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Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to take the place of a care giver / medical practitioner. This site is being put together with a International / Historical Viewpoint and there is the possibility that not ALL the links and ideas will apply to you. There are resources and information that may be available in another country that may not be available to you in your country.

Please Read until you find information and links that you can use, they will be there and if they are not, Please TELL ME!

I do not necessarily endorse anything on these pages - please do your own research. These pages are meant to give you access to information that "I think" I have found, as well as keywords and resources for you to be able to look too.
(New 29 Nov 98)

"It is not up to thee to finish the task, but neither is it up to thee to exempt thyself from it." or You may not be able to replace them but can you learn enough to succeed them?

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