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From the factory farms that are detailed on CNS1 to the chemical pages you may access through my site map, chemicals do not seem to be helping the American farmers health or trade.



Healthy Poultry = Sick Humans? 
The FDA Wants To Ban Drug That Keeps Chickens, Turkeys Healthy 
FDA Worried About Drug's Effect On People Who Eat Chickens 
Drug Makers Say They Will Protest Because They Don't See A Problem 

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27, 2000
(CBS) What's good for poultry is not so good for people. 

That's the Food and Drug Administration's conclusion Friday as it calls for a ban on antibiotics widely used to keep
the nation's chickens and turkeys healthy. 

Government Proposes a Ban on Two Antibiotics Used in Poultry


ASHINGTON, Oct. 28 — The government proposes to ban two antibiotics given to poultry, citing evidence that their use is causing people to become ill from drug-resistant bacteria.

Abbott Laboratories of North Chicago, Ill., one maker, will withdraw its drug, but the Bayer Corporation of Pittsburgh, which dominates the market, says it may challenge the ban.

The Food and Drug Administration says the drugs, known as fluoroquinolones, are a "significant cause" of human infections by resistant camplyobacter bacteria, contracted primarily by eating chicken.

Camplyobacter causes about 1.8 million illnesses a year, 190,000 of them treated with antibiotics. About 11,000 of those this year will involve drug-resistant bacteria, up from 9,000 last year, Steve Sunlof, director of the F.D.A.'s Center for Veterinary Medicine, said on Friday.

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