3 and stage 4 NREM sleep and reduced REM sleep as well as decreased tendency to fall asleep and stay asleep. When amphetamine is discontinued, the individual becomes very sleepy and may feel that more amphetamine is necessary just to function. Also, discontinuation of amphetamine leads to greatly increased REM sleep known as 'REM rebound' which may be accompanied by nightmares.  However, amphetamine and related drugs are medically useful in controlling the disabling sleepiness of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy.

f) alkaloid amphetamine pain cocaine adhd
Amphetamines and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
     Used since 1936 for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
     Treatment started historically with use of dextroamphetamine and has progressed over years to use of  methylphenidate (Ritalin), pemoline (Cylert), and, more recently, the antidepressant nortriptyline.
     Evolution of terminology for the disorder: from "minimal brain dysfunction" to "minimal brain disorder" to "hyperactivity syndrome" to "attention deficit disorder" (ADD) to the present ADHD.
     No definitive CNS pathology (because there is no animal model of ADHD), however a dopamine hypothesis of ADHD, has evolved invoking a disorder of polysynaptic dopaminergic circuits, between prefrontal and striate centers.
     ADHD, which affects up to 6% of school-age children, characterized by: inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity that are persistent and sufficiently severe to cause functional impairment at school, home, and with peers....evidence that disorder may be inherited.
     Symptoms may persist into adulthood in a significant percentage of persons with ADHD.
     Effective intervention early in childhood may alter course of ADHD, decreasing likelihood of developing conduct disorder as an adolescent and antisocial personality with its various complications (e.g., alcohol and drug abuse, criminality) as an adult.
     Pharmacological treatment of ADHD usually discontinued when a child reaches puberty, because adolescents presumably are more prone to abuse amphetamine-like drugs.
     Also, possible growth-reducing effects may blunt usual adolescent growth spurt (even with a "summer holiday" from drug).
     Drugs improve behavior and learning ability in 50-75% of ADHD children
Amphetamines and Obesity
     Impediments include: side effects, dependency, addiction, and rapid tolerance.
     Small amounts of weight loss (<1 pnd/wk) accompany use of amphetamine and other
     dopamine-potentiating agents; effect lost after few weeks of therapy

g ) 2000 - A Hill and Tip Trip - 06/12/2000 ADHD
g1) 1995 - WTO - Clinton/Gore - 677 Corporate Rights vs. Human Need - Gerber allowed to harras 
g2) - SIDS
g)  A Hill and Tip Trip -  06/12/2000
By Kelly Patricia O’Meara      omeara@insightmag.com

     This Clinton-Gore team advocates identifying schoolchildren as mentally ill and requiring them to take psychotropic drugs to control any inattentive behavior.
     I think that part of what we’ve got, though, is to reflect how we can both identify and get help to children who need it, whether or not they
want it or are willing to accept it,” declared first lady and wanna-be junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first lady’s comment, put in the context of how to deal with tragedies such as the shooting at Col-umbine High School in Littleton, Colo., was delivered to a standing-room-only crowd at the June 7, 1999, White House Conference on Mental Health. She was directly advocating the forced drugging of schoolchildren with psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin.
...      The vice president’s wife “knows more” about this issue?  Beyond earning a masters’ degree in psychology more than 20 years ago and having been treated for depression, say critics, Gore’s knowledge of mental illness is limited at best and misinformed at worst. For example, Gore displayed some of her knowledge on this subject during the president’s weekly radio address to the nation just before the White House conference when she announced that Americans must change their attitudes and “dispel the myths about mental illness once and for all.” She said, “One of the most widely believed, and most damaging, myths is that mental illness is a personal failure, not a physical disease ... and we are learning that many mental disorders are biological in nature and can be medically treated.”
...      So what was going on there? Apparently “looking at all the possible underlying causes” of school-age violence — the announced reason for the Hillary-Tipper conference — was not on the agenda.  Making a statement about the 6 million children being “treated” for ADHD with highly addictive stimulants, including Ritalin, did not fit that bill. Nor did even one of the distinguished speakers raise the issue first reported last year by Insight [see “Guns & Doses,” June 28, 1999], faxed to the White House before the conference, revealing the dramatic connection between the then five most recent school shootings: All the accused shooters had been treated with psychotropic drugs, including Ritalin, Luvox and Prozac.
...Then, under the guise of exercising presidential authority, Clinton in-structed the nation’s largest private insurer, the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan, to provide full parity for mental and physical health. He directed the Health Care Finance Administration to encourage states to better coordinate mental-health services, and he called for medication targeted at people with the most serious mental disorders who rely on Medicaid. And, to wind up his mental-health giveaway, the president announced that he had requested the largest increase in history — some $70 million — “to help provide more mental-health services.”

h) White House Conference on Mental Health:          Working For a Healthier America
White House Conference on Mental Health June 7, 1999
 http://www.nimh.nih.gov/whitehouse/default.asp  -  9k
                   On June 7, 1999, Tipper Gore chaired a televised White House
                    conference on mental health. Participants included consumers,
                    providers, advocacy groups, business leaders, community mental
                    health resources, and local, state and national elected officials as
                    well as leaders in mental health research and pharmacology, service
                    delivery and insurance coverage.

g1) http://www.wave-guide.org/library/rachel-677.html
Rachels' 677 Corporate Rights vs. Human Need
In 1970 the WHO supported breast feeding which helped the imune systems of the breast feed infant, kept mothers from making infant formula from contaminated water and kept Nestle's infant formula market contained. 
g2) SIDS - 
i) Stem Cells
brain cell divide discovery stem
Life Among Dead Brain Cells: Discovery Could Help Improve Memory Capacity Of  Stroke Victims
Source:  American Heart Association (http://www.americanheart.org/)
Date:  Posted 2/8/1999                   NASHVILLE, Feb. 5
            According to the study, this is the first evidence of a certain type of brain cell  -- called a stem cell -- demonstrating plasticity and the ability to regenerate after a stroke.
             In research presented at the presented today at the American Heart Associations 24th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebral
Circulation, scientists at the University of California-San Francisco discovered as much as a 12-fold increase in the birth of new cells in rodents after stroke in an area of the brain -- the hippocampus -- which controls memory.
                 "This region is important for new memories," says Sharp. "If you lose this region of the brain, you're unable to remember new sights, sounds and other experiences. You might remember your mother and father or something you learned in the eighth grade, but if you were taught a new way through town, you'd be unable to learn the new route."
                 In the future, say researchers, it may be possible that these stem cells can be stimulated to grow even more, perhaps helping to rewire the brain and help stroke survivors recover lost memory function.
                 Stem cells are important in the formative stages of brain development. Researchers say stem cells help form neurons, which mature and make the complex circuits that enable the brain to perform its many functions. Stem cells are present in the embryonic brain and remain in the brain throughout life, says Sharp. Most stem cells are located next to the ventricles in the brain and in the hippocampus.
                 Stem cells are present in the brain throughout life, and Sharp says there is evidence in rodents that the numbers of stem cells and newly formed neurons decreases as the brain ages.

The Ride of their Lives
            Their story begins with a major scientific discovery eight years ago. It had long been thought that there were no stem cells (the basic, primitive cells from which all other cells evolve) in the brains of mammals. That’s why brain injury and disease was so serious—there was no hope for growing new cells. In 1992, however, Sam Weiss and his colleague, Brent Reynolds, stunned the scientific community by finding stem cells in the adult mouse brain. When stimulated by growth chemicals, the stem cells produced new neurons, the nerve cells that wire the brain. The two scientists founded NeuroSpheres Ltd. to commercialize this work.
            In 1995 the company was sold to Ciba Geigy (now Novartis) and in 1998, its Calgary research operations were closed.

brain    weiss      reynolds     calgary
Research on brain cells sees new hope
[transcribed from  the Toronto Star ,  Feb 3/97 p. A11]
                It had long been thought that there were no stem cells -- cells that grow new brain cells -- in adult mammals. That's why brain injury or disease causes permanent impairment -- new cells aren't regenerated. But in March, 1992, Weiss and Reynolds stunned the world scientific community by finding a stem cell in the adult mouse brain. When stimulated by growth chemicals, the so-called stem cell produced new neurons, the nerve cells that "wire" the brain.
                    ...Since that discovery, NeruoSpheres has isolated human stem cells, grown millions of brain cells in the laboratory, and transplanted cells into several hundred test animals, Reynolds says.
                    NeuroSpheres is collaborating with clinical transplant groups in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The company has 25 employees and ongoing funding from Novartus, a giant pharmaceutical corporation.

In 1992, Dr. Weiss discovered neural stem cells in the brains of adult mammals. This research has lead to new approaches for brain cell replacement and repair. Plasticity
                  Reynolds, B.A. & Weiss, S. (1992). Generation of neurons and astrocytes from isolated
                  cells of the adult mammalian central nervous system. Science, 255, 1707-1710.

                  Weiss, S., Reynolds, B. A., Vescovi, A., Morshead, C., Craig, C.G., & van der Kooy, D.
                  (1996). Is there a stem cell in the mammalian forebrain? Trends in Neurosciences, 19,

                  van der Kooy, D. & Weiss, S. (2000). Why stem cells? Science, 287, 1439 - 1441.

brain    weiss      reynolds     calgary
Alberta Heritage Foundation For Medical Research
 Discovering Connections -- 1999 AHFMR Triennial Report
            Dr. Weiss became a Heritage Postdoctoral Fellow in France and there, in 1985, made his  first major discovery: a new receptor for glutamate, an important signalling molecule in the  brain. The metabotropic glutamate receptor is one of the hottest areas of drug-discovery  focus in the pharmaceutical industry today. "It led me to develop new ways of treating  neurodegenerative diseases because glutamate, in excess, is thought to kill brain cells. We  experimented with growth factors in the pursuit of new ways of protecting brain cells from  glutamate, and one of the growth factors turned out to be the one that makes stem cells divide."
            Dr. Weiss' lab currently embarks on two main research directions. One area investigates  how a specific "family" of genes, known as transcription factors, regulate stem cells enabling  them to develop into mature nerve cells. He collaborates with Dr. Michael Rosenfeld at the  Howard Hughes Institute in San Diego who is a world leader in transcription factors. With his  help, Dr. Weiss has identified a transcription factor that could be critical in pushing an  immature nerve cell towards maturity and a permanent stable state.
            Other research focuses on finding the master genes for the production of dopamine cells --  the principal cells lost in Parkinson's disease -- from stem cells.

 brain        frank              sharp                  md
FOR RELEASE: 3:00 p.m. CT, Friday, February 5, 1999
           Abstract 95
           NR 99-1006 (Stroke/Sharp)
           Life among dead brain cells: Discovery could help improve memory capacity of stroke victims

goodell         baylor          college       medicine          blood
Blood cells made from muscle cells

Reprinted from ScienceDaily Magazine ...
Source:             Baylor College Of Medicine
Date Posted:    Friday, June 01, 2001
Web Address:   http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2001/06/010601082914.htm
Stem Cells Help Regenerate Tissue Damaged From Heart Attack
HOUSTON--(May 29, 2001) -- Stem cells from bone marrow might one day mend damaged hearts, according to research
conducted at Baylor College of Medicine.

Many Say Adult Stem Cell Reports  Overplayed
Brian Vastag      Vol. 286 No. 3,         July 18, 2001

Celluar Divide
This article is about the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research in America

2000 - this is about the European debate
Stem cell research and therapeutic cloning
Document 12/00                 November 2000
Parliament will be asked shortly to vote on a proposal to allow research on stem cells derived from human embryos to investigate the possibility of new treatments for damage caused by burns, injuries and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, hepatitis and osteoporosis. This briefing note provides up-to-date scientific information about the significance of the proposed legislation.

The Science of Diversity
Race Belongs in the Stem Cell Debate
• Gene Therapy and Research
By Jon Entine and Sally Satel
Sunday, September 9, 2001; Page B01
        Science and politics do not mix very well, particularly when it comes to such hot-button issues as diversity. That's certainly the case with the stem cell debate. Although this effect is surely unintended, if federally funded research is limited to the 64 stem cell lines approved by the Bush administration, potential cures could end upbeing most useful toa narrow sliver of the world's population: whites of mostly European ancestry and some Asians. Much of the rest of the world will find that some promising therapies developed from these lines do not work very well.
j) Technology - Genetics
Tuesday, January 30, 2001
U.S. slips behind in genetics race
By Bonnie Erbe
        Then there are the more mundane and practical questions about America maintaining its scientific prominence. We lead the world in technology development. Yet the research community fears a massive brain drain of top biologists, with the best and brightest leaving the United States and moving to the U.K. to work on cloning research projects there. There’s already talk of the European Community replacing the United States as the world’s economic engine.
        Britain’s move could leave us trailing badly in one significant scientific arena as well.
[i.e.. Shipton's note - from the links above it appears that the US is still in the game.  This article compares the fact that the UK is doing embryonic research for stem cells and the US has alternative laws.  No UK embryos will be allowed to come to term.]
k) Digital Angel
October 16, 2001
Innovator of the Year  --  Digital Angel watches over new product launch
        The Hauppauge-based Digital Angel Corp., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions Inc., is on the verge of launching a series of new products that monitor location, biological functions and other sensory data through wireless telecommunications linked to Global Positioning Systems.

Digital Angel set to fly tomorrow, WorldNetDaily, June 19, 2001.

More on Digital Angel, chip implants, and human tracking,
Declan McCullaghÂąs Politechbot.com, June 19, 2001.

pain alkaloid bacteria mycotoxin
Metabolic Changes in Off-Feed (Fasting) Cows
            Among the difficulties in dealing with downer cattle is trying to decide why the cow went down in the first place and what problems have developed as a result of her being down and off-feed. Serum biochemistry may provide some insights (or even outright answers?). When you interpret these results, you must consider that just being off-feed (fasting) can cause some biochemical changes. It is difficult to determine if abnormal biochemistry results were present before the cow went off-feed and might imply a cause, or if they developed as a result of fasting.
           In lactating dairy cows, fasting induces a fall in blood glucose and a rise in blood ketones and non-estrified fatty acids (HEFA's). Periparturient cows that can't or won't eat are at risk of developing fatty liver as a result of their negative energy balance. Liver enzymes such as GLDH, AST and GGT may increase. If the cow is dehydrated, she may have an increased total protein, PCV, urea and creatinine. Muscle damage will cause increased in CK and AST.
           Fasting often lead to a fall in serum magnesium and calcium. Once the cow starts to eat again, serum magnesium is much slower to return to normal than calcium. Low magnesium levels may persist for several days. It is difficult to predict the effect that being off-feed will have on serum phosphorus. In some cases, phosphorus rises, in others, it falls. Changes in blood phosphorus appear to depend on several factors including diet before the problem began and the animal's general condition, for example, hydration and calcium status.
           Dairy cows that are off-feed often have metabolic alkalosis, hypochloremia and hypokalemia. They may also have hyponatremia. Metabolic alkalosis and prolonged fasting can lead to depletion of intracellular as well as cellular potassium so plasma K does not accurately measure the true potassium status of the animal. Because intracellular potassium has a large influence on muscle strength, severe hypokalemia may actually contribute to an animal staying down. Hypokalemic cows are often depressed as well. Maintaining hydration and providing electrolytes is important for support of downer cows.
           It can be worthwhile to investigate serum biochemistry in downer cows. It may alert you to secondary complications or a need
to add supportive treatments that may not have been considered necessary before.
--Dr. Rob Tremblay in CEPTOR, May, 96; Herd Health Memo, 1996-97, No. 3.

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