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   1.Related Legislation



   4.Pollution - and - Misc. Chemicals


   6.Misc. Information


   1.Related Legislation


          "No MSG." [Online] Retrieved 1999 

          (This is about current legislation to approve the use of MSG to spray plants as a growth aid..)

         [Not there] Europe seeks antibiotic ban for animals BBC News online network 13 May 99


          "Terminator Seed Technology" The American Farmer up a Creek - without the paddle.



          "Farm Use of Antibiotics Squanders Precious Drugs."  Center for Science in the Public Interest.

          9 Mar. 1999. [Online] Retrieved 13 May 1999 

          ("More than 50 scientists and 41 health, consumer, and other groups today called on the Food

          and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the use of certain antibiotics to fatten livestock."

          "Adding antibiotics to livestock feed can lead to antibiotic resistance in foodborne pathogens." "

          That can make cases of food poisoning difficult to treat of even deadly." "prevalence of

          antibiotic-resistant enterococci bacteria in chickens declined from 82% to 12% in three years."

          "Bacteria can develop defense mechanisms "resistance") against one or several antibiotics."

          That can make cases of food poisoning difficult to treat or even deadly." "…deadly bloodstream

          infections,…" "In Germany, bacteria resistant to Synercid have been detected in humans even

          though the drug has not been given to people." "Farm Use of Antibiotics.")


          Pollan, Michael. "Playing God in the Garden." 25 Oct. 1998. [Online] Retrieved 11 May 1999


          "Any Colorado potato beetle that takes so much as a nibble of my New Leafs will supposedly

          keel over and die, its digestive tract pulped, in effect, by the bacterial toxin manufactured in the

          leaves of these otherwise ordinary Superiors." "The small print in the Grower Guide also

          brought the news that my potato plants were themselves as pesticide, registered with the

          Environmental Protection Agency." "That's because Bt, the bacterial toxin produced in my New

          Leafs…." "…from Bacillus thuiingiensis, the soil bacterium that produces the organic

          insecticide known as Bt." "…Bt sprays break down quickly in the sunlight…." "… the Bt toxin was

          not being treated as a "food additive"…new protein is expressed in the potato itself." "…Bush

          Administration's camapign for "regulatory relief."" "…the determination whether a new protein

          is GRAS can be made by the company." "The label on my bottle of Bt says, amoung other things,

          that I should avoid inhaling the spray or getting it in an open wound." Monsanto spokesperson

          "Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," he said. "Our interest is in

          selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job." To control net necrosis

          they use Monitor which is a organophosphate that is known to cause neurological damage if

          contacted. "…natural fertilisers (compost and fish powder)…." "Chances are, I've eaten New

          Leafs already, at Mcdonald's or in a bag of Frito-Lay chips,…"

additonal web site. 


          Smith, Gar. "Food Slander Laws." Fall 1995. [Online] Retrieved 16 May 1999


          The 13 states that currently have food slander laws.




          "The Mc Donalds Trial" [Online] Retrieved 1999


          (organophosphates and Bovine Growth) Details how fraigle e-coli bacteria is.


          Updated 11 June 1999

          Looks like this is World Wide.

          Weird that people are pussy footing around. If you are going to play by the rules that someone

          else is citing and not think around those 'rules'. Put it down to the lowest common

          denominator! Then follow the money trail...

          What is fertilizer? What is in this 'fertilizer'? Is this 'fertilizer', fertile? A food slander law that

          says if farmers lose money, international sanctions. Seems as if the US is losing money over-all.

          A bit here, a bit there.


         Leavenworth, Stuart. "Coastal playground turned killing ground" The News and Observer. 1996.

          [Online] Retrieved 02 May 1999

          Hog Lagoons "Other coastal regions - from Hong Kong to Venice to the Chesapake Bay - Have

          suffered from similar problems. Maryland and Virginia are spending millions on a campaign to

          clean up the Chesapeake, and in Florida, state and federal regulators are trying to control

          fertilizer runoff into the Everglades National Park." "But Paerl, the UNC marine scientist, noted

          that overfertilized waters can breed many kinds of toxic algae and bacteria."




        2.  Acidophilus:



Scheer, James F. “Acidophilus-Our Second Immune System.” [Online] Retrieved December 3, 2000

(protect us from harmful, disease-causing bacteria: aging, alcohol, antibiotics, diet deficiencies, drugs, medications,

narcotics, nicotine and stressful living.)

(Dr. Shahani also said that there are more bacteria on and in a person at one time than there are people on this earth.

Fortunately, less than one percent of all known types of microorganisms are undesirable or pathogenic.)

(This is due to L. acidophilus and other friendly bacteria that synthesize vitamin K and B vitamins particularly

   biotin, folic acid and B12. Without vitamin K in the intestine—or adequate supplementation—osteocalcin can't be

properly formed. Osteocalcin permits calcium to be crystallized and transported into bone tissue.)

(The various forms of acidophilus that raised the pH factor in the intestines were responsible, according to Michael

Wargovich, M.D., assistant professor of cell biology at the M.D. Anderson Tumor Institute in Houston, who added

   that a low pH in the colon increases the risk of colon cancer.) Printed 2 pgs.


“Your Immune System The rest of the story.” Wellness Directory of Minnesota. [Online] Retrieved December 3, 2000

                (Then along came Louis Pasteur. I suppose many of you have seen the piece floating about the internet on some of the  quotations of the great minds of our time. Here are some examples of that piece:

                     "Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640k of ram!?"  Bill Gates, 1981

                     "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."  Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

                     "Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction."  Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at

Toulouse, 1872

                     Remember these? Well let me tell you a little bit about this last one. If the "germ theory of medicine"

were true, there would be no one alive to believe it. Our bodies all contain a little strep, staff, and whatever

germ that comes along.

Even Pasteur, on his death bed, recanted his own theory stating, "It’s not the seed, but the terrain." Top) 

                (The Immune System: A New Paradigm

                           The immune system is a circulating consciousness. I know this is hard for you to believe, but the

new paradigm states that the mind is not limited to residing in the skull.)

                 Printed 15 pgs.



          “Ultra Bio-Logics Feed Acidophilus for animal feed.” [Online] Retrieved May 2, 1999



Nutrigen Products [Online] Retrieved May 2, 1999


          Nutrrigen acidophilus needed for "mouth, stomach and intestines to aid in the digestion of

          food." "eight essential Amino Acids used by the liver to synthesize the other 158 Amino Acids."

          "22% Glutamic Acid (recognised as a brain fuel)."

                [Not here]               

          Cell Tech's "helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (pathogens)." "Antibiotics, some

          cortisone-like drugs, birth control pills, alcohol, some food additives, caffeine, chlorinated or

          fluoridated water, and stress, can destroy the natural intestinal flora."


                [This web site has  changed]

          "What can kill the 'friendly' bacteria?" "Antibiotics…leaving the intestines at the mercy of the

          opportunistic bacteria and toxins." "Too much sugar, a bad diet, certain oral contraceptives,

          aspirin, corticosteriods, yeast, and too much streess…enabling the harmful bacteria to flourish,

          thereby causing putrefaction and the manufacturing of toxic products."




       3.   Chemicals





Chemical Manipulation of Consciousness, Behavior,

              Health and Evolutionary Potential in the Human Population                                                                                         

                                ©1996 - 2000  Leading Edge International Research Group

Many links out of date but a page to watch in case it is updated!


Dioxin Homepage of “Rachel’s” but it seems to downplay the part of ingesting chemicals from plants,

makes it seem as if being a vegetarian will keep you healthy, good basic information.

                   Dioxin Articles

                   (Incineration, Health Effects, Dioxin Politics)

                   Dioxin Mailing List

                   Other Dioxin Resources Online


“Fragranced Products Information Network.”


                                “Phthalates used in fragrances implicated as hormone disrupters.”: NEW 9/3/00

                                Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 105, Number 8, August 1997

                                “The Estrogenic Activity of Phthalate Esters In Vitro.”

                                Catherine A. Harris, 1 Pirkko Henttu, 2 Malcolm G. Parker, 2 and John P. Sumpter 1


                “Smelling Good But Feeling Bad.”: Article on fragrance related concerns in the Jan/Feb issue of

                E-magazine ” Smelling Good But Feeling Bad Synthetic Perfumes, Colognes and Scents Are Turning Up Noses.”

                By Damon Franz and Holly Prall



                         Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 1999 Apr;63(4):743-8

                         Potentiation of GABAA receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes by perfume and phytoncid.

                         Aoshima H, Hamamoto K

                         Department of Physics, Biology and Informatics, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University,



                         "... these results suggest the possibility that the intake of perfume or phytoncid through the lungs, the skin or the

intestines modulates the neural transmission in the brain through ionotropic GABAA receptors and changes

the frame of the human mind, as alcohol or tobacco does."



                December, 1995  [summary]


                by Brian Kohler, National Rep - Health, Safety and Environment

                In the March, 1994 edition of "The Guardian" the problem of environmental (and workplace)

contamination by Estrogenic chemicals was discussed. Estrogenic chemicals are those that exert an effect

on the hormone system in such a way as to mimic estrogen, a female sex hormone. It seems that many synthetic substances are capable of having such an effect through a variety of mechanisms.

[summary at]

[main article]           March, 1994



by Brian Kohler, National Rep - Health, Safety and Environment

Recent reports have highlighted the possibility that there is widespread contamination of the environment

by compounds which disrupt the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the network of glands and

organs that maintain hormone balance. Hormones are chemicals (proteins, actually) produced by the body

that control a wide range of biological activities from metabolism to fetal development. Their power is such

that a small variation in hormone levels can cause a large biological effect.



Addition of Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds; Mo


             To                 Multiple recipients of list <>

           From                 everybody <>

            Date                 Wed, 7 May 1997 14:19:46 -0400 (EDT)



[Federal Register: May 7, 1997 (Volume 62, Number 88)]

[Proposed Rules]              

[Page 24887-24896]

>From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []




40 CFR Part 372

[OPPTS-400111; FRL-5590-1]

RIN 2070-AC00

Addition of Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds; Modification of

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Listing; Toxic Chemical Release

Reporting; Community Right-to-Know

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Proposed rule.


EHN [of California]

                Cosmetic Use in Pregnancy

                                   Potential to Cause Learning Disabilities

                                   Mental Retardation & Behavior Disorders in Children



                Environmental Causes of Learning Disabilities and child

                                   Neurological Disorders: Review of the Research



                                   Environmental Causes of Learning Disabilities - Index



                                   Perfume and Frangrance Exposure During Pregnancy

                                   Links to Learning Disabilities, ADD and Behavior Disorders



                                        Fragrance Exposure Causes Aggression Hyperactivity and

                                        Nerve Damage

                                        Neurotoxicology, Volume 1:221-237, 1979



                    For More Information GO TO

               Aspartame (NutraSweet) Toxicity Home Page: 





“1995 Acid Rain Map.” 1996 [Online] Retrieved December 7, 2000

                                (Note: Acid Rain – Hydrogen ion concentrations as ph in 1995 from measurements made at the Central

 Analytical Laboratory in 1995.)


                “National Water Conditions” 2000 [Online] Retrieved December 7, 2000

                                (Note: Acid Rain – Hydrogen ion concentrations as ph in 1995 from measurements from NADP/NTN

 Central Analytical Laboratory at the Illinois State Water Survey in 2000.)


                “The Dogs Of War.” RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY #436. April 6, 1995. [Online] Retrived

December 7, 2000

[Note: Military working dogs and reactions to the chemicals used in the wars - Cancer, Testicals, Reproductive. 

Descriptor terms: vietnam war; military; army; navy; marines; air force; herbicides; veterans; dogs; german shepherds; labrador retrievers; golden retrievers; okinawa; testicular cancer; sperm count; testicular atrophy; 4-aminodiphenyl; beta-naphthylamine; bladder cancer; asbestos; mesothelioma; flea powder; agent orange; 2,4,5-t; 2,4-d; birth defects; agriculture; farming; dioxin; fuel; oil; gasoline; lymphoma; pesticide use data; inert ingredients; secret ingredients; antibiotics; tetracycline; malathion; mosquito control. ]



          Pearch, Fred and Debora Mackenzie. New Scientist 3 april 1999. [Online] Retrieved 12 Apr. 1999 "It's raining

          pesticides." [Online] Retrieved

 "a new study reveals that much of the precipitation in Europe contains such high

          levels of dissolved pesticides that it would be illegal to supply it as drinking water." Has

          Novartis' weedkiller Target and Monsanto's Glyphosate herbicide round-Up on it.


Recer, Paul. "Dioxin Exposure Linked to Cancer."   04 may 1999. [Online] Retrieved 04 May 1999

 Dioxin is one of the chemicals in the herbicide Agent Orange. Refers to exposure to

dioxins in the environment decreasing. Even if dioxin is decreasing these other article

show how deadly it is.


          Montague, Peter. Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly. 16 apr. 1999

          "Missing Boys." [Online] Retrieved

 "increasing birth defects of the penis and testicles…" "hypothesizing…linked to

          exposures to hormone-disrupting chemicals including dioxin, pesticides, lead…."

          "chlorophenoxy herbicides and/or fungicides, the male proportion among children born with

          defects to workers who apply pesticides was 0.735, compared to a male proportion of 0.607 for

          births with defects among the general population."


          Statement from the World Wild Life Fund. 1992. [Online] Retrieved 11 May 1999.

"demasculinization and feminization of male fish, birds, and mammals: defeminization

and masculinization of female fish and birds; and compromised immune systems in

birds and mammals; defeminization and masculinization of female fish and birds; and

compromised immune systems in birds and mammals."


          Giffiths, Joel and Chris Bryson. "Toxic Secrets." 1997. [Online] Retrieved 02 May 1999 

total Pgs.12

"One of the most

          toxic chemicals known, fluoride emerged as the leading chemical health hazard of the US

          atomic bomb program, both for workers and for nearby communities, the documents reveal."

          The first lawsuits against the American A-bomb program were not over radiation, but over

          fluoride damage, the documents show." "'…shows that evidence of adverse health effect from

          fluoride was censored by the US Atomic Energy commisssion…" "Human exposure to fluoride

          has mushroomed since World War II, due not only to fluoridated water and toothpaste but to

          environmental pollution by major industries, from aluminium to pesticides, where fluoride is

          a critical industrial chemical as well as a waste by-product.'" "Animal studies which Mullenix

          and co-workers conducted at Forsyth in the early 1990s indicated that fluoride was a powerful

          central nervous system (CNS) toxin and might adversely affect human brain functioning even

          at low doses." "Today, news that scientists from the A-bomb program secretly shaped and

          guided the Newburgh fluoridation experiment and studied the citizen's blood and tissue

          samples is greeted with incredulity." "…fluoride also accumulates in bones." "'Clinical evidence

          suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system

          effect…It seems most likely that the F [code for fluoride] component rather than the T [code for

          uranium] is the causative factor.'"


          The Environmental Working Group. How 'Bout Them Apples? 25 Feb 1999. [Online] Retrieved 11 May 99 


          that multiple pesticides known or suspected to cause brain and nervous system damage,

          cancer, or hormone interference are common in foods many children consume." "…ingest a

          combination of 20 different pesticides every day." "More than 1 million preschoolers eat at least

          15 pesticides on a given day." "…neurotoxic organophosphate insecticides )Ops)…"




       4.   Pollution -and-- Misc. Chemicals




          "Pollution Of World's Largest Lakes Shows Importance Of Banning Toxics" 

          RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY #146   ---September 12, 1989--- [Online]

          Retrieved 07 December 2000 




          Leavenworth, Stuart. "Coastal playground turned killing ground." [Online]

          Retrieved 07 December 2000

 The News and Observer. Hog

          Lagoons "Other coastal regions - from Hong Kong to Venice to the Chesapake Bay - Have

          suffered from similar problems. Maryland and Virginia are spending millions on a campaign to

          clean up the Chesapeake, and in Florida, state and federal regulators are trying to control

          fertilizer runoff into the Everglades National Park." "But Paerl, the UNC marine scientist, noted

          that overfertilized waters can breed many kinds of toxic algae and bacteria."


          Greenwald, John. "Hogging The Table." Time Magazine. 18 March 1996. [Online]

          Retrieved 02 March 1999.

          "rain-swollen lagoon spilled 22 million gal. of hog feces and urine over the countryside."




      5.    Nutrition




                THE OILING OF AMERICA Part 1, Part 2. by Mary G. Enig and Sally Fallon

                © 1998 by Mary G. Enig, PhD

                                Modern-day diets high in hydrogenated vegetable oils instead of traditional animal fats are implicated in

causing a significant increase in heart disease and cancer.

                                       Part 1 of 2


                                       Part 2 of 2


                [Note: shows that trans fats, like soybean and canola are bad for you.]

                from part 1 (Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the kind of fats found

in large amounts in highly liquid vegetable oils made from corn, soybeans, safflower seeds and sunflower seeds.

Mono-unsaturated fatty acids are found in large amounts in olive oil, palm oil and lard; saturated fatty acids are found in

large amounts in fats and oils that are solid at room temperature, e.g., butter, tallow and coconut oil.)

(In the years that followed, a number of population studies demonstrated that the animal model - especially one derived

from vegetarian animals - was not a valid approach for the problem of heart disease in human omnivores.)

(The 1968 International Atherosclerosis Project, in which over 22,000 corpses in 14 nations were cut open and examined

for plaques in the arteries, showed the same degree of atheroma in all parts of the world - in populations that suffered from a

great deal of heart disease, and in populations that had very little or none at all.8)

(Most animal fats - like butter, lard and tallow - have a large proportion of saturated fatty acids. Saturated fats are straight

chains of carbon and hydrogen that pack together easily so that they are relatively solid at room temperature. Oils from

seeds are composed mostly of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These molecules have kinks in them at the point of the

unsaturated double bond. They do not pack together easily and therefore tend to be liquid at room temperature.


Judging from both food data and turn-of-the-century cookbooks, the American diet in 1900 was a rich one, with at least 35

to 40 per cent of calories coming from fats, mostly dairy fats in the form of butter, cream, whole milk, and also eggs. Salad

dressing recipes usually called for egg yolks or cream; only occasionally for olive oil. Lard or tallow served for frying. Rich

dishes like head cheese and scrapple contributed additional saturated fats during an era when cancer and heart disease were

rare. Butter substitutes made up only a small portion of the American diet, and these margarines were blended from

coconut oil, animal tallow and lard - all rich in natural saturates.


The technology by which liquid vegetable oils could be hardened to make margarine was first discovered by a French

chemist named Sabatier. He found that a nickel catalyst would cause the hydrogenation (the addition of hydrogen to

unsaturated bonds to make them saturated) of ethylene gas to ethane. Subsequently, the British chemist Norman developed

the first application of hydrogenation to food oils and took out a patent. In 1909, Procter & Gamble acquired the US rights

to a British patent on making liquid vegetable oils solid at room temperature. The process was used on both cotton-seed oil

and lard to give "better physical properties", to create shortenings that did not melt as easily on hot days.


The hydrogenation process transforms unsaturated oils into straight 'packable' molecules by rearranging the hydrogen

atoms at the double bonds. In nature, most double bonds occur in the cis configuration - that is, with both hydrogen atoms

on the same side of the carbon chain at the point of the double bond. It is the cis isomers of fatty acids that have a bend or

kink at the double bond, preventing them from packing together easily. Hydrogenation creates trans double bonds by

moving one hydrogen atom across to the other side of the carbon chain at the point of the double bond. In effect, the two

hydrogen atoms then balance each other and the fatty acid straightens, creating a packable 'plastic' fat with a much higher

melting temperature.)



          Enig, Mary G. "Trans Fat" 12 May 1999 . [Online] Retrieved 11 May 99 new url retrieved December 7, 2000

                [trans fat info web]  trans fatty acids


          “Entry and Fate of Chemicals in Humans.” [Online] Retrieved 11 May 99

 (organophosphates) Bio Accumulation


        [not there – GreenPeace index of old article only]  Persistent Organic Pollutants "Global Distalation" [Online] Retrieved 11

May 99              library/region/toxic.html

How Fats can protect from          (organophosphate)


                "Glutamate" 10 May 1999 [Online] Retrieved 11 May 99 Glutamate is brain food.

                (Nutrigen Acidophilus Products  There are 10

                 of these nutrient protein building blocks including 22% Glutamic Acid (recognised as a brain fuel).

                 Proteins are the most complex Nutrients in the study of human nutrition. It is very difficult for a car

                 engine to break down semi-crude oil to get the petrol needed to fuel it.  It is similar for the human

                 body.  Crude animal proteins and man made synthesized protein foods are very difficult to break



          Samuels, Adrienne. Monosoduim Glutamate. 10 May 1991. [Online] Retrieved 11 May 99

 This article details what can happen to people and children when they eat MSG, so I assume that this can happen to animals as well. 

(“A most interesting substance, MSG, is added to food but has no

nutritional value.  It doesn't affect the food it is in, and it

doesn't have any flavor.  Rather, it produces its flavor enhancing

effect by stimulating your taste buds.  Scientists call glutamic

acid, from which MSG is derived, an excitotoxic amino acid because

it is known to excite, and even kill, brain cells in laboratory

animals.  MSG doesn't change your food at all.  MSG changes you.”)


          Bonvie, Linda and Bill Bonvie. "What's Eating kids? Maybe it's their diet." 12 Mar. 1995. [Online] Retrieved 04 Apr.


"The growing epidemic of senseless violence among adolescents and the mushrooming

          use of certain food additives - additives they claim are actually harmful drugs in disguise." "The

          two main ingredients at issue are the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, or MSG, and the

          artificial sweetener aspartame, more commonly known by the trade name NutraSweet . both

          contain amino acids - glutamate and aspartate - which occur naturally in the brain as

          neurotransmitters - the chemicals that carry messages between nerve cells." "…can include

          brain lesions." "may take the form of emotional control disorders and displays of episodic

          anger." "…digestive ailments and migraines to seizures and asthma attacks, can include…"rage

          reactions: and marked personality disturbances with violent behavior" "…maintain millions of

          people suffer adverse reactions to MSG, some to only minuscule amounts that may be hidden

          in other ingredients. Further, they say, it becomes toxic to everyone at some point…."

          "'Educators around this country are having all sorts of meetings concerning declining test

          scores and violence in the classroom,' Schwartz said. 'Yet we are providing drugs for breakfast,

          lunch and dinner that are known causes of personality alterations, inability to concentrate and

          violent behavior.'"


          Leading Edge Research.

          The Deliberate Use of Refined Sugar to Assist Degenerative Disease. 1996.[Online] Retrieved 04 Apr. 1999 .

 Pgs.4   Vietnam, Diabetes,


          Eramus, Udo. "Fats That Heal And Fats That Kill" Comp. Bradley, Darleen. 1999. 17 Apr. 99

Retrieved December 8, 2000 again  "Rats

          developed fatty degeneration of heart, kidney, adrenals, and thyroid gland. When canola oil was

          withdrawn from their diets, the deposits dissolved but scar tissue remained on all vital organs.

          No studies on humans were made before money was spent to promote Canola oil in the USA."

          "…destroys the myelin (protective sheath) of the nerves." "Rape seed oil is a penetrating oil, to

          be used in light industry,…" "Rape seed oil is a penetrating oil, to be used in light industry, not

          for human consumption. It contains a toxic substance. (from encyclopedia) Even after the

          processing to reduce the erucic acid content, it is still a penetrating oil. We have found that it

          turns rancid very fast. Also it leaves a residual rancid odor on clothing."




    6.      Misc. Information



          White Egret Farm. "Our Cheeses." 1993.[Online} Retrieved 16 May 1999

 Organic Farm, sustainable agriculture.


          'Early elephants used 'swimming trunks' BBC News online network 11 May 1999 .[Online} Retrieved 16 May 1999

"further embryonic evidence that elephants once swam is that, unlike other land-living mammals, they

          have internal testicles and always have done. Seals and whales also have internal testicles, but

          only acquired them when their land-living ancestors took to the seas 60m years ago."


          Oilseed gene leak 'unsurprising' BBC News online network 21 Apr 1999 .[Online} Retrieved 16 May 1999

 "UK Government

          scientists have cross-pollinated oilseed rape with a species of wild turnip, regarded as a weed by

          many farmers." "It is not at all surprising that oilseed rape will hybridise with some of its very

          close relatives." Concern on this issue has arisen because if GM rape was altered to make it

          resistant to a herbicidre, for example,…"


          "Amilia Law" 17 Nov 1998. .[Online} Retrieved 02 May 1999

For information on chemicals in fragranced products

          and their effects on health visit:


          Montague, Peter. "Breast Cancer, RBGH and Milk" Rachels Enviromental Weekly #598. 8 May

          1998. .[Online} Retrieved 15 May 99


          Top _____________________


          Appendix B





         [Would not open on December 8, 2000]  Cell Tech's. 01 May 1999

          <  >


         [Would not open on December 8, 2000] Eramus, Udo. "Fats That Heal And Fats That Kill"

Comp. Bradley, Darleen. 1999. 17 Apr. 99 <

  > "


          "Farm Use of Antibiotics Squanders Precious Drugs." Center for Science in the Public Interest. 9

          Mar. 1999. .[Online} Retrieved 13 May 1999

          <  >

                (Note: WASHINGTON - More than 50 scientists and 41 health, consumer, and

                    other groups today called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to

                    ban the use of certain antibiotics to fatten livestock. In a letter and

                    petition to the FDA, the groups charged that feeding antibiotics to

                    livestock endangers the value of those drugs for treating life-threatening

                    diseases in humans.)


          No MSG. .[Online} Retrieved 02 May 1999

<  >

(A good web site with a discussion board, too.)


          Ultra Bio-Logics Feed. 01 May 1999 .[Online} Retrieved 02 May 1999

          <  >

Product containing - Acidophilus for animal feed.


          Pollan, Michael. "Playing God in the Garden." 25 Oct. 1998. .[Online} Retrieved 11 May 1999

          <  >


          Smith, Gar. "Food Slander Laws." Fall 1995. .[Online} Retrieved 16 May 1999

          <  > The 13 states that currently have

          food slander laws.


          "Terminator Seed Technology.” .[Online} Retrieved 06 May 1999

          <  >



“Pollution and Society.” Marisa Buchanan and Carl Horwitz  1997? [Online] Retrieved December 7, 2000