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Bush Family and more

These seem to go missing from the web pages that I put them on so let's see if I can keep track of them here.

     Bush Family's Historical Ties to the Nazis
     As the Republican Convention approaches and America moves irretrievably
     closer to crowning George W. Bush as its next monarch, SFLR DJ Scott
     Thompson has begun an examination of the Bush family's historical ties to
     the Nazis.
     Evidence for the connection is contained in a document now on the Web known
     as the Elkhorn document.

     The Elkhorn Document Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U.S. "Establishment"
     and the Nazis - Before, During and After World War II - up to the Present.

Everything you wanted to know about Skull and Bones but were afraid to ask:

Tarpley, Webster G. & Anton Chaiktin. "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" 1992. 15 Apr. 99 < "" >or the new link at
This book follows the Bush family connections from 1914 to the present. From the time of George's grandfather, Samuel P. Bush, the Bush family has attempted to stay involved in politics. The book seems to show that since the family could not rate by having royal blood lines (that rate)or by having a high degree of education, that they would try to control by a philosophy of "The one with the most money makes the rules." They believe in "racial cleansing" and have cultivated people like Adolph Hitler.
Also I understand that Bush and Forbes are both alumni of Yale's sorority "Skull and Bones". So, could they have the same agenda?
Bush Family - Looking behind the Bushes
"This fuzzy bipartisanship spared President Bush from accountability in scandals ranging from the Iran-contra affair to Iraqgate -- the clandestine arming of Saddam Hussein -- from the contra-cocaine operations to October Surprise, allegations of secret contacts between Republicans and Iranians in 1980. [For a summary of President Bush's alleged misconduct, see Robert Parry's Lost History.]"..."Although other Chilean human-rights documents were released, Clinton's Justice Department blocked disclosure of key Letelier evidence on the grounds that the 23-year-old murder case is still active. [For details, see Bush & the Condor Mystery.]"
The Consortium
"October 5, 1999 Bush & the Condor Mystery By Robert Parry Newly released U.S. government documents reveal that George Bush's CIA knew more about Chile's role in an international assassination ring, code- named Condor, than Bush and the agency disclosed to FBI agents"
The Consortium
October 5, 1999 "Bush's 'Zingy' One-Liners" By Robert Parry
The Consortium
May 15, 1999 "Russia's Prime Minister and October Surprise" By Robert Parry

Additional Reading(s) for this article - [For details on the House task force report and its unusual logic, see Robert Parry's Trick or Treason. For the full text of Stepashin's report, see Parry's The October Surprise X-Files.]
From: Highlights of Radio Free Eireann Bill Hughes' WBAI Commentary, 10/26/96
"In Massachusetts, Senator John Kerry has a golden opportunity to defeat the British sympathizer William Weld, in that tight senate race. He might also further expose George Bush's suspected role as a drug kingpin, and possibly,..."
Corporate Accountability Project
Ewall, Mike. "It's no accident that Coors is the right beer in America." 12 Dec. 1995. 15 Apr. 1999

< >
Mike Ewall's article Should be titled "The Other Adolph, Adolph Coors of Coors beer." This article details Coors connections with Ex- President Bush and how Coors and Bush both have a policy of "Racial Cleansing." Coors is anti-environmental, anti-gay and seemingly against anything and anyone that stands in their way of making money.
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from toxic to the history of the pharmaceutical companies.
Rockefeller Drug Censor Empire
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Climate Control?!
"The UN Plan for Your Mental Health" "The implementation of Human Rights Treaties" "Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values"

"Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules"
quotes and excerpts from Edward Hunter's book Brainwashing
comparison between Communist brainwashing strategies and tactics used to change values in U.S. classrooms


Also does anyone know the status of H.J. RES. 17, proposing an amendment to the Constitution to repeal the twenty-second amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms a president may serve?

WHAT limitations? By utilizing the Marshall Court's decrees, the twenty-second amendment does NOT state EXPRESSLY that Bill Clinton cannot run as many times as he so chooses ...

Besides, why should we concern ourselves with the Constitution in THIS instance when it is ignored in practically every other?
(Is this one of those Internet Rumors?)