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homosexual, hermaphrodite, philosophy, evolution, psychology, psychiatry

background info

* 46   AD two-thirds of Mongolia hit by the epidemic

* 166 AD Plague struck Rome



* 1347-1349 Black Death

phio   1626-1678 Redi, Francesco

* 1665 Great Plague of London

phio   1713-1790 Ortes, Giammaria (Italian) "carrying capacity"

phio        1729     Swift, Jonathan "A Modest Proposal" [a refute to Ortes?]

evo   1744-1829 Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste (during French Revolution-theory of use or disuse)

phio  1766-1834 Malthus, Rev Robert (French) "Principle of Population" (1798)

* 1789-1793 French Revolution

evo     1809-1882 Darwin, Charles [natural selection]

alt       1818-1883 Marx, Karl

evo     1820-1903 Spencer, Herbert [populized "survival of the fittest" which Darwin eventually started using.] 

evo/hit1822-1911Galton, Francis [a cousin of Darwin's]

evo     1822-1899 Pasteur, Louis

seex    1825-1895 Ulrichs, Karl Heinrich

psyc   1856-1939 Freud, Sigmund [sexual determinism]

alt       1861-1941 Engel, Friedrich (Math professor and co-writer with Marx)

seex    1868-1935 Hirschfeld, Magnus

alt       1870-1924 Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich

seex    1878-1958 Watson, John B.

alt       1879-1953 Stalin, Joseph

alt       1893-1976 Zedong, Mao

alt           1895     Jost, Adolf "The Right to Death"1895  was a mentor to Adolf Hitler

alt                        Mayr, Ernst [...adaptive superiority and reproductive success, no longer coincide]

seex   1894-1956 Kinsey, Alfred

*            1920      Revival of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920's

alt          1923      Lenz, Fritz [sexual determinism]

evo        1925      Scopes, John T. (1925) "The Monkey Trial" 

*            1993      PBS "Nature of Sex"

*            1996      Baker, Robin "Sperm Wars:The Science of Sex" (1996)

seex  ?      - alive   LeVay, Simon - "Queer Science" (1996)




Mini TimeLine

551-479BC  Could Confucius have seen what might happen when the dead are not buried?

                Confucius:Socrates without Pre-Socratics –

                The Analects of Confucius –

                Confucius (551-479 BC)  --

                                                Taught his people to bury their dead.

1492 Columbus (Italian)


                                46 AD – two-thirds of the population of Mongolia hit by the epidemic.

                                [#1Black Death] – from the History Magazine article by Ron Wild]


166 AD  Plague struck Rome


1095-1290  Crusades to drive the Moslems from the Holy Land (1095 – 1290)



                                The start of the fourteenth century had rains so heavy that "historyians of that time

compared it to the days of the Great Flood", "The opening days of the fourteenth century are referred to as the 'Little Ice Age'." There was crop failure, famine, and death. This esculated into the time of the

[#2Black Death]

[#3Black Death]

???? Black Death - leaves France with a population of 2000.
1347-1349 Black Death

Cycles of the plagues struck every 12 to 15 years


1492 Columbus (Italian)


1596-1650 Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) - 17th century Rene Descartes –

1626-1678 Francesco Redi  - 1668

1665 The Great Plague of London - year of Fermat's death - seems to be the last English breakout. Refer to other food problems.  

1601 - 1665 Pierre de Fermat called "The Prince of Amateurs" since mathematics was his avocation, but being a Civil Lawyer was his vocation.

Timelines of Events in Science, Mathematics, and Technology  --


1713-1790 Giammaqria Ortes (Italian)  “carrying capacity”

1729           Jonathan Swift “A Modest Proposal” [a refute to Ortes?]


1747 Philadelphia had its own yellow fever epidemic


1766-1834 Rev Robert Malthus (French) “Principle of Population”

[1789-1793] French Revolution – were there any plagues at this time?

This have NOT been checked out yet, they are put here for keywords.


1809-1882 Charles Darwin “Survival of the Fittest”

1822-1911 Francis Galton [cousin of Charles Darwin]

[1846-1851 The Irish Potato Famine, which seems to have some of the same strange weather characteristics before Fungus took over the potato crop.]


1822-1899 Louis Pasteur (French) (disproved spon

1846-1851 Irish Potato Famine

1856-1939 Sigmund Freud (believes that everything is based in sex) - Freud was so intent in      

                   legitimizing Psychology as an science/disciple separate from Philosophy that he neglected

                   to remember what Philosophy is.

1878-1958 John B. Watson (is sex control)

1894-1956 Alfred Kinsey (obsessed with control through sex)

1920’s       Revival of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920’s.


1925          John T. Scopes(1925) “The Monkey Trail”

                by 1929 five southern states had passed laws prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the public

schools.  “Religious Fundamentalism or Evolutionism.”


Feb 2000 Deadly Fungus --,2763,192860,00.html



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