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                          Is a Vote for BUSH a Vote For ASPARTAME? 


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October 23, 2000

Is a Vote for BUSH a Vote For ASPARTAME?
You decide...

First, came the inaction of an unethical Federal Prosecutor in the late

Samuel Skinner is the U.S. Attorney taking G.D. Searle,
[inventors of aspartame] officials to court on behalf of the Food and
Drug Administration, for lying about aspartame's deadly results in the
falsified lab tests - a grave Federal offense.
Prosecutor, Samuel Skinner then "defected" - left his government
post and crossed over - to work for those same people he was taking to
court, G.D. Searle's lawfirm, Sidley & Austin.
He later left Sidley & Austin to insinuate his way back into government
as head of the U.S. Department of Transportation [over the FAA &

Where did the former U.S. Attorney/Dept. of Transportation Dir. go next?

The following is a brief excerpt from the feature magazine
article in Washington D.C.'s SPOTLIGHT April 6, 1992 pg 14-15 -- also
this and more was discussed on the January 21, 1992 broadcast on The
Spotlight's nightly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, hosted by
Tom Valentine:

Headline: "Media Ignores Scandals Close to President Bush's Campaign"

"It was President Bush's son, George W. Bush who suggested
Samuel Skinner be named White House chief of staff. Son, George W. Bush
said Skinner was so capable, yet if you look at Skinner's record . . .
you'll find several cases where he wasn't looking out for the
protection of the American people.
Photo with article captioned: George W. Bush . . . High on Skinner."
Also in the report: "While her husband served as President Bush's
White House chief of staff, Mrs. Samuel Skinner remained employed by
Sidley & Austin, G.D. Searle pharmaceutical's lawfirm.
Major conflict of interest? Read on . . .

Two examples of Bush's arrogant actions leading up to his
nomination as a Presidential Candidate:

In 1995, ignoring approximately 50,000 phone calls from
consumers to his Austin office, asking him to "Veto" the notorious
"Agricultural Anti-Defamation Act" [the one which allowed the Beef
Industry in Texas to sue Oprah Winfrey], Texas Gov. George W. Bush
refused to support his constituents, and allowed the unjust law to go
into effect without his signature or veto.

Dallas-based Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot
Hotline, [the grassroots multi-national organization formed by former
State Judge, Mary Nash Stoddard and Washington consumer advocate,
James Turner, Esq. in 1987 to promote food safety and consumer
awareness] blitzed the media, in the spring of 1995, with interviews
exposing this bill for being not only unnecessary
[existing libel laws in Texas are more than adequate], but also
dangerously un-Constitutional - taking away our Freedom of Speech.
[Mainstream Media was on ACSN's side in this battle, calling it
primarily a First Amendment / Freedom of the Press issue.]

Texas Gov.George W. Bush ignored the public outcry, and
allowed the law [jeeringly referred to in the press as the
"Bush Veggie Bill"] to go into effect, September 1, 1995.
When the Beef Industry tried to sue Oprah under this law in
Amarillo, Texas, they lost their case.

Recently reported by the national media, are these George W.
Bush statements [made in the debates and elsewhere during his campaign]:

"I am responsible for Tort Reform in my state."
-- Candidate George W. Bush

[Explanation: Correct, but no cause for boasting. Bush is responsible
for some frightening new Texas laws which effectively tie consumer's
hands when it comes to filing lawsuits against a corporation - by
putting unrealistic "caps" on amounts of money that may be awarded to a
wronged individual, forcing the filer to pay all court costs if tthe
case is lost, etc. This creates a chilling climate of injustice and
frustration on the part of the hardworking public.]

And, there's more . . .

"Judge Clarence Thomas, in my opinion is the best Judge on our
Supreme Court, along with Justice Scolia." -- Candidate George W. Bush

[Explanation: Judge Clarence Thomas is a former attorney for Monsanto,
the maker's of aspartame. Thomas has been said to be Monsanto's
"Gatekeeper" on the U.S. Supreme Court, because of
strong ties/loyalties to his former employer.
And, like the mighty tobacco industry, the
makers of aspartame will be forced to someday answer in court, claims
that aspartame, aka NutraSweet/Equal,
is creating havoc with the public's health.]

Given these additional truths, how do YOU feel about
Presidential Candidate George W. Bush's ethics, veracity and leadership
qualities? Share this information with others who care.

Don't forget to vote!


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Interesting background note you may attach to the article if you like: 
When George Bush was President, he and Barbara both came down with
mysterious cases of Graves Disease and had their thyroids irradiated.
Prior to that, President Bush had what appeared to be a "seizure" while
seated at the head table with other dignitaries on a trip to Japan. I
called the President's Office, The White House Press Room, etc. to try
to tell them what might have triggered the President and Mrs. Bush's
illness - to no avail. A pity, since in our opinion Graves Disease may
sometimes be reversed by simply removing aspartame from the patient's
diet. Killing the thyroid by means of irradiation, which is the
"accepted" treatment is such a drastic measure. [Aspartame has been
reported in the peer-reviewed medical literature to cause seizure
activity. My youngest child, in fact, had a grand mal seizure on Crystal
Light fifteen years ago. That precipitated my research into the topic
and the beginning of the international anti-aspartame movement. Our
Toxicology Sourcebook, "Deadly Deception - Story of Aspartame" at is a 280 page documentation of the dangers. Also, a book
detailing the Graves Disease - Aspartame connection has been written by
a member of our group.] In a radio interview with a talkshow host in
Alaska, around the time the Bushs were having their severe health
problems, Dr. Robert Moser, Medical Consultant to the NutraSweet Co. in
Deerfield, IL proudly stated President Bush used the diet sweetener.

Please post this anywhere you think it would be of interest.

Thank you,
Mary Nash Stoddard
Founder Aspartame Consumer Safety Network & Pilot Hotline [1987-2000]
Author: Deadly Deception - Story of Aspartame [Odenwald Press 1998]
Expert Medical Witness [1992-2000]
Visiting Professor: U. T. Southwestern Medical School [1996] 
Visiting Professor: American University [1999] and Univ. of North Texas
at Denton [1990] 
Invited speaker: Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem - [1997]
Keynote speech: Mexican Government's Conference on Sweeteners [1999]
Appointed Judge - State of Texas [1977-1984]
Broadcast Journalist - [1965-2000]
President's Council on Food Safety - [1998-1999]
World Lecture Tours - [1996-2000]












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