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Where is an editor if there are no authors?  Where are financial experts if there are no intellectual assets?

If we were to believe as John Watson advocates what would happen?  The first language babies learn is body language, the main language of anything that can see or sense is
First you have personal space, then you have

For all money to be controlled by insurance companies.  In America deregulation of banks, savings and loans, other areas that are controlled by insurance are medical malpractice, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance.

    When you realize that chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones are systematic and that when sprayed on something like a plant - that uptake occurs.

When Cheese Is Not Just Cheese: Getting Picky About Origin
William Echikson, Special to The Christian Science Monitor
Thursday January 22, 1998 Edition
Country of Origin Labeling Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association
District of Columbia Organizations by country
Sonny Bono's support.

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Chemicals – chemicals are systematic

Gender Differences - How we seem to develop, birth to adult


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