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"Anyone who slaps a 'this page is best viewed with Browser X' label on a Web page appears to be yearning for the bad old days, before the Web, when you had very little chance of reading a document written on another computer, another word processor, or another network."
-Tim Berners-Lee in Technology Review, July 1996 

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Viewable With Any Browser
Viewable With Any Browser

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A.J.Flavell and
Glasgow University
backward capable Tables
HTML Writers Guide
The Piper's
Down Load WS FTP.
Before you get into the tags below.
Some browsers in use are still text only, other browsers do not support options like Cascading Style Sheets much less music, Perl or Java, and there are some tags that are can only be seen by a certain browser. Also all the grafics on this page have a ALT tag that will come us with ALTERNATE text for a mouse or be seen as text in browsers that do not have grafic capability. This means that the foundation of any page is the text. Can you make a page that gets the information across or do you use the options as a crutch?
You can keep more than one browser on your computer (many web masters do) or start with a place like this 
At AnyBrowser Try out their web page viewer.
web page viewer. 

Free Pearl Code
Free Perl code

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The 404 Geeks.
Perl Code Editor DownLoad
Cafe au Lait Link to Cafe au Lait<br>(Java Info)
(Java Info) 
Apache Software Foundation
Open Source 
Red Hat Linux, Open Source
Open Source 
Get Linux
Open Source 
NoNags Freeware and Shareware
digiweb free web pages

24Nov1999 Questions:
Where is the monopoly? With Windows at a one time fee of about $100, or with companies that have browsers and Internet access at a yearly fee of about $240. So, while Windows and Linux fight it out over source code, others are passing them by on fees. I agree with having the option of open source code, and web pages that have the ability of being read by more than one country, more than one browser.  [added 30August2000] As a programmer I also agree with being able to be paid for what I have created, yet what is the creation part and what would be considered at the level of discovering paper to make a book.  If we were to have to pay a copyright for each book and each piece of paper that is made, education would slow down! [end addition]

AOL, Prodigy (companies with their Own browsers) do these companies also collect internet fees? What of Geocites which allows some beautiful web pages, but require that you have a top end browser. What worries me is the possibilty that we could be required to use a particular browser to read these web sites. Are these companies based in the USA, so that we know as much about them as we seem to know about MicroSoft? Who has web TV? And what of companies like HP that sell computers with HP's software (GUI, ect) already loaded. There are independent browsers and chat programs that are competitive. 
Here are some links that I have found.

The Pied Piper 

Get NeoPlanet Now gif
A nice full featured browser. (free as of 25Nov1999) 
Opera "rendering HTML pages faster than even IE 4.01. You'll have to make do without luxuries like Java, ActiveX, and cascading style sheets, of course, but Opera handles just about anything else you throw at it: it displays forms, frames, tables and font color, size, and face flawlessly. Opera also shows AVI and MPEG video in-line, assuming your operating system supports Video for Windows. It also supports JavaScript and even handles SSL-encrypted secure transactions." at $35.US or 
Get Opera Now gif
Get Tripod Browser / Neoplanet Now gif
Tripod 5.0 with NetClubs Instant Messaging, Group Chat, Clubs and so much more! Under 3.5mb - 23min. on 28.8K connection 
* *
Get Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
Get Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
Intrested in Netscape visit their "Archived Products" page and download the version of Navigator that you need for previewing your web creation. 
Get NetScape Now

If you are one of the ones that like to chat, and do not want to be tied to AOL, ect. try out the programs listed here.
IRC, Gooey and many more
Tribal Voice - PowWow Chat

The  mousepad with a purpose
Click here to upgrade your mousepad!
Where Have All the Designers Gone?
This article asks some questions that designers need to answer for themselves. 

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