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ADD, ADHD, MCS, Education, Gifted, Talented, Home school, UnSchooling 11Oct98
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Education: A House of Mirrors
Many people say ADD, ADHD and Gifted in the same breath.  Gifted as in a high intellect?  Yes.
Now we have the next standard question - Why are these children that have so much potential   having problems? --Continues at Bottom--

Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to take the place of a care giver / medical practitioner. This page is being put together with a International / Historical Viewpoint and there is the possibility that not ALL the links and ideas will apply to you. There are resources and information that may be available in another country that may not be available to you in your country.  Please Read until you find information and links that you can use, they will be there and if they are not, Please TELL ME!  "It is not up to thee to finish the task, but neither is it up to thee to exempt thyself from it." or You may not be able to replace them but can you learn enough to succeed them?

1) Definition of Learning Styles
2) The Impact of Outside and Chemical Influences on the Body and Brain
3) Uncover the Myths in Education
4) Educational Helps
5) Activist Groups
6) Health
7) Chemical Checks
8) History, Government, and Copyright Law
9) More helps/links and books(New 24 Oct 98)
10) Quotes(New 31 Oct 98)

1) Definition of Learning Styles
One of the reasons that I believe IDEA was implimented(New 4 Nov 98)
Providence Journal Bulletin Nov. 5, 1993
Gifted not served by schools,
federal study finds
ADD, ADHD, Gifted, and Creative
Legislation and what we are allowing by Letting our children be labeled as only ADD or ADHD
    The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children (NFGCC) -
        A list of pages at that site, (NFGCC)
United Kingdom Association Gifted and Talented - "for future"
The National Library of Education presents:
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center And the ERIC Home page
A paper about Ritalin from a person that has taken care of children that use it - Ritalin
Pennsylvania could lose money from their Gifted Education area (will this happen to us)
Penn Gifted
This shows what was known in 1993 and legislation was put in place to support these students
yet suddenly it seems that the money is going into Drugs instead of giftedness - a help for the
students to cope or a crutch for the schools to say that they were not / are not the reason 2 Nov 98)
Mensa Links for Able and Gifted Children - MENSA

2) The Impact of Outside and Chemical Influences on the body and brain
    Sweet Poison
    MCS  -
    Rachel's Enviromental Weekly - 5 Nov 98)
            Index page - 5 Nov 98)
    Aspartame  -
        links to over 30 sites  -
    Now after looking at the other sites "Sweet Poison" and "Aspartame" with all the documented medical
        information that Aspartame caused death, hyperactivity and many other things why does this site
        say things like this?
       and they call themselves -----
    Then to the current scoop on chemicals(New 2 Nov 98)
    Find more about Health Canada's perspective on antibacterial soaps at
  04 Nov 98)
    To find out what the Soap and Detergent Association have to say on
           antibacterial soap, visit 04 Nov 98)
    Visit Tufts University and find out more about there research at
  04 Nov 98)
    Learn more about antibiotic resistance at
  04 Nov 98)
    Antibiotics in agriculture creating superbugs - TORONTO (Reuters) - 04:25 PM ET 11/03/98.
  04 Nov 98)
    Non-Milk -
    The American Farmer up a Creek - without the paddle=
        Terminator Seed Technology -
    Chemical -> Environmental Health Network - - This is a site that is "mega" loaded with American and International links.  Mind over Body
    thinking to Yoga.(New 16 Oct 98)
    Olestra can give problems with absorbing other foods
    This mostly relates to the connection between pesticides and BSE, These include Organophosphate sheep dip
     "Diazinon, Propetamphos, Chlorfenvinphos, Carbophenothion; and via a third party, went on to Cufomate,
     which he had used as a warble fly dressing. I later explored all the OPs which had been used in the Gulf War." 25 Oct 98)
    NEED more links to sites about the harm Canola (Rapeseed) Oil and the harm these products can do.
    A paper about food additives -
    NEED links to sites about the amount of DDT in Whales and other ocean life.

(New 23Oct 98) Monsanto is the company that makes Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone, Terminator Seed Technology, Roundup, and assorted other goodies that are being proven detrimental to the health of the family.
    Sugar has been shown to be addictive and a hazard to your health(1). It has been linked to lung disease when used to cure tobacco. Think of burnt sugar, now think of burning it in a cigarette.  But what of cigarette manufacturers, wonder of some of them are ready to make marijuana cigarettes - considering California's newest legislation. What are the alternatives? It is not Aspartame or artificial sweeteners, the ones currently on the market have been shown to CAUSE things like Diabetes, heart attack to hyperactivity and death. So what is the alternative? Macrobiotic Cooking(2) and the cookbooks that they have put out can be a guideline. If anyone has other ideas, or urls please send them to me! Will be putting a editorial on sugar in this site within the next several weeks. In the Middle Ages refined sugar was originally handled by apothecary shops as a dangerous drug, it was not until the Age of Enlightenment that it started being used. It is one of the causes of degenerative disease, as well as mental and emotional disorders. Bottom line - do we label ADD, ADHD as genetic because we refuse to stop using things that are detrimental to our health or do we look for the answers? One more help - some vitamins have a bad bases, check out info on the web, I suggest you look through the links - I use NATURAL and only the natural food supplements. These are different in the ways that they are made. That means that even though the merger between Monsanto and American Home Products (makers of Centrum) fell through, "I" think that in some ways they are still treading the same path.

new 27Oct98 RETRACT at 1515 checked
Which I should have done in the first place and could not find ANYTHING about this.  I jumped too fast, on information from someone else.
25Oct98 at 1634 Monsanto currently has it's Nutra Sweet division on the aution block - anyone wonder why?  this is retracted above!  There were a total of only eight people on the page before I put the retraction on.  This page is not really out yet!
new 28Oct98 Want to know more?  Go to
Newest report - (new 02 Now98)

3) Uncover Myths in Education
    Myth 1 That Home Schoolers Need to be under the Umbrella of a Church or Religious Group.
   Myth 2 All Public Education is Helpful, we should live by the idea of peer group - socialization 24 Oct 98)

4) Educational Helps
    Has a history of the educational system that our Teachers union is based on - wonder if they
     even know????
    Homeschooling Resources (Bill Beaty's Homepage) - 09 Now98)
    School is Dead
    History of Education - For the Future
    Dr. Mom -
    Nasa -
    Education at Sea World - 16 Oct 98)
    Dictionary  WWWebster Dictionary  -
    Strange Search -
    Andrea's English Page -
    Andrea's Search (Engine) Link Page -
   Mega links for students and for those that are just interested in Texas (New 18Oct 98)
         Bob Cozby's WWW Page

5) Activist Groups - Pro and Con - Your choice
    EPA - Today's "Toxic News for the Net" brought to you by the OPPT Library, is subscribeable
        for free -
    Medical Defense Fund - California to rule ADHD a "genetic" disease?  If seems as if when a
    person is diagnose with this a doctor is not allowed to suggest that there might be environmental /
    nutritional reasons for it happening.  Info.
    ADD site (they do not mention Aspartame)
    CHADD site - I do not like a site that (seemingly) tells me NOT to look any farther, but I do
    believe in trying to post what people believe to be the other side.  Personally, they seem to be
    like Alcoholic Anonymous - saying that you are always recovering, or that it could be genetic.
    -for future-
    The Guardian UK -
    UK and some National - Activist Database
    Current International Legislation Links -
    Find out who the major polluters in your area are, by zip code - (New 28 Oct 98)
   Off Topic??  - 31 Oct 98)

6) Chemical Checks
    Lawyers - This will some be a closed list - FOR FUTURE
    Immune List - 23Oct 98)
       AND - 23Oct 98)
    Chem. Checks - There are different kinds - will be adding / rearanging this part
        Fragrance In Products (some detrimental to your health)(New 24Oct 98)
       Health risks in perfume(New 30 Oct 98)This page gives a lot of key word to search for too.

7) Health
     Mayo Clinic Housecall -
     OraMedia (about dental health) - "for future"

8) History, Government, and Copyright Law
    Copy right law
    The new copy right laws that have gone into effect are going to take down the spirit of the Internet as a method of International information, mainly by putting a muzzle on our public libraries!
[Establishing intellectual property boundaries for the Net is something
best left to courts, not special-interest lobbyists cutting these sorts
of sleazy, anti-consumer backroom deals. But neither the left nor the
right is saying this, or will admit to it. --Declan]  Check for added special provisions that are just now being discussed (showing up) in those bland copyright laws.(New 02 Nov 98)

    United States Copyright Office (New 05 Nov 98)
    Nolo Press 05 Nov 98)
    Findlaw 05 Nov 98)
    Kuesterlaw 05 Nov 98)
    HTML Writer Guide
    TnCrimLaw's Online Library -
    Help Return The Law To A Learned Profession -
    The Civil Bible -
    Books banned at Freedoms Door - "for future"

9)  More helps / links that I have looked at -- or books that I have read.
        (New 24Oct 98)
(10) Sugar Blues by William Dufty (c)1993 by Warner Books Inc. NY
(20) Macrobiotic Cooking by Aveline Kushi (c)1985 by Warner Books Inc. NY
(30) Saxon Math (future link)
(31) Bill and Mary Prides' set of HomeSchool books(New 30 Oct 98)
(32) The Core Knowledge Series (preK-6) by Doubleday NY
        Each book covers that years (CORE) cooriculum, these are good books to help learn or to
        review with.  My children will even read them on their own!(New 30 Oct 98)
(40) Money Doesn't Grow On Trees: A Parent's Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Children
        by Godfrey and Edwards (c)1994 Fireside NY
(50) The American Nation by John A. Garraty (c)1998 by Addison-Wesley NY
(60) Psychology 4th edition by Carole Wade & Carol Tavris (c)1996 Harper Collins NY
(70) 1984 by George Orwell (c)1981 Signet Classic NY originally written 1949
(80) The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (for future)


10) Quotes
"When life gives you lemons, Make Lemonade"
"It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" Abe Lincoln
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever." -Gandhi

--Continued from Top--
    The answers seem as varied as the people that give them.  Yet, I have found that there is a definite link between hyperactivity and chemical reactions.  One of these is described in Sweet Poison, -need a link to formaldehyde in some furniture for this next area-.  Could this mean that if we use a type of elimination technique to see what items might be affecting ourselves and our children, and while we try that see if the elimination technique (of chemicals) has any effect on the amount of medicine they require (if any) that we may be in for a surprise.  Could this have started during the time that many people were trying to imply that much of what is / has happened to us is strictly genetic?

    There are some children and adults that never seem to have "obvious" allergies or reactions to the things they eat.  Still I know of no one that will not have a reaction to Ammonia if they are around it long enough, and anyone that has a swimming pool know that what acid can do.  Up till now medical professionals seem to have believed that the blood / brain barrier would protect our brains from what happens to our bodies, research has shown this is not true.  If there can be varied reactions and reaction times to something as common as ammonia, what of some of the other items in our environment?

    ADD - ADHD - GIFTED = learning styles have been around for ages.  What I take exception to is people saying that everyone should be a carbon copy "peer group" and that if the child or person does not get along where they are that they will not get along anywhere else.  That they are locked in some kind of cage for life.  If the effects of Ritalin are suppose to be different for adults and children, then this implys that there is change. . .(New 02 Nov 98)

    Watch out for Aspartame in toothpaste, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laurath Sulfate in shampoo, make sure they are from natural sources.
Then -- "Pyrethroid poisoning be made available to the general public as a matter of urgency. The fact that these compounds are being used as a head lice treatment for children is appalling." There are links on this page where you are able to research these chemicals.(New 25Oct 98)

      This still is basically a rough draft.  I am a student, that has a personal interest in the use and abuse of drugs.  Because of that personal interest, the only way that I can justify the time spent putting this page together is to use it as a reference on my scholarship applications.  There are more links that will be added in the future - they are somewhere in my bookmark file(s), these are detailed as "for future" next to where they will be placed.  This will always be a page Under Construction, I had to stop part of my life for my children's education, now it looks as if that education will be my life.
aka The (Pied) Piper

    Need more url's for the harm that Canola (rapeseed) products can do, and for the amount of  DDT in whales. The counters WERE having problems with the way that I have saved them, have repaired them.  I also will be relocating counters as soon as I get some more pages blocked out. Thank You

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